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Saturday, April 30, 2011


hi folks, i hope you enjoyed both projects and that you found the time to carve,, i will be showing how to do the eight point at the next carverswoodshop luncheon on may the 9th ,, we will meet from 12-3pm come if you can
i will be looking for fun easy projects in the future if you have any ideas email me
i have a new project in mind and will be working on it tonight to see how it goes i will let you know as soon as its done and will get some videos of it as well, until then keep carving and enjoy,, arleen

12 pointed christmas star #1

Monday, April 25, 2011

trying to stay upbeat and how to deal with frustration in woodcarving

i know ,, frustration is in all parts of life,, some deal with frustrations in different ways,, i for one, will do one of two things, throw in the towel and call it a day, and some days i fight it tooth and nail,, its learning which one to do ,, the more noble thing to do is to fight it tooth and nail, but sometimes at what price,, frustration well as you saw in my last post had to deal when things seem unfair or unjust ,, when rules apply differently to different people,, but what do you do when your carving is frustrating,
i had one email that had one sentence,, ' CARVING IS FRUSTRATING" how do you respond to that,, its simple,, to some it is ,, to some its not,, but my suggestion is if you dont have the right equipment to work with it will be frustrating,, i cant image feeding 400 calves with one bucket, or one small mixer,, you needed a huge mixer, and a lot more buckets when you fed calves,, it would have been a terrible job, frustrating mixing milk for the calves one bucket at a time,, but with a huge mixer you could mix up milk replacer for 100 at a time,, so the tools you use in carving has to be decent not cheap tools, like those from the big hobby stores,, please dont waste your time buying from them,, there are plenty of good woodcarving suppliers that have a decent knives at a decent price,, so a sharp knife is the most important along with good piece of basswood,, again make sure you get the true board foot when you purchase your wood,, and ask before you buy it so you will not be surprised with the bill,, i have an earlier post about this,,,,, but anyway,, good wood and a good knife is the best way to enjoy woodcarving,, and good instruction as well,, and the other thing that is just important then the knife and the wood, is keeping at it,, ok folks take care, and happy carving to ya, arleen

the hobo santa class is canceled before the lancaster show but the pinecone class is still on

the class hobo santa carving class june 1 and 3 is canceled,, but the pine cone class is still on, thanks arleen

Thursday, April 21, 2011

missed the lancaster wood carving club meeting ohhhh my

well you can tell life is busy, i completely forgot about our meeting,, needless to say i am a bit overwhelm with things at home,,, i woke up wed morning, thinking i missed something ,, you know that feeling,, and lo and behold yep,, the meeting last night,, i look forward to it every month,, why i didnt remember it at all kinda shocked me , and tick me off that i did forget,, hopefully i will remember it next month,, and if i miss the lancaster show,, then i know i am in real trouble,, lol i PLAN TO BE THERE,, JUNE 4 AND 5TH,, see ya there,, take care and keep carving,, maybe cause i not carving to much these days might be the reason i didnt think of it,, out of mind, ,, lol well my first senior moment it was bound to happen someday,,

Friday, April 15, 2011

busy, busy,, and started mowing the lawns,, yuk lol, i rather be carving lol

howdy folks, as you can see from my title that i dont like to mow,, its time consuming and also its the start of a long season, the next 24+ weeks it time to mow the two lawns ,, i should not complain but be happy that i have a yard or two to mow,, i know many live in apartments, etc, and would dream of a place in the country,, i love the country,, but the outside work at the farm was never my favorite thing to do, i loved taking care of the calves etc, ,, i just see mowing takes time taken away from carving or other things i would like to do, but after a few decades of mowing,, well,, i rather be carving,, lol,,
one thing that i learned this past month there is nothing better in life then good health ,, to get up in the morning without pain, and feeling good, this past month, i was busy taking care of my folks,, as they are getting up there in years, i see more and more the things i need to tend to,, i think in this country,, we dont care for the elderly like we should,, our country was not build by computers, videos , and modern technology but by older americans that put alot of hard work into making our country the best in the world,, now dont get me wrong the new technology is wonderful, but our towns, our history was made by hard working older americans, they pave a way to an wonderful country we see today,, and we owe them alot,, to be treated with respect,,,, i love the older folks,, but the young and the old need to be protected, , so my challenge to you is to take the time to spent with either the older or younger folks,, they need folks to know we care about them ,,, so many dont have folks watching out for them,, taking care of our parents isnt a required by law, but for me its a moral issue for me,, now its my turn to care for them, and you will never finding me complaining about it,, but happy to do so,, keep carving folks and enjoy the warmer weather,, and hopefully soon i be back to carving a more again on youtube,, arleen

Monday, April 11, 2011

show went well, and now here for the carverswoodshop luncheon

hi folks,, the mid altantic woodcarvers show went well,, i have photos that one of my students that came to the show.,, i didnt have time to do to much with the videos etc, the show was good and now i am here at the mall for our luncheon that will begin in about 30 mins,,,,, i was glad to see some of my students,, 3 in fact that took the time to come to the show,,, they all seemed to enjoy it,, and looking at all the different carvers and woodcarvings that were there. , i know most of the carvers are willing to chat about their work,, i was busy with folks that came to the table , and chatting away,, got some carving done, and even sharpen some knives for the carver that was next to me,,alot of the carvers were interested in the tomz sharpening machine,,lol a lot of carvers are not on the net so they dont get the advantage of knowing about new machines,, etc, well folks i bring this to a close for now,, i will get videos and photos up later this week,, take care and keep carving ,arleen

Friday, April 8, 2011

well another cat gone,,

hi folks , sad to say our other cat was gone for about a week and a neighbor said it was hit as well,, wow,,, little leeni was a sweet cat,, she was a good young cat,, but nothing we could do,, the barn cats are outside,, but she will be missed as well,,

Monday, April 4, 2011

coming home tomorrow, basswood, and the show coming up

hi folks i;v been in michigan, visiting some friends, and decided to look for some basswood , found a place that might start supplying my basswood in the future,, i will keep you informed as i go along,, its been a pleasant trip, and a long ride home tomorrow,, but i am sure that i will be able to find the basswood that will fill my needs,, i want you to be sure that your getting the true board foot for your money,, when get a quote make sure , and confirm the prices before they ship it to you,, and you should get the shipping cost too,, so no surprises when you get your bill,,
this coming weekend is the mid-atlantic,carving show, at fairless hills pa.hope to see some of you there,, happy carving, arleen

Friday, April 1, 2011