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Thursday, June 30, 2011

raspberry time ,, some what like woodcarving LOL

howdy folks,, well its raspberry time here at the farm,, it was one of my moms favorite time, she would prune them in the spring and pick them first in the summer,, and then again in the fall, she made a super jam that many love , she gave them away as gifts, it was her hobby,,
as my mom is aging she could not for the first time go down to the berry patch to pick them,, i was never a fan of picking them,, the outside and plants were not my thing here on the farm it was more the feeding and caring for the animals at the the farm ,, i rather worked in the barn then do any kind of gardening, i wish it was different , if it were i would have a field of all kinds of produce, but i never found an interest, in it,,
but now my brother in law, and i did prune the patch last march, and thought by now my mom could go down and pick them but she could not,, and if you dont pick them they dont produce alot of berries,, so i decided every other day to go for an hour, to pick them ,, and ate alot of fresh red raspberries,
tonight, it was a wonderful night to pick them,, last time i pick 4 quarts, and tonight 2, froze some and others i gave away to friends
today as i was picking i found that i need to go over the same spot a few times, otherwise i would miss some,, and as i back tracked , i often found those that i missed again,, or looking at it from a different angle, well again more,, so i thought how often do we miss things in carving, not seeing what wood has to be removed if we dont look at it either from a different angle, or just putting it down for a while , and then coming back to see how we can improve a piece,,, well that is what i learned in the raspberry patch today,, always take the time to look at things from a different angle , you might be surprised what you might see, and learn, happy carving arleen

Sunday, June 26, 2011

photos of wooden spoon that you can use for a pattern , enjoy



hi folks,, here is a still photo in case you want the pattern you are welcome to copy this photo for the pattern , enjoy arleen


this is a very simple project for a beginner, enjoy,, arleen

new kittens at the farm,, his name is calvin

he is the chosen one,, lol calvin,, he is a good boy if your from the CRC church background this name makes sense. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wow information you can find on the web , so wonderful

howdy folks,, as some of you know i have a facebook page , called the carverswoodshop, and i posted a question about making spoons,, about what finish to use,,, i got a well of information from the folks there,, i been carving a long time, 30 years, i never did spoons,,, so i thought maybe i could come up with an interesting project about them for the luncheon,, i saw a few spoon carvers in some of the carving shows, and the neat spoons they made out of all kinds of wood,, my idea is in the same line but a bit different,, folks on the net are so willing to help you out,, its great, no matter how long you been carving you can always learn something new,, woodcarving is so many different things,, can be only birds, spoons, santas, chip carving, what ever you want to carve, you can carve with power, knife, and both,, so much to learn,, folks,, i keep you posted, but on our july 11th carverswoodshop luncheon, it will be a repeat of the 8 and 12 pointed star,, some folks missed it and so many enjoy it, that i decided to repeat it,, it always fun to venture into something new,, take care, arleen

next meeting for the carverswoodshop luncheon, july 11, 2011 1pm-4pm

hi folks , your welcome to come the the next carverswoodshop luncheon, on july, 11, 2011 we will meet from 1- 4pm please come and get some lunch,, you can come at noon if you like,,, its one hour later cause i had an appointment that morning that i could not get out of ,,, otherwise its normally 12-3pm
we had a great the last time we got together, i trying to have some small projects, to do ,, or you bring along what your carving on, and welcome to work on it there,, i am always looking for a new simple projects that everyone can do,, whether your a carver for many years, or just a newbie , just a time for carvers to get together , chat and carve, or do a simple project together,,
also at these meeting i will have future luncheon dates, along with upcoming classes that i will soon post on facebook and on this blog,,
i got some great feedback,, from those that were there last month,, and please if you have any questions, about the lunches and classes, please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
happy carving folks,, enjoy the summer and find a tree to sit under, to sit for a spell and whittle arleen

last meeting till sept 20 for the lancaster county woodcarvers club

howdy folks,, i know its been a while,, well things are so soo lol, , lost my voice so the youtube videos will have to wait a bit,, i do have a simple project for you folks,, but until i can talk without sounding like scooby doo, the cartoon,, lol i will wait a bit,, had this now for almost two weeks, slowing the voice is coming along,, but i will brave the doing the videos soon again,,,
lancaster had their last meeting last night till summer is over,, the lancaster club will not meet till sept 20. 2011 ,, its important meeting,, so if your part of this club please make a point of being there, some changes, that need to be voted on etc,, so do your best to come to that first meeting,
keep carving, arleen

Monday, June 13, 2011

6-13-11 carverswoodshop luncheon

hi folks , we had a good time carving the knife name tag,, we had 10 folks carving this project,,
some came from the lancaster county woodcarvers club,, thanks to all that came out,, it was great to have to come to morgantown,, they all did a great job on their name tags,, hope to see you next time in july 11 monday 1pm - 4 pm i will be teaching the 8 and 12 pointed star,,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

hand carved hat at the 2011 lancaster show

did you ever see a chip-carved hat,, saw one at the show

hi folks i forgot about this , and i have some photos and a short video ,, of a hand carved hat,, it was chipped carved,, and he said its a bit heavy, he got the pattern out of an old magazine,, how neat was this,, soo cool ,,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

whats next after the show,, and about the show, some thoughts

howdy folks,, wow we had a great weekend with the show, i always come away learning something new,, one thing i found was it was a relaxing weekend for me,, not meaning it wasnt a lot of work which it always is to set up at a show, but this being the second time around for this show for me, i really enjoyed just chatting with folks, and see so many that wanted to learn to carve for the first time,, i also enjoy many of the young folks that came, some of them came to our club meeting,, and i could see how much they enjoyed the show,, it was refreshing to see young people wanted to learn woodcarving that they can enjoy for years to come,, see them excited to learn yet more , thanks to those in our club that are willing to go to their school to show them and spend time with them to learn,, what i neat treat for me to see them talking about their projects, and the things they would like to try to carve in the future,, it was super,, well what is next > ? well for me a new simple simple project that some of you might enjoy, give me a day or two and i will have it up on youtube, and also working on my next meeting of the carverswoodshop luncheon,, its one meeting i have a feeling their will be a lot of folks there,, its a free time to get together and just carve, i doing some simple projects, in the 3 hours we are together i plan to do the knife name tag, if you in the area your welcome to come, it will be june monday 13, 2011 at 12- 3pm , at the food court at the home furnishing mall, morgantown pa,
if you plan to come let me know that i can have enough cutouts for the project ,, all i ask is that because the mall allow me to have the meeting there is that you purchase lunch at the c r barn, in the food court.. the meeting is free and so is the knife blank, ok folks time to close this and hope you enjoy the videos that i made, and have a great week ahead , keep carving, arleen




Saturday, June 4, 2011


there will be two more videos coming tomorrow on sunday, i will interview two carvers


lancaster show going well, lots of work for all, a great time

hi folks , sat was a great day at the show,, thanks to all that came up to see the show,, we have yet another day ( sunday) which will be also another fun day,, i decided to have two tables this year , one table is fine too but very full,, so since lancaster club is my home club i thought two tables would be great,,, well it turned out to be very good idea,, as i keep adding new dvds and more carvings for sale , it was a right choice, it didnt look as full plus i had a place to sit and relax to chat with people,, and able to carve a bit to to show folks how to do the 8 pointed star,, so here are some photos my table,, i am at the end, which made is super nice,, lost a bit of space because of the corner, but well worth it,, this took me about 2 1/2 hours to set it up the first time with two tables,, remember my effort in the show is only a small fraction to those that run the show every year. so please , not only do the vendors and the all the folks that have tables, and all those that work behind the the scenes , put a lot of work into it,, so that folks can come and enjoy a wonderful time,, next time you go to a show,, its not only there for the two days but took weeks of work from a lot of folks to make a show be a success, it take a lot of planing and folks willing to put it together ,, keep carving, and please go to a show near you if you get a chance and support it,, thanks for reading arleen