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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hi , folks, thanks for coming to my blog,  I just finished the black lab puppy for my 10 year old great niece and she will be thrilled to get it, its headed to canada , so this item was made in the usa.  you dont find that to often these days,  so i will bring it to her later on when i travel that way.  i going to start the songbirds relief carving on june 1 2009 . it should be a fun project to do.

well i also updated my website,  http://www.carverswoodshop.com   where you can purchase some of the patterns if you need them for the youtube videos, also i going to the lancaster county carving show this coming sunday,,, looking forward to going, i havent been to their show,  i love to see what others are making and also its a wonderful place to get some neat ideas, and tool tool and more tools and books,   i love it ,   so come if you can.  i just going as a visitor, not a vendor,  lol 

well one more thing, if you need a strop i have a video how to make an inexpensive strop for less that 5 bucks.  i  want new carvers to be able to get things for a good price, and making one is easy. 

also  i am planning on some woodcarving classes this fall 2009.... making the hobo santa and hobo snowman, so if your interested go to my web site and ck it out,  ok thanks again for coming to my blog  happy and safe carving, arleen

Monday, May 18, 2009

new snowmen and santa for 2009

here is a pics of my new snowman and santas for this year i change or add something to them,    i calling this my hobo santa and hobo snowman cause you cant see their eyes,  i thought they were cute

dont forget to vote on which relief songbird you want to carve next

hi folks, thanks for coming to my blog,  please vote if you havent on which songbird to do by june 1, 2009  ,   these are great little projects to do for either a christmas tree, or just hang them on a wall ,  i have the pattern available, for 3.50 for all three, the goldfinch , wren, or the cardinal,  i going to start getting my supplies ready for what i will need ,,, i will do them all in time, but a nice little break to the santas and snowmen,,, ohhhhh folks i have a new style santas and snowmen as well,  and i will put them on youtube soon,  this summer,  ok thanks folks for all the feedback its been fun to do,,, take care, arleen  ps to vote go to www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop and see the video songbirds  :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HOWDY  , thanks for coming to my new blog, i plan to have some videos here as well in the future and plan to carve alot more things as well, but you can also see all the videos on my youtube channel,  for santas, and snowman,   please go to www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop    ck it out,  
i working on a new santa,  same but different look, so keep cking, ,, today i am also working on a new snowman look,,,  new ideas are fun to see them come to past,,,