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Monday, August 24, 2009

a neat time , carving can be done anywhere! but two things to remember!!

last night i was able to finish the angel ornament , and ready to paint it, i will be showing you how to do this project a little later after we are done with the hobo angel in the round. when your a carver and you do small projects they are fun to do anywhere , i was able to chat with my sister here from canada, and we were all sitting around the table chatting, and i was carving away , listening and also putting my two cents into the conversation lol. but folks i carve in the car waiting, really you can carve anywhere but TWO THINGS TO REMEMBER to follow, always ask if its ok to carve if your in someone else home or back yard....... some folks are fussy about the chips flying, and most of all clean it up like you were never there. remember , ask and clean up
some tips, if you dont have a table, i use a big soft nylon cooler, it holds alot of stuff, plus i open it and let the chips fall in the cooler, much less to clean up, and i clean out the cooler later at home. i also take along a piece of cardboard about the size 20 x20 inches, and tape the edges, so its not sharp, and put it on a table, that way you wont cut or nick out the table, and easy to gather the wood chips to toss in the garbage. so always be mindful where you carve,,, dont do it if little ones are around, common sense and respect is all you need to enjoy your carving anywhere, happy and safe carving, arleen

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