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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

working on some new dvds, slow process this time around

hi folks,, i am working on two videos for my dvd collection,, one will be the HIDING THANKSGIVING TURKEY, it will have one project on it , and the other, has three,, CONE SNOWMAN, WINTER TREE, AND THE WOODEN LIGHT BULB SANTA,, it will take a couple of weeks, before i have the covers, and patterns done and ready for sale these will be videos 39 and 40 ,, its been slow cause i lost some of my videos from my old computer,, so finding stuff at all has been kinda tough,, but there is a way,, so i keep at it,, if there is a will there is a way,, is a very true statement,, keep carving folks,,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

you never know.....good things aren't always plan

hi folks i had to reflect on the last couple of years,,, as thanksgiving is now past and christmas coming,, and then new year,, i had to think,, i didn't plan how youtube turn out,, nor the blog or facebook,, i just wanted to put videos up about woodcarving,, and now,, looking back,, i sit in awe,, of what it became and wondering how much much it can become. i keeping thinking how many more new projects can i come up with? how many more will come to the site to be interested in woodcarving, and how many of them keep at it after they start.... its an amazing thing,, the internet can be a terrible thing or a wonderful tool to learn,,, there are sites that are good , not all has to be bad on the net,, and i for one want only the good,,, we have enough tv, and talk shows, and movies that are in my opinion just plain garbage, it does my heart good to hear,, that a 12 year old boy , from norway, was on facebook, and wanted to learn to carve,, he was full of questions, yes 12 is young,, when he wrote that he watch 2oo plus videos that i posted on youtube , of the 1000 that i have up,, seems to me he has the carving bug , imagine that,, that a young kid is interested in carving,, not spending his time playing games on a computer but wanting to learn woodcarving,,, and the other day i got an email of a young couple that are trying carving together,, how neat is that,, i hope all those that start will enjoy it enough to continue for a lifetime,, some will become great carvers,, the next generation of carvers,, so you never know what you might do will help another carver,, and good things are not always plan,, i hope that many more enjoy carving,, and learn from not only me but others as well, keep carving folks,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

wow what a weekend and next weekend another show,

hi folks, as this past weekend is about over,, it was a busy one for sure,, family being here from canada,,,, holiday shopping on black friday,, and then we decided to have a farm yard sale sat,, wow we never had a farm yard sale before,, we had some farm stuff we didnt use anymore,, so we set up in our truck garage, and just like the shows, that i do,, its a lot of work,,, i have more understanding how much work folks put into these garage sales,, it was a last minute decision,, so cause some of my family was here it was a good time to start,, lol not sure if i would do this all the time, but for a few weeks i will have it ,,
so next weekend,, i will be at the haycreek again for the CHRISTMAS AT JOANNA

Thursday, November 24, 2011

henry the amish kid

hi folks, i did this project over the past couple of days,,, today ( thanksgiving) i finished him,, henry the amish kid,,,, my video will tell you who he was,,, it was a fun project, and now i am about to venture out to our local walmart for the maddness, ,,,,, not much i need ,,, i have family from canada ,, and we enjoy just looking around with the rest of the folks that are shopping, sometimes you can get a great deal... no i am not standing in line for hours,, i wouldnt do that,, but i guess its a time just to hang out with folks you care about and to enjoy some of the beginning of the christmas season .. well i better get going,, lol see if we can find a parking space,, if not i am going back home, :)

henry the amish kid

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cone snowman #8 ( end)

new project CONE SNOWMAN

hi folk, this is another way you can carve the cone series ,, i am having fun making all these differemt project using the same pattern ,, the cone,, hope your enjoying them as much as i am making them,, take care,, ohhh there are 8 videos to this project , i will have them up soon ,, arleen

cone snowman #2

hi again, there are 7 videos for this new project CONE SNOWMAN,, thought it would be fun to do it from the cone, pattern,, ok take care and keep carving ,arleen

Sunday, November 20, 2011

here is the pattern for the light bulb santa,,

hi folks since i dont have a dvd out on this year,, i give this one to you,, its the light bulb santa, there are three on the original pattern and i dont know where i put it at the moment,, its hiding lol anyway here is one of them , have fun making them, and enjoy, keep carving, arleen

christmas ball ornament for the beginner #7 (end)

hi folks all 7 videos are up,, thanks, and enjoy, arleen


Hi again, folks,, i thought i needed something really simple for folks that are just starting to carve, and i decided to make a couple of christmas ball ornaments,, there really is alot of different things you can do with this project,, just carve them and put someones name and year on them or do a relief carving on it, or chip carve it,, the ideas are endless,, but its a great way for a beginner to know how to handle the knife and wood, enjoy,, i will try to get the rest of the videos up by tomorrow morning,, take care and keep carving,, arleen

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

calvin the cat in a santa hat #1

another new project of calvin the cat with the santa hat,, there are so far 10 videos to this project,, enjoy,, arleen

what to do on saturday????? i dont know ,, maybe carve a while

hi folks,, some of you know how i might feel tomorrow,, i worked every saturday for the last 20 years , doing security work for a mall,, and now i am laid off,, yes it was only a part time job but still a job, that i enjoyed,, last week was my last official day to work on sat,, the mall where i work has closed,, the questions i had the past month about the mall is what are they going to do with it ??? my honest answer was i have no idea,, all i know is i work until they tell me its time to go,, i wanted to help them out with the last few weeks,, if needed,, but as many folks around the country well ,, being laid off is never easy,, especially when you work at one place for so long,, i always enjoy the mall

who was i?
was the person that found your kid in tears when they could not find you
i was the person that comfort your love one when we called for help when they were hurt
i was the person that walk your love one to the car when they were afraid
i was the person that would listen when you had a bad day
i was the person that would make sure the building was empty when the alarm went off
i was the first person was called when an accident happen
i was the first person that came when you had folks upset with you ,
i was the first person that would protect you if you were in harms way,
i was the first person that would hear the complaints
i was the first person that would be willing to say goodmorning or good night,
i was the first person that would hear much of the new news going around,
and i will be the first person that will say i enjoyed , my job as a security guard,
but the best thing was hearing from folks when i enter ,, ' SO GLAD YOUR WORKING TODAY"
it always made my day!!
to many were are just a rent a cop but to many we were where we were to be at the time, and i will say that many folks didnt call us that but thanks us for helping out where we could, thanks to all that made my career as a guard a good one, and hope to the many folks i came to know , i learn a lot from all of you, thanks ,, weather i did armed guard work or unarmed work i always met great people along the way,,,,,, i am a firm believer when one door closes another open, take care, arleen

Thursday, November 17, 2011

carving for sale on ebay will be posted on my other blog

hi folks i have another blog called carverswoodshop - creations ,, here is the link it will have what i will be posting on ebay for sale,, thanks http://carverswoodshop-creations.blogspot.com/

just having fun,, christmas cat ( calvin )

hi folks sometimes the best carvings are done just out of the blue,, i started to carve this cat, with a santa hat,, from my cone penguin and cone santa ideas,, it was fun,, to do all of them but this cat has the hat folding down on his head,, i might do a video how to do this, not sure yet,, ok take care and keep carving, arleen

hiding thanksgiving turkey # 22 ( end) black hat

hiding thanksgiving turkey #21 ( painted the hat grey)


hi folks i have three more videos to post today , but here is a glimpse of my finished turkey,, just to let you folks know, i painted the hat twice , once in grey and then decided to make the hat black, i have a video of the grey hat first so you can choose which one you prefer,, its finished,, it was a fun project to do ,, its always fun to come up with an idea and to carve it ,,,, i very happy with the outcome,, hope you like it too, take care and keep carving,, and yes i start another project very very soon, thanks for dropping by,, arleen

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

almost done, taking longer than i thought,,

hi folks, if you following the HIDING THANKSGIVING TURKEY, well its taking a bit longer then i thought, but hope to get it done and all the videos up by tomorrow,, so please ck my youtube channel, (CARVERSWOODSHOP) all the videos are posted there,, so far 20 video clips,, well cant wait to paint it ,, ok folks keep carving, arleen

Saturday, November 12, 2011


hi folks,, i came to a decision that was not an easy one,, i want folks to enjoy the projects i have on youtube,, your welcome to watch them as many times as you like and enjoy, the patterns have become an issue for me,,, i had been selling them for 1.50 per project, by email only,, i decided, by the time paypal take a chunk out of it and the time it takes me to respond to emails,, it takes to much of my time, some folks had a hard time opening it up, in the their emails etc,, by the time i explained it it would have been easier to mail it at times,, ,, as i am moving forward, i decided to only give the pattern to those that purchase a dvd,, i reduce the dvd cost to 10.00 which is way below any other woodcarving dvd on the market,, i understand that times are tough and i decided to reduce the cost of the dvd, if you wanted to purchase one,, and plus it will have a pattern for those projects that require it, many are done from a block which does not need a pattern , thanks for your understanding of this,, ,, i dont think folks realize the amount of time and effort it is to do these projects on youtube,, your getting thousands of dollars of lessons for free over the youtube channel,, if you take a class anywhere, it costs 40-65 per project to take a class,, depending on the details on the carvings,, so please, understand,, i dont have everything on dvd, i have 38 which many of them have more than one project,, i plan to do two more dvds soon,, until i can go back and change the 1.50 statements at the beginning of each project , will take a couple of weeks,, thanks your welcome to email me , or call if you have any questions,, thanks again, arleen

hiding thanksgiving turkey #1

my new project of the HIDING THANKGIVING TURKEY ( IS THANKSGIVING OVER YET :) ) i thought it would be fun to do,, the idea came to me the other day,, for one of my favorite holidays,,, enjoy,, folks just to let you know it might take a while for me to finish this project,, so give me some time to finish it ,, thanks

Thursday, November 10, 2011

cone penguin #5 ( end )


new poll please vote -------------------------------------------->

ok folks i need your help in knowing what you like see taught on youtube,, please vote on which projects you would like to do,, it would be listed on the rightside of the page,,, thanks for taking the time to do so here is the link , thanks again, arleen

cone penguin#2

this new project is a simple for the beginner and it is five video clips i will try to get them up tonight, take care keep carving, enjoy, arleen

the kindness of folks ... who can you be kind to today?

hi folks,, the other day i got an email from someone that sent me a banner he created for my youtube channel,, that he wanted to give something back, he said he was enjoying the videos,, and that i was welcome to use it for free,, wow,, i open it up and it was great,, to be honest i didnt have the time to figure how to get the wood backround on this banner,, so i was happy to post it on the top of my youtube channel,, so THANK YOU DAVID!!,
so you folks will see this at the top of my youtube page and its will stay there,, also i figured out how to do a background photo, that i can change from time to time,,

also jim is another person that was kind to set up a page to help you folks find videos clip of the different projects here is his link http://blog.mischel.com/arlene-carverswoodshop-carving-videos/ he had a program that made it easy to find all the video clips in one location,, he updates this site often, so be sure to ck it out,, i also found it helpful many times,,,,
both were a surprised to me when these folks took the time to do something kind,,,
i enjoy being able to do this as well,, and remember it doesnt have to be anything big,, something small can mean the most,, everyone deserves some kindness, you can make a difference,, i think sometimes you only need to something small take care and keep carving,, arleen

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

outside my home

this burning bush was so nice the other day,,, i took it with my cell phone,, and we just had snow a little over a week ago,, wow crazy weather ,, i wonder what winter will bring ?

calvin sleeping in this tree

lol found him sleeping in this tree, he is afraid of the bigger cats that roam around the farm,, i just had to take a quick photo of him,, lol he is up there a lot

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

cone santa #13 ( END)

cone santa #10

there are a total of 13 video clips for this project,, and i will start a new different cone project soon ,, take care and keep carving, enjoy,, arleen

Sunday, November 6, 2011

after the wood carving show,, what i learn

hi folks,, as always, when you go to a woodcarving show your bound to learn something,, it doesnt have to be about woodcarving,,, it was more about people,, just to let you know that the show went very well,, i know it seemed a bit slower than normally but that was fine with me,,, it gave me the time to chat with folks, of course about woodcarving,, and other things,, when shows are very busy , you dont have the time to spend chatting with folks,,, so it was a relaxed feeling for me,, i just went to enjoy my weekend out among carvers,,, and boy did i ,,,, i ran into the most interesting folks,, listen to their stories,, and just enjoy the event,, i am amazed that folks from different walks of life, can come together to enjoy woodcarving,, it did my heart good,,, everyone seem to enjoy the art work in the room,, and so many different types of wood carvings,, so if you can go to a carving show do yourself a favor and GO ,, every time i feel i cant learn anything new, something comes up that renews my interest in carving, or in people,, thanks to all that came to the show,, my next show i think will be at delaware valley in fairless hills,, in feb 2012 ... i am planning on it for now,, but i have one more outdoor show at the christmas at joannas, at haycreek,, i be sure to post the dates for those that would like to come,, have a great week folks,, and keep carving, arleen

love this carving from jordan straker one of the best

to stain it and lightly wash it with acrylics. It is for a customer's Christmas card photograph. All basswood - 14" long, 9" wide and 8.75" high. The bears and the mattress/side rails are all one piece, the rest are separate pieces. I LOVED carving this! ....jordon straker carver

hey folks i dont do this to much but i had to share this with you ,, jordon, from my facebook group posted this photo,, i think its one of the best of the best, of carvings,,, i was in love it the first time i saw it,, and wanted you to see it,, i asked jordans permission to post this on my blog,, he did a wonderful job on it ,, i will also post some information that he put along with it ,, thanks for stopping by,, one day i hope to be able to do this,, i honestly believe that we all have gifts ,, and different from one another, this is his gift,, enjoy,, arleen

william rush show lima pa 2011 spoon carver

willaim rush show lima pa, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

at the show william rush , having a great time

hi folks just found some time to blog this at the show,, thanks for stopping by,, having a great time,,

cone santa #4

hi folks, a new santa,, enjoy, and dont forget to wear your glove and thumb guard,,, off to the william show i go,, take care and keep carving, arleen