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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new wood carving classes coming in jan 2010 hobo snowman

hi again, i will be doing a day class of the hobo snowman . in morgantown pa, if interested just email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com thanks arleen limit is 6 cost is 60.00 plus your tools add 45.00 or bring your own, this is a beginners class ,it will be in morgantown, pa held at the home furnishing outlet mall in the food court more info, at my youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop thanks arleen

Sunday, December 27, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and what is coming this year

hi folks, i want to wish all of you a happy new year, hope its a year filled with only good things, i am looking forward to a better year, this past year was not all bad and not all good either, jan 10 of last year i broke my kneecap in four, not fun, but i was out of work for about 4 months, it happen at work, and today i still feel the effects of it, not all the time but its never going to be what it use to,,, its ok, i can walk and do most things, having that much time sitting, i didnt carve much, lol you would think that i would have but sitting up for long periods was not good for a leg that had to be straight for about 3 months, i was not allowed to bend my knee otherwise an operation was in order, it would pull the four broken parts out of place, and then you realize that wonderful thing called friends and family, that help you out, they were wonderful to me, and help me get back on my feet, three month of therapy and back to work in may , i started the youtube in the last of march, sitting up was better, and thats when all the youtube stuff came like a storm, i had alot more fun the last 6 months of the year then the first, but it was good, my knee recovered for the most part, and it could have been much worse, like hitting my head, instead of my knee, sometimes we dont see how blessed we really are. makes me feel for the older folks that cant get around, what a struggle it is for them and how tired they become of the effort to move around, believe me , sometimes i felt like i was at a workout when i was done with therapy or just going shopping for a short time, when one part doesnt work it tough on the rest of you , so this year it should be better, looking forward to the lancaster show that i will be at, and also going to canada in the spring to see my family , and doing some more classes, we will see how this year goes, but the youtube was the biggest surprise to me, sooo many folks sooo interested in woodcarving,............. and hopefully you folks that are beginning.............., hope you find many wonderful years ahead in this wonderful hobby, may you find blessing all around you this coming year, arleen

Thursday, December 24, 2009


just wanted to wish all you carvers out there, weather your just starting or seasoned a very merry christmas, hope all of you have a safe and happy day, arleen

Monday, December 21, 2009

new video ,, hobo santa with a tree ( deep relief)

hi folks, i going to do a new video, it will take me a bit longer to get it done, its going to be a deep relief, similar as the hobo friend series, but thicker, it will be a fun project to do , i know christmas will be here and gone soon, but this project will take us into the new year, hope you folks enjoy it, video one is up, more to come in a couple of days, thanks, arleen

Sunday, December 20, 2009

snow storms and the simple things , and happy

hi folks as most of you know we on the east coast got nailed with a lot of snow here in honey brook pa. its about 12- 14 inches, it was a nice time to come over to my folks home stay overnight and knowing i had to plow out the farm and my home the next day, which is about a days work, ,,, it was a relaxing day watching the snow for the comfort and warmth of inside, thinking then i would get alot of carving done, lol i didnt get any carving done, was to busy relaxing in the lazy boy, watching news and just hanging with the folks, and what more could i ask for, i have the internet, tv, food and most of all my folks, just hanging with them , making sure all is well, sometimes it takes the simple things in life that makes us happy, and all this before christmas

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

finished lucky ducky, painted as a mallard ,,, hmmm what is the next project

hi folks i am done with lucky ducky, and painted as a mallard, it was a fun project to do ,,, hmmm what is next to do , not sure yet, lol but i am sure to find something new as a project

Monday, December 14, 2009

well i decided that some folks would enjoy seeing a huge solar furnace heater, it took me about three months to build it last year, i had to take it apart 2 times and yet i was determine to finish it. today i am enjoying free heat when the sun shines, could i redesign it sure you can always improve a project, am i glad i did it?... yes very much so , even after all the headaches, i guess my point is dont give up, if you have an idea that your not sure if its going to work or not do it anyway, i was ready to tear it apart from the smell of the pine boards, but decided i was going to give it another year and its not as bad this year , i can live with it, and it seems to be less all the time, but i would never have known if this was going to work or not, and it did, as well as i thought ? yes, am i disappointed ? no, so keep going, youll learn some lessons along the way, keep warm lol arleen

Friday, December 11, 2009

23 projects on 12 dvds, finding time to carve

wow i would have never thought i get so much of this done before christmas, but i now have 12 dvds, total of 23 projects , some have one to 3 projects on a dvd, its been interesting the reaction to this process, i for one, look forward to a new year , lots of plans, and projects to start, finding the time is the hardest, and finding the time to carve now is very limited, but somehow we always find time for the things we want to do , enjoy what ever project your working on today, for tomorrow there may not be time to do it, arleen

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

woodcarving dvds that are available now

all dvd come with a pattern or patterns per dvd sold

1.... pumpkin, pumpkin bottle stopper , and cat ( 3 PROJECTS ON ONE DISC) 20.00
2.... hobo santa and snowman called friends ( 1 project on one disc ) 20.00
3.... santa pants and boot, and mini santa with a tree ( 2 projects on one disc)20.00
4 ....ruddy duck and mouse ( two projects on one disc)20.00
5.... black lab puppy ( one project on one dvd) 20.00
6.... pilgrim ( one project on one dvd) 20.00
7.... helping friends, hobo santa and snowman carrying a tree(1 project on one dvd) 20.00
8... #2 robe santa, snowman ( 2 projects on one dvd ) 20.00
9 .... flying dove , flying dove ornament, santa with a bear ( 3 projects on one dvd) 20.00
10... chickadee (1 project on one disc)
11... hobo snowman with tree ornament, pineapple and pineapple ornament ( 3 projects
on one dvd) 20.00
12.... hobo angel, and hobo angel ornament ( 2 projects on one dvd) 20.00
more to come thanks , arleen

all are 20.00 per dvd and free shipping in the usa and canada only, ( prices subject to change )
paypal or cks accepted,
please send ck to
arleen zomer
226 hill rd
honey brook pa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dvd list for sale

all dvd come with a pattern or patterns per dvd sold

1 pumpkin, pumpkin bottle stopper , and cat ( 3 PROJECTS ON ONE DISC) 20.00
2 hobo santa and snowman called friends ( 1 project on one disc ) 20.00
3 santa pants and boot, and mini santa with a tree ( 2 projects on one disc)20.00
4 ruddy duck and eagle letter opener ( two projects on one disc) 20.00
5 chickadee ( one project on one disc )
will list more tonight thanks , arleen

all are 20.00 per dvd and free shipping in the usa and canada only, ( prices subject to change )
paypal or cks accepted,
please send ck to
arleen zomer
226 hill rd
honey brook pa

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NEW youtube project, lucky ducky

just to let you know i have a new project on youtube that i started yesterday, video 1 and 2 are up, called lucky ducky, its a simple project for the beginner, the pattern has three sizes and we are doing the large one, if you want you can do all three, and have them following each other, thanks and enjoy, arleen , www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

coming soon, dvds of all my projects on youtube, so far 4 projects available

hi folks i am working making dvds for all my projects on youtube, i have two dvds projects done. if your interested in any of the projects on youtube in dvd form, please email me, at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com cost of the dvd will depend on the project but most will be 25 for a dvd with a pattern and free shipping in the usa, with there may be some dvds that have more than one project.

so far i have the chickadee one project.
and the other dvd, has three projects on one dvd , pumpkin, how to make a bottle stopper, and cat.
all dvds will come along with patterns as a bonus , so you can do your project. there is also cutouts available for each project for an additional cost, price list available on my other blog
this is a long process to make them, and i ask for some time to get them together, i will keep you posted on new dvds, and what projects will be available, thanks , arleen

Monday, November 23, 2009

TURKEY is coming along fine,,, some changes , and its ok

hi again, i have been working on a turkey for the last week or more, and i might be a bit longer, my original thought was to do a quick one, wasnt sure how it would work out, but now i decided to make some feathers, and do some woodburning, thinking folks might enjoy seeing this being done, so i am changing it from the first idea i had to what i am doing now, its shows you , you never know where your carvings are going to take you , and the changes you will make ,, and its ok, happy carving and happy thanksgiving to all , arleen

Friday, November 20, 2009

about my pocket knives that i use a special rough rider

hi folks , i had three pocket knives that i bought , and i tried alot of the rough riders , i found one that had three blades that worked well for woodcarving, and i love the knife , all three were sold , i am trying to get more ,,, the blades i found worked the best is hard to fine, i did put in an order to the supplier and he told me two to three months before i see this one again,,, so i will keep looking for the same blades, combo ,,, i resharpen them , or you can yourself, i will keep you informed when i have more available, it take a bit to get them sharpen but once you do , its a great pocket knife to take with you if you travel, and the blade holds up great, took me a while to find the right rough rider,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

new youtube project ohhhh the turkey lol

hi again, i just started to post my new project the turkey,,, someone said to me on facebook that the pilgrim needed a pet turkey,,, so it confirmed that i need to do this project, so i designed a turkey, and i have video one up and more to come, also i am running out of room to post my patterns on my youtube page, it only allows me to write only a limited amount , so all patterns and basswood cutouts will be listed on my second blog where i sell my woodcarving, and also easy to have a buy it button so folks that have paypal will be able order and pay for it at the same time, i will soon list the rough rider pocket knives in the future, i had a few people asking me about them , the cost is 17.00 shipped anywhere in the usa this knife will have to be sharpen, and if i have to sharpen it for you it will be 34 shipped any where in the usa,,, i only have a limited amount i may get more soon, i only have 2-3 left, ,,, thought i was not going to sell tools but these are not easy to find, and i will try to get more, the steal is stainless, 440 ,, i love the rough rider pocket knife,,, so i continue to add things that will be of interest to folks, alot of new folks starting to carve , its wonderful to see , happy and safe carving , arleen

Saturday, November 14, 2009

the pilgrim, a fun project and a keeper

hi folks, i been carving now about 29 years, i love to carve, finding the time is not always easy, i find most of my carvings a pleasure to do, but sometimes one will be just more fun to do. i ask myself this question today, why are some more fun than others, and i came up with a couple of reasons, the number one reason, is seeing an idea come along into a woodcarving. and number two it was quick..... as i said before my favorite holiday is thanksgiving,,,, i was at work when i saw a decoration at the food court of a pilgrims, i thought i would make one and with in a week i designed , cutout , carved it ( on youtube ) and finished the painting. i dont often feel the way that i did today about my woodcarving, it was so refreshing to have something done that i enjoy so much , and to know i created it. i had it in my pocket like a little kid, showing some folks my finished pilgrim, one asked how much ,,,, sorry this one is not for sale this one is a keeper

Friday, November 13, 2009

my finish youtube project the pilgrim

i just love this little guy,,, man did i have fun making him,,, enjoy ,arleen

Sunday, November 8, 2009

new carving project on youtube THE PILGRIM

howdy folks, today i started a new project call pilgrim, this is a project that i thought would be nice to do with thanksgivings around the corner, you can watch it on my youtube channel, video one and two are up, and more to come, thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,,, its a wonderful day, to relax and be with family and of course eat lol i find it one of the best times of the year, and i always look forward to it, happy thanksgiving to you, and i for one will thank God for good health and people in my life, friends and family, and also despite what comes our way, he has always provided everything i ever needed.

Friday, October 30, 2009

new blog for my woodcarving that are for sale

hi folks, just wanted you to know of a new blog that i will have just for photos of my carving that i have for sale ..... some friends and family wanted to be able to see what i had for sale, and ebay is getting to expensive for me, this might be a better way for me, so its a blog but only photos of my woodcarving will be posted there, i will continue to use this blog for information on woodcarving classes and upcoming youtube videos, ....my website that i have was to time consuming and very confusing for posting photos and i wanted something that folks just could come and see what i have available, once its sold i will remove it, please email me first if your interested in a piece, at the carverswoodshop@yahoo.com take care arleen
the new site is http//www.arleenscarverswoodshop.blogspot.com

Thursday, October 29, 2009

new ornament, hobo snowman / tree

the next project will be a hobo snowman /tree ornament, it will be a fun ornament to do, i will start this soon in the next week, hope you all are having a great fall season, as we get ready for thanksgiving, it will be a busy time for me,,, thanks again for all your support, arleen

Monday, October 26, 2009

back, from canada, new project and new ideas

hi folks, just wanted to let you know the next project coming up on my youtube channel called carverswoodshop, i will be loading how to carve a small simple black cat for Halloween , not much into halloween, but thought it would be nice to make a small cat the design is my own, i have yet to paint it, but it will be up this week along with some couple of other videos, one how to use driftwood and where to find it.,found mine along lake Ontario when i visited my sister, she lives a bit more than an hour from toronto it was a nice time, did a little carving while i was chatting away, a few more pumpkins for my bottle stoppers for christmas, ok folks time to get some things done, have a great week , arleen

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

how many knives lol , there is always room for one more !!

i just posted a question how many carving knives do you have, i have alot more than i use, and funny thing i can only use one at a time, last i look i have about 11 carving knives, 10 pocket knives, and alot of other knives i made for carving and used for a while, i dont know about you but i enjoy a new knife from time to time, sometimes i get them at carving shows, and i just enjoy buying them, some of my best knives didnt have to be expensive in fact they were only ten bucks at a show, that is the kind of fun i like to find them at a show, no matter what you use as long as you enjoy carving , and if your like me there is always room for one more, happy and safe carving , arleen

Monday, October 19, 2009

patterns and cutouts and video available,

hi folks i just posted a video about patterns , cutouts and video, that i have available, i really do try to make it a reasonable price that anyone that wants to try it can afford to do so, i not a big believer in buy all the latest tools, and i feel very strong that anyone that wants to learn to wood carve can and not costing them alot to do so. there are plenty of hobbies that cost alot , and if you have the means to pay for it its one thing, its other when your living pay check to pay check or your you cant work, or a senior , so the only thing i sell is patterns that i created, and cutouts for them, also a chickadee dvd that i made, which is 25.00 free shipping in the usa, a bit more to cananda and elsewhere, i am just one person doing all this, so its not that i have a barn load of cutouts waiting to go out lol i cut only what i need to fill an order, and i try to keep it affordable, so if your one of those folks that would like to be able to follow along, and want a pattern or a cutout please email me , all the info is on the youtube channel on the leftside of the page, it will tell you what is available of patterns and cutouts, i send all pattern by email only , and they are 1.50 for a pattern, and there is an other list for the cost of the cutouts if you scroll down pass the pattern list, thanks for for all the nice comments, and if you want the dvd, please order it, i only have 7 now available and will have to burn more as we go and only can burn 3-5 a night, when i have time lol which seems to be less and less these days,,, happy carving, arleen
please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or link into my channel www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop thanks arleen

Sunday, October 18, 2009

planning and making patterns

hi folks, i wanted to do some more bottle stoppers, many of you seemed to enjoy that series, i do plan to do some more projects i will be working on some new patterns that we will use. until i get to the bottle stoppers patterns i will do a small black cat, i dont care to much for halloween because of my beliefs but i have a black cat here at the farm and thought it would be nice to carve a tiny one, its been fun making the videos and will post them soon on my youtube channel carverswoodshop...i find it also as much fun to create a pattern and see it come to a finished carving piece. its amazing to me where you will get the idea to create the patterns, i hope your all enjoying the fall this year, i know i am looking forward to seeing the leaves turn soon here in pa, take care , bye

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pumpkin bottle stopper is finished and future carvings on youtube

hi folks, i just finished the pumpkin bottle stopper, its simple to make, and i did these two videos because i wanted to show how to make the bottle stopper, and how to attach and measure it, and how to put it together. its how all the bottle stoppers will be made in my carving used to make stoppers , i have about 6 pumpkin stoppers to make for christmas, this is a neat way to make something for someone that will not take alot of time but will be very useful, and there is all kinds of carving you can do and create to make bottle stoppers, so i will be planning to make different carvings that can be used for a bottle stoppers, hope you folks will enjoy it, happy carving , arleen

Monday, October 12, 2009

finish our hobo santa class

hi folks we are done with our hobo santa class, everyone one did very well, and did a great job on their santa, i will be starting another class of a hobo santa, nov 2 2009 in morgantown pa, at the mall, ( home funishing outlet mall) email me if your interested, at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com thanks, arleen , ps we had a great time,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

finish my project called helping friends

hi folks, just finish doing the last two videos on my project here is a photo of it, i am going to do some short projects , one is going to be a bottle stopper, , so more to come , arleen

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

bottle stoppers, our next project

hi folks, i am trying to get the helping friends videos done on youtube, its alot more than i thought but that is fine, i will be doing bottle stoppers when i get done with this series, and and few neat ideas for christmas so stay tuned, happy and safe carving, arleen

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

howdy everyone, its been a while

howdy folks, i havent been online as much was able to do a quick three clip video on the pineapple ornament this past week, doing some day trips with my family and ready to get back to doing some more video for you folks, its always good to be with the family sometimes we dont take enough time in our busy world to do so. lol as i get older the more it means to me to take the time, just an update i will finish the hobo santa HELPING FRIENDS this coming week, i also have another neat idea that i will share with you that you can make for the holidays , i plan to make a few of these for my friends and family for the holidays, its never to early to plan to carve for the holidays, also its great to see more people joining and posting their photos on the group page on facebook called carverswoodshop. just a reminder its a request to join everyone is welcome. everyone have a great weekend, and safe carving, arleen

Sunday, September 27, 2009

hobo santa and hobo snowman ( helping friends)

hello, again i started the helping friends project, this project may take a bit of time to finish... i will try to finish it this weekend, this coming week is very busy for me, i thought with this project i would use more of the gouges, lol i using more of the knife ..... i am using small gouges in some parts of the carving, ohhh how i love using the knife when ever i can.... well enjoy the project ......oct is always busy for me, alot of company coming to see us.. and being called back to work too, like everyone else there is never enough time to carve. try to enjoy the changing of the season if you live in the part of the country that does have the four seasons, i going to try not to miss the leaves colors this year, happy and safe carving to you

Friday, September 25, 2009

you never who you might be a mentor to

i been posting alot of videos on youtube, and i had a young teenager that was so excited about woodcarving, he has posted his video of the mouse project.... that i just put up on youtube, he was the one that wanted me to do a mouse, he posted a video on the carverswoodshop group, this young fella did a great job on the mouse , i wanted to know how long he has been carving, he said a month, WOW i thought he did a great job on all his carvings.. being a beginner, he has a gift, now 10 years from now i wonder what his carving will be like? great i am sure, if he keeps it up, so if you been carving for a while you never know who you might inspire to learn to carve, and who will learn the basics of woodcarving from you. it does my heart good to see that young people want to learn the art of wood carving.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

just a quick project , mouse

hi folks, before i start the helping friends project, i did a simple mouse for a young man that requested me to do a mouse, thought i would just do a simple mouse, if your interested just go to http://www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop it was a fun little mouse to do , enjoy, arleen

Monday, September 21, 2009

video of your carving on facebook

folks just one more thing to confuse everyone, you can post a short video on my facebook group called carverswoodshop if you like or photos, i just notice it today and did two with a webcam, not the best way but you can see it pretty well, ohhh my its time to get going have my class tonight , carving a hobo santa, see ya, lol maybe on facebook, take care folks bye

Sunday, September 20, 2009

asking for help! no shame in asking

as you know i been trying and having all kinds of issues with this facebook stuff, now that its done and seems to be working out well, i had some help in fixing it,,, funny i have no problem asking someone to help me with the facebook, i work alot on computers and printers and i refill inkjets as a business here at the farm,, so i know alot but at times i just have to ask. when i started my youtube videos back in march i had no idea what i was doing, i figured most of it out on my own, i had the time to research. but facebooks is another story,, to me it was not user friendly , confusing and frustrating at times, but like all thing you just need to keep at it, and when you really dont know what you are doing then ask,,,,, no shame in asking
same in carving, just ask how is that done, and you will find carvers happy and willing to help out, no shame in asking
link to carverswoodshop facebook group your invited to join and see others pics , arleen

Saturday, September 19, 2009

wow think i now fixed facebook

ok this stuff drives me nuts, but i hate it and love it all at the same time, a friend of mine at work took care of this, you now can join a group called carverswoodshop, there you will be able to post your photos, and that everyone will be able to see your work, ...................., the ARLEEN CARVERSWOODSHOP and the group CARVERSWOODSHOP, you can join both or just one, but if you want to post pics you will have to join the CARVERSWOODSHOP thanks folks for your understanding, arleen

Friday, September 18, 2009


hi , i did some research on this and i have all the setting where i need them to be, i believe that if someone posts on your wall , their setting on the photos have to be everyone, otherwise i will be the only one to see it. go to photos, edit photo, edit feature and then make sure its EVERYONE, i believe also that you will need to do this for every photo you place unless you set it for all your photos for everyone to see, which i understand no everyone wants that to happen, thanks for your understanding and waiting for me to search this problem out, i hope this will fix the problem , arleen

NEW FACEBOOK ???? not working , sorry

so sorry folks, some folks are not able to view the photos posted by others, i am working on it and will let you know when its done,,, i already changed the setting, i really dont know what else i need to do,, but i have a friend that will help me out with it soon, i will keep you posted, thanks

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

still working on the pineapple and what is next

hi there, i just wanted to tell you that i am working on some new patterns for my series hobo santa and snowman named FRIENDS, i have three new designs that are done just a matter of getting it ready so that i can cut them out, one will be called HELPING FRIENDS, and not sure what to call the others, so it will be soon,,, plus i think i will also do a pineapple ornament of the same size for those of you that would like to do more ornaments, so stay tuned, i will get a couple of more videos out for the pineapple this week ,, we should get it done by the end of the week, happy and safe carving, arleen

woodcarving clubs WOW

hi folks, , i was able to go to our meeting of the lancaster county woodcarvers club, it was a great night, you really do find very nice folks, and i will tell you i never knew how much work it is to get a woodcarving show up and running year to year,,, lots of folks donate time and effort to this, and we are only in sept 09 and the show is june 2010 , and you learn from seeing what others carve in their show and tell time. we laugh and learn,,, a great way to do things, so if your not part of one, go find one , i know its difficult to go when you dont know anybody, but after a couple of times that changes, go and be part of a club, and learn what you can, you can always get something out of it,,, happy carving, arleen

Monday, September 14, 2009

mistakes and how we can learn from them, keep going

hi again, well i now have about 5 videos up for the pineapple, but i made a mistake on the top which i mention on the video, but instead of try to redo the project, i decided it would be a good time to show folks how you can fix a mistake. if you have been woodcarving for any lenght of time you will make a mistake, i once did it with a santa , his boot and legs were in the wrong direction , i didnt notice it until i was almost done with it,, lol well i thought i will finish him anyway and then i will just sell it on ebay,,,, and guess what it sold, to my amazement, it was one of a kind who ever has it today, is enjoying it . it wasnt a waste but taught me to do things a little different, and same with the video,, so folks take heart,, dont be discouraged just keep on going,,, i will admit only a few never made it ,,,they made it to the wood pile to burn but at least i tried. i know how frustrating it can be to see your mistake at the moment you realized that you did it wrong, but keep at it ,, if it doesnt work out, then try it again,,, we alland mean all of us woodcarvers have been there and done that, so if your new ,, thats ok,, try it again or try to repair it, you be amazed at what you will learn from your mistakes, happy and safe carving , and remember your not the only one that make carving mistakes , arleen

Sunday, September 13, 2009

it's been fun and finding and taking the time in the fall to carve

hi folks, lot going on these days, and the new facebook account that was up for a couple of days is doing well, new friends are coming to the site, and some are posting pics, which is the idea for this site. great carvings, and i enjoy seeing them very much. well today i will try again to start another project for my youtube channel, and i hope to be able to get a few video clips done, time seems to always get away from me, i dont know about you but everytime i get a bit of time to carve something else gets in the way,,, i guess thats just life and it makes it even more special to get that time to carve, my favorite thing to do , is to take a lawn chair, ( which is always in the car just in case there is time ) and my carving box , and drive to one of my outdoor getaways, and just sit and carve, esp in the fall when the leave turn, my favorite time of the year. i get a window of about two weeks when the leaves are the best, so i dont want to miss it this year, so find and take the time to carve in your favorite place this fall. happy carving

Friday, September 11, 2009

here is the link to the facebook site if your interested


pineapple is the next project on youtube and monday starts my hobo class in morgantown pa.

hi folks, the next project on youtube is a pineapple, i got the idea from going to a craft shop, this is a good project that will be good for a beginner and advance alike ,, i have to paint this one yet will do hopefully today,, the one on youtube will be a bit bigger so there is going to be alot to carve, but i sure you will find this project fun,,, alot going on these days, i am getting ready for my class that i will be teaching , the hobo santa, i am looking forward to it, got all the tools and carvers gloves thumb guard and ready to go,,, ohhhh and the knives too LOL we cant forget them,,, and a strops that i made this past week. so come join me if you like to try to carve this pineapple, happy and safe carving, and also dont forget join the facebook so you can post your carving projects the name is ARLEEN CARVERSWOODSHOP thanks folks for stopping by ,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

something new to try ,,, facebook ( arleen carverswoodshop)

hi folks i created another account, , called ARLEEN CARVERSWOODSHOP the reason for this is that you can post some of your finish pictures of your carvings, post it on my facebook wall.,, if your interested in joining just ask for a friend request,, i hope to post some of my old humble carvings, and hope this will help those that are just starting to carve,, its wonderful to go to a show to see other carvings but not everyone is able to go or to near a woodcarving show, this is also a wonderful way for woodcarvers to get ideas, ,, hope you see you on carverswoodshop facebook page, arleen

Sunday, September 6, 2009

ebay, my santas , snowmen for sale , and teaching how to do hobo angel ornament

hi folks, you will see from time to time on my youtube channel, santas that will be for sale on ebay, this really is for collectors, and that they could see it better in a video if they want to see more about my santas, i am still teaching, i just using the other avenues to reach folks, so i thought i give it a try a couple of times and see what happens, its interesting to try new things, when it come to the computer,,, lol and then i wonder what happen to all my time,,,, mostly on the computer these days, just put up 4 videos for the hobo angel ornament, a few folks wanted to see how to do it, so thought it be the best time to get that done, more videos tomorrow to finish up the angel, happy carving everyone, arleen

Saturday, September 5, 2009

time to do the hobo angel ornament, and getting ready for my hobo santa carving class!

hi folks, another project that you might to do in an evening or two, is a hobo angel ornament, the detail is about the same as in the round that i did earlier, i hope to do this in about 5 to 6 videos, i will start it soon,,, been busy trying to make some strops for my class coming up on sept 14...., think i have 4 folks so far, room for a few more, i am also working on the hobo santa that i will be making in the class,, alot of prep work,,, but looking forward to teaching, here are some pics of the ornament i will be doing on youtube

Thursday, September 3, 2009

finished pumpkins, a fun and easy project

its a fun project for the fall, if you like to learn to carve one come to www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop
happy carving, arleen

Monday, August 31, 2009

pumpkin ornament , simple things

hi folks i will be posting a small project of a pumpkin in the round on youtube, videos 1 and 2 should be on by tomorrow night, its a fun easy project, a nice one to do in an evening, simple, and fun

hobo angel , now the next project a pumkin

hobo angel that was done on youtube, now i am going to do some simple things, a pumpkin is next,,,, i got one done and painted in a hour,,,, nice for a change, well back to work happy carving, arleen

Sunday, August 30, 2009

youtube update, simple things

well i am about ready to paint the hobo angel and to move on to another project, going to do some simple things, i have yet to make the patterns and also more christmas ornaments that seem to be a favorite for many. as one carver just told me he enjoys doing simple things that can be done in one sitting, with that in mind i going to find projects like this for the youtube channel, give me a few days and i will be off and running with another project soon, happy and safe carving, ohhh the box project is still in the work also i just need to find a neat pattern to work on, i did not forget it , just on the back burner for now, arleen

Saturday, August 29, 2009

pattern price list and cutouts on my youtube channel

carverswoodshop look on my youtube channel carverwsoodshop...... on the left side for updated pattern and cutout list , i will try to update this one too, thanks arleen

Subscribers: 185
Channel Views: 18,872

carving pattens available for 1.50each project usa fund, by paypal or ck
if by ck make payable to

arleen zomer
226 hill rd. honey brook pa. 19344
484-364 -0471
email carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
blog www.carverswoodshop,blogspot,c om
patterns will be sent only by email

SANTA FACE 3-D ( 4 total ) ...... 1.50
SANTA BOOT ( 3 total ) .....1.50
SANTA HOBO RELIEF ( total 3) .........1.50
TULIP .........................1.50
RUDDY DUCK ......................1.50
HOBO ANGEL .............................1 .50
PUMPKIN ORNAMENT.............1.50
cutout price list below in next section
will send pattern only by email
payable by paypal to zomerenterprises@yahoo.com
and state which patterns you want , thank you , arleen
twitter ,,,,,, carverswoodshop
skpye .......arleen zomer
more free carving lessons to come folks IS 54:10 happy and safe carving !
now i have cutout available for you if you dont have a band saw here is the price list below

***** important these are without the patterns this is just the cutout so you can follow my projects on youtube

BLACK LAB PUPPY ........................8.00
WOODEN SHOE .............................. .6.00
WREN RELIEF .............................. ....3.00
CARDINAL RELIEF........................ ....3.00
EAGLE LETTER OPENER ............. .3.00
SANTA WITH A BEAR........................4. 00
BOOT ORNAMENT...................... .......4.00
TULIP IN A VASE.......................... ..............9.00
SANTA FACE ORNAMENT 3-D...............3.00
RUDDY DUCK .............................. ...........4.50
HOBO ANGEL......................... ......................6.50
PUMPKIN ORNAMENT................................2.50
all cutouts are profile cutout only,
and prices are subject to change
look at the pattern list above how to pay for them , paypal or ck , or ck my video HOW TO ORDER PATTERNS thank you arleen


email carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
blog www.carverswoodshop@blogspot.c om


hi there, i am a woodcarver in pa. i have been carving since 1980, its a fun hobby for anyone, old and young alike. i mostly do santas, and i will be doing more videos, i also carved eagles are one of my favorites, and birds, animals, relief carving, etc. i do some teaching, but thought it would be neat that you could do this in you own time , with the youtube.
i am self taught, i didnt go to any school for this, and its a great hobby. the art, is designing your own things and also you can do 100 santas, and they all look a bit different no matter how hard you tired to do the same, that is what hand work is all about.
i am a farmer by trade, and have a couple of buinesses on the side, farming slowed down in 2005, and now i ready to set up shop so that i can teach at the farm in the near future, we are close to the lancaster county area, and live among the amish country. not only amish are farmers lol.
if you like to email me feel free to do so, i hope to get my shop up and running come fall of 2009. go to carving shows if you can, you can get alot of ideas and tools there, enjoy the videos, take your time,
good luck happy carving
email me if you have questions carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
City: near lancaster county
Hometown: honey brook , pa
Country: United States

Friday, August 28, 2009

what you can carve now, you may not have been able to before!!

i had a friend that wanted a snowman for a long time, i had no idea how to make one, sounded easy but i just couldnt figure it out until i had an idea, took me about a couple of years , believe it or not, to wrap my mind around this project, so one day as i was doing a santa , it came to me out of the blue, so you never know when your able to do something that you thought you couldnt before, so dont be discourged, if a project seems to difficult , leave it for a while, it may not be the time to do it for you , and come back to it another day, this is to be fun, not frustrating, enjoy what your working on, that is the name of the game, happy and safe carving to you. arleen
here is one of the snowman that i have done, you can learn to do one of these on my youtube channel,

fall is coming, love it , great time to see carving shows

well hi folks, my favorite season is fall, i love everything about it, the leaves, harvest and thankful for the cooler weather. its also a wonderful time to see a carving show, if you have never been to one, take the time to go, its soooo worth it. summer is a slower time, people going on vacations, trips, and now that fall is here, and more carving shows too . i went to the lancaster carving show here in lancaster pa, not to far from me, about 30 mins lol on a good day,,, lots of tourist in this part of the country, and that is great, the show was great, and i was able to get some of it on my youtube channel, so get out there if your an old or new carver,,, you can get so many neat ideas for projects ,,, that is where i got the pinecone project idea , and was able to do it for my youtube channel, its a fun project, so come and enjoy a day out and go to a show. i plan to go do my trips around carving shows, lol , like most carvers , fall is coming, and i am loving it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

nothing to do with carving, but kittens are cute

well i know this has nothing to do with carving, but i had to show off these kittens, that were born on my farm, we had a stray that found our farm in march and she had kittens, couldnt find them for about two weeks, but yep in my farm office they were, and now i have 4 of them walking all over the place, how cute, and sweet to see these little ones, the moma cat is protective came after me a couple of times, she a good moma cat, some nice things in life can be free , i enjoy watching them play!

Monday, August 24, 2009

a neat time , carving can be done anywhere! but two things to remember!!

last night i was able to finish the angel ornament , and ready to paint it, i will be showing you how to do this project a little later after we are done with the hobo angel in the round. when your a carver and you do small projects they are fun to do anywhere , i was able to chat with my sister here from canada, and we were all sitting around the table chatting, and i was carving away , listening and also putting my two cents into the conversation lol. but folks i carve in the car waiting, really you can carve anywhere but TWO THINGS TO REMEMBER to follow, always ask if its ok to carve if your in someone else home or back yard....... some folks are fussy about the chips flying, and most of all clean it up like you were never there. remember , ask and clean up
some tips, if you dont have a table, i use a big soft nylon cooler, it holds alot of stuff, plus i open it and let the chips fall in the cooler, much less to clean up, and i clean out the cooler later at home. i also take along a piece of cardboard about the size 20 x20 inches, and tape the edges, so its not sharp, and put it on a table, that way you wont cut or nick out the table, and easy to gather the wood chips to toss in the garbage. so always be mindful where you carve,,, dont do it if little ones are around, common sense and respect is all you need to enjoy your carving anywhere, happy and safe carving, arleen

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ckecks , how to deal with them , just keep going!!

nooo not a check you cash, its what you can find in carving a piece of wood, real word is cracks , in the 28 years plus that i have carved i have ran into this problem very seldom, but it does happen, it happen with the angel project so i had to redo it again, up to video #4. i was very suprised that i saw it, thinking i could fix the ones on the head, and also letting carvers see how to fix it , but the next morning , boom 4- 6 more,,, then it was time to toss it in the wood pile to be burn, lol
but i think either two things first the piece was a bit heavy , wondered if it was as dry as i thought, lighter piece to my way of thinking had less water content, or i sprayed to much with the 50/50 mix to soften up the wood, i didnt have a problem before straying it in the past, so two things i learned and should have done, one, not to cut the piece to close to the edge of the block, and two dont spray it as much, maybe my own fault, i really soaked that sucker, it was a tough, either way i knew it was time to try it again, so folks, it doesnt always work as we planned, but dont give up if something gets in the way, just start it again, and just keep going, happy carving, arleen

Friday, August 21, 2009

watch your carvings!!!! lol

well yesterday my sister came to visit from canada, and i was showing her the latest projects that i did on youtube, we were at my parents home and i took along some time ago to show my mom my hobo santa/snowman called friends, and i left it there. mom love it and put it on top of the tv, and when my sister look at it, she said something might be missisng when i go back home to canada lol
she wanted it as well. ohhhh my,, now i have to watch that it doesnt have legs and walk. its a wonderful feeling to have people love your work, even more so when its your family and friends, cause they see all the work that you do, and when you have something that they all like well, its more special. but the problem with doing the same project over and over, it takes away the fun of making something new. but i love to carve . well i know what i can do for christmas for her, and my friends, lol is to make my carving called friends, watch your carvings, sometimes they do disappear. lol happy carving, arleen

Thursday, August 20, 2009

family, and carving, time? treasure it

well folks, i always love to take a carving along when i travel, which i didnt do much when i was running the farm, but now comes a time in my life that i treasure carving and computers, but even more is the time i can spend with my sister, and family , friends , when she visits from canada, as our parents age, she is coming down more often, and likewise i go to see her family in canada, its a beautiful country and drive, 500 miles away, so its not just a day trip for me, so the next few days i will only be carving at my folks home along with chatting with her out on the deck outside at the farm, so take time to visit those that mean the most to ya, friends and family, its never a waste of time, treasure it !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hobo angel project

hi folks, i started the hobo angel project on youtube, it should be an interesting one, i never did an angel before, and i like the hobo theme. so i never saw a hobo angel, so thought it might be fun to do. i have video #1 up on youtube, more to come a little later, happy carving

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

carving clubs joined the lancaster county woodcarvers club

hi again, tonight i went to a woodcarving club , first time in a long long time, i never was a part of one before, some 25 years ago i did go to visit a different one, and it was to hard to find time to join. if any of you are or were farmers you know there wasnt much time for much else, the time that they did meet often were when i had to do my chores around the farm,, feeding all the animals, 450 of them took me about 2-3 hours in the morning and also again at night, and it had to be 12 hours apart, so as you can see going away in the evening was not easy.
tonight, i decided it was time to join one, i went to the lancaster county woodcarvers show. i was able to get some videos of the show that i posted on my youtube channel, so those of you that never went to a show could see what one looked like. so i promised myself that i would go to a club meeting the next time . they had some interesting carvings to see, so go find a carving club to be a part of , i sure you will find it interesting as i did, cant wait till the next meeting! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

what can i give?

welcome back, i just wanted to tell you of a project that i made for a friend of mine, as you know the flying dove project has a spiritual meaning to me.. i had a friend had cancer and she requested that three of us come see her, at this point she was sent home knowing all to well that it wouldnt be long that our friend would not be with us. i wanted to give her something, not knowing what to bring i looked at that dove and decided to make a mini one, which i did in about 2 hours, i put it in a jewelery box and put my favorite bible verse along with it. and gave it to her, she knew that i did wood carvings, and she had one of my santas from years ago sitting on a shelf as i enter her home, she loved christmas, so the santa was displayed, year round, and it was june. the verse was fitting from isaiah 54.10
reads , for the mountions shall depart , and the hills be removed , my kindness shall not depart from you ,nor shall my covenant of peace, say the lord God that has mercy on you.
for once i felt that the gift was a bit of hope that the dove represents, and the peace that passes all understanding, what can i give? God gave us talents to help those around if only for a brief moment. ......she will be missed by many .

tool holder, carving a knife box,,,

well folks i am about the wrap up the pine cone ornament, which i enjoyed making ,,, they are simple but alot of work, but a nice project to give away to friends and family for the holidays, i know its summer yet but soon it will be fall, you can never carve christmas stuff to early, sometimes i start in jan for the next year. i have an idea, i hold my tools in a box that was a cigar box from my grandfather in holland, i have it tape together but i used it for years,
and thought it might be fun to do a project that we do some relief carving on a wooden box, i got my wooden box at a major craft store, they were on sale for 3.00 and 5.00 a box, you want to make sure you get one that is not a thin layers on the top of the box then you will not be able to do the relief carving on the top. so see the pictures to see what kind you will need to get its about 1/4 inches thick of a soild wood, that is what you will need. i put dividers in the box to seperate my knives so that they dont hit each other, which is not good,,, you can chip or dull them quickly this way. this will be a good way to keep your knives safe in this storage box. i sometimes use the box to hold my chips as i carve,,, we will start this project soon,,,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NOW in dvd,,,, chickadee lessons

HI folks, it took some time but i got it done, i now have the chickadee ( 22 clips) on dvd it will work in portable dvd players, and also on your laptop or computer in the window media player, cost is 20.00 shipping free in the usa, and canada, and 5 more international,,, please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com if your interested thanks, arleen

a new idea ( sharpening )

hi folks, as you know many carvers have a hard time to sharpen knives, and i have a new idea, that may help . i have other previous tapes that i put on youtube called the secert of sharpening , but this is simple and may help those who dont want to use a drill to sharpen their knives, i planning to put a video on tonight, so stay tuned.... i am all for new ideas , my goal is to make it simple and affordable for everyone, that is why you see woodcarving tips and how to videos on my channel....no need to spend alot of money on things that you can create right at home. ok........... now off to the farm to get what i need and then i can start making some more tapes tips on sharpening

Monday, August 10, 2009

pine cone ornament project

hi folks if you want a fun time woodcarving then try this pine cone, you will be able to follow on my youtube channel, thanks to rick from little shavers,, its his design click on his site on the right under links and cool stuff, and if you want to follow me just click on the carverswoodshop youtube link , thanks for joining me ,,, and this is a fun easy project , happy carving everyone

Sunday, August 9, 2009

hobo santa /snowman relief ( friends) is finished

hello, i am finished with this hobo santa/snowman friends and ready to start the pine cone ornament you can follow the teaching video on this project (HOBO) on youtube. this design was mine own, and its the first one i made like this,,,i was happy with the outcome, it was a fun project , if you like a pattern is 1.50 and i will send it by email to you, now off to the farm to cutout some pinecones lol happy carving , arleen

Saturday, August 8, 2009

tulip, one of an earlier project on youtube

this is just a picture of the tulip i made for my mom for her birthday last month, its one of my video projects on youtube if you like to try to make one like it, it was a fun project. its all out of one piece of wood, happy carving , arleen

ckeck out new links if you have the time

i have a spot that i am putting links for you on the right, to use to find tools and wood, and also some other neat sites that i come across, ckeck them out , i only purchase wood from heineck woods, have fun surfing the net.

some more info on the hobo santa carving class and about sharpening your knife

just to let folks know i will have knives here that you can purchase and the carvers glove , thumb guard and the strop, so that we are all on the same page, i am not in the business to sell tools but i am buying them and selling them at my cost , i just want you to to have a good knife, and soooo important to start your carving right thought this might be better then everyone starting with a different knives unless your are an not a beginner and you know how to sharpen your knives. this way you will have a good knife that will last you a lifetime with the right care. i might do a couple of classes just how to sharpen knives, and teaching how to keep them sharp,,, is sooo....important folks that you learn how to sharpen your knife. once you learn this , you will enjoy woodcarving even more,,,, nothing is more frustrating than a dull knife...... so learn this early in your woodcarving venture... you will never regret learning to sharpen a knife. and remember alot of carvers have a different way to sharpen, they are all good, just find the one that will work for you ! so try and try again to sharpen your tools, it take time to learn this so dont be discourged if you dont get it right the first time keep trying, i promise if you get this sharpening stuff right you will enjoy woodcarving so much more, nothing better than a great knife and good wood, to carve with,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, sept 14 will be here before we know it, and what a fun time it will be, happy and sharp carving to you all , arleen

Thursday, August 6, 2009

what is junk to one, is treasure to another,,, tools from holland

hi again, i spoke to my uncle in holland, the tools he sent over, were hand made by him, you can no longer get the gouges that they used years agos, the long tool the draw knife with a handle , also can not be purchase, they are now collector items,,,, and how funny was it back in 1994 when my folks went to holland asked what i wanted them to bring back,,,,, i told them a set of the old woodcarving tools that made wooden shoes, now some in my family in holland couldnt understand back then why the heck i would want that old stuff,,,,,,lol now they know, you cant get it anymore and i was lucky to have my folks find a whole set of six tools that i have now, but i really wanted the draw knife with the handle if nothing else,,,, the guy they got it from wouldnt break the set,,, so i got all of them, i was so happy when they came home back then and told me they found it,,,, what is junk to one is treasure to another.. you never know, happy carving, arleen

upcoming projects on my youtube channel

howdy folks, well i mention before about doing a pine cone ornament which will be the next project after the hobo santa/snowman friends, i about half way i think with this project and then i have something a bit new has to do with angels, i have a design that will make you smile i sure, so stayed tune, and it might be a couple of weeks but i will get it done, lol,,,, i cant wait,,, but i know it will be fun, lol well back to to loading up #6 #7 video of the hobo santa/snowman friends ..... carving is soooo neat,,,, how i love it ,,, keep carving ,, and be safe ,,,,, arleen

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

wooden shoe carving tools

hi there, these were sent to me by my uncle from holland, thought you might like to see them i will do a video on these to show how they work

next project after the hobo santa/snowman friends relief, pine cones,

hi there folks, i will be carving a pine cone ornament in my next project after this series with the hobo santa/snowman relief (friends).... i have two more lined up after both of these, and the eagle project will have to wait a spell, to busy these days, between family coming down this summer and working , and trying to catch up on my inkjet orders this week, but i will keep them coming for sure,

Monday, August 3, 2009

my uncle in holland the woodcarver!! wooden shoes

well i went to get my mail today , and my uncle ( oma geert) sent me some tools from holland so that i can now hollow out the wooden shoe i made earlier, i really didnt know how to sharpen these, thinking maybe he should do a video on how to sharpen these, well , i took my tools home, and bingo, there is a video of how to sharpen these tools, to my great surprise, i will do a video on this tonight , to show you why these tools might be tough to sharpen, knives i am fine with gouges i can but i am not fast at it as some folks are, he did a great job and i will soon put a link on it so you folks can see it, when he came here to see his brother ( my dad) back in 1991 , i was carving santas and he wanted to learn so we carve a couple of santas, and he is still carving today, all kinds of things, esp the wooden shoes, the old fashion way his website is www.youtube.com/hobbygeert and you can see him making a wooden shoe, someday i will have to go visit him!