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Friday, October 30, 2009

new blog for my woodcarving that are for sale

hi folks, just wanted you to know of a new blog that i will have just for photos of my carving that i have for sale ..... some friends and family wanted to be able to see what i had for sale, and ebay is getting to expensive for me, this might be a better way for me, so its a blog but only photos of my woodcarving will be posted there, i will continue to use this blog for information on woodcarving classes and upcoming youtube videos, ....my website that i have was to time consuming and very confusing for posting photos and i wanted something that folks just could come and see what i have available, once its sold i will remove it, please email me first if your interested in a piece, at the carverswoodshop@yahoo.com take care arleen
the new site is http//www.arleenscarverswoodshop.blogspot.com

Thursday, October 29, 2009

new ornament, hobo snowman / tree

the next project will be a hobo snowman /tree ornament, it will be a fun ornament to do, i will start this soon in the next week, hope you all are having a great fall season, as we get ready for thanksgiving, it will be a busy time for me,,, thanks again for all your support, arleen

Monday, October 26, 2009

back, from canada, new project and new ideas

hi folks, just wanted to let you know the next project coming up on my youtube channel called carverswoodshop, i will be loading how to carve a small simple black cat for Halloween , not much into halloween, but thought it would be nice to make a small cat the design is my own, i have yet to paint it, but it will be up this week along with some couple of other videos, one how to use driftwood and where to find it.,found mine along lake Ontario when i visited my sister, she lives a bit more than an hour from toronto it was a nice time, did a little carving while i was chatting away, a few more pumpkins for my bottle stoppers for christmas, ok folks time to get some things done, have a great week , arleen

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

how many knives lol , there is always room for one more !!

i just posted a question how many carving knives do you have, i have alot more than i use, and funny thing i can only use one at a time, last i look i have about 11 carving knives, 10 pocket knives, and alot of other knives i made for carving and used for a while, i dont know about you but i enjoy a new knife from time to time, sometimes i get them at carving shows, and i just enjoy buying them, some of my best knives didnt have to be expensive in fact they were only ten bucks at a show, that is the kind of fun i like to find them at a show, no matter what you use as long as you enjoy carving , and if your like me there is always room for one more, happy and safe carving , arleen

Monday, October 19, 2009

patterns and cutouts and video available,

hi folks i just posted a video about patterns , cutouts and video, that i have available, i really do try to make it a reasonable price that anyone that wants to try it can afford to do so, i not a big believer in buy all the latest tools, and i feel very strong that anyone that wants to learn to wood carve can and not costing them alot to do so. there are plenty of hobbies that cost alot , and if you have the means to pay for it its one thing, its other when your living pay check to pay check or your you cant work, or a senior , so the only thing i sell is patterns that i created, and cutouts for them, also a chickadee dvd that i made, which is 25.00 free shipping in the usa, a bit more to cananda and elsewhere, i am just one person doing all this, so its not that i have a barn load of cutouts waiting to go out lol i cut only what i need to fill an order, and i try to keep it affordable, so if your one of those folks that would like to be able to follow along, and want a pattern or a cutout please email me , all the info is on the youtube channel on the leftside of the page, it will tell you what is available of patterns and cutouts, i send all pattern by email only , and they are 1.50 for a pattern, and there is an other list for the cost of the cutouts if you scroll down pass the pattern list, thanks for for all the nice comments, and if you want the dvd, please order it, i only have 7 now available and will have to burn more as we go and only can burn 3-5 a night, when i have time lol which seems to be less and less these days,,, happy carving, arleen
please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or link into my channel www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop thanks arleen

Sunday, October 18, 2009

planning and making patterns

hi folks, i wanted to do some more bottle stoppers, many of you seemed to enjoy that series, i do plan to do some more projects i will be working on some new patterns that we will use. until i get to the bottle stoppers patterns i will do a small black cat, i dont care to much for halloween because of my beliefs but i have a black cat here at the farm and thought it would be nice to carve a tiny one, its been fun making the videos and will post them soon on my youtube channel carverswoodshop...i find it also as much fun to create a pattern and see it come to a finished carving piece. its amazing to me where you will get the idea to create the patterns, i hope your all enjoying the fall this year, i know i am looking forward to seeing the leaves turn soon here in pa, take care , bye

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pumpkin bottle stopper is finished and future carvings on youtube

hi folks, i just finished the pumpkin bottle stopper, its simple to make, and i did these two videos because i wanted to show how to make the bottle stopper, and how to attach and measure it, and how to put it together. its how all the bottle stoppers will be made in my carving used to make stoppers , i have about 6 pumpkin stoppers to make for christmas, this is a neat way to make something for someone that will not take alot of time but will be very useful, and there is all kinds of carving you can do and create to make bottle stoppers, so i will be planning to make different carvings that can be used for a bottle stoppers, hope you folks will enjoy it, happy carving , arleen

Monday, October 12, 2009

finish our hobo santa class

hi folks we are done with our hobo santa class, everyone one did very well, and did a great job on their santa, i will be starting another class of a hobo santa, nov 2 2009 in morgantown pa, at the mall, ( home funishing outlet mall) email me if your interested, at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com thanks, arleen , ps we had a great time,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

finish my project called helping friends

hi folks, just finish doing the last two videos on my project here is a photo of it, i am going to do some short projects , one is going to be a bottle stopper, , so more to come , arleen

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

bottle stoppers, our next project

hi folks, i am trying to get the helping friends videos done on youtube, its alot more than i thought but that is fine, i will be doing bottle stoppers when i get done with this series, and and few neat ideas for christmas so stay tuned, happy and safe carving, arleen

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

its just something i had to post, you dont get a chance to see this to often

rainbow, reminds me of Gods promises, took this photo in mich., last week,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

howdy everyone, its been a while

howdy folks, i havent been online as much was able to do a quick three clip video on the pineapple ornament this past week, doing some day trips with my family and ready to get back to doing some more video for you folks, its always good to be with the family sometimes we dont take enough time in our busy world to do so. lol as i get older the more it means to me to take the time, just an update i will finish the hobo santa HELPING FRIENDS this coming week, i also have another neat idea that i will share with you that you can make for the holidays , i plan to make a few of these for my friends and family for the holidays, its never to early to plan to carve for the holidays, also its great to see more people joining and posting their photos on the group page on facebook called carverswoodshop. just a reminder its a request to join everyone is welcome. everyone have a great weekend, and safe carving, arleen