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Friday, February 26, 2010


leprechaun, finished,

it was a fun project and i will make a how to carve dvd of him soon, all of these projects i will be taking along to the show in lancaster pa, june 5-6 2010 , hope to see you there, hope you enjoyed the leprechaun project, happy carving , you can find this project on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop :) arleen

spring, and flowers , another snowstorm,, leprechaun is finished,

hi folks, how is everyone ? its a snowy mess again here in the northeast , so glad we still have power and that the amounts are not as much as they were predicting the last few days,, spring will be here before we know it, and again the pain of winter cleanup will be big this year, i see what i hit with the plow, grass and sorry to say part of my mailbox, its okay just leaning a little to the right. the photo below is a orchid that i gave my mom about a month ago, my sweet mom, she was not feeling well for about a week, she loves flowers, shes from Holland, and nothing better to her than blooming plants and flowers, very year i get her an orchid, she has a green thumb and can make anything grow, but this plant has 12 blooming flowers on it, it had six ( three on each side) and now with my moms care it has 12 ( six on each side ) i never saw that many but she loves it , and i have to say its one of the nicest plants i ever got her, and folks i got this at Walmart lol i have to say their cut flowers and orchids have been the best, the flowers last over a week, but anyway i wanted folks to see this wonder plant,,, i am not into plants and my love for the outdoors is not like my moms,, i see work when i look outside, mowing, trimming, cleanup, repairs, etc, so i have a different look at the outdoors, i just happy to have a mower that works, and good weather to get my mowing done, i have sooooo much of it here at the farm and my place and my folks... so you see i am not a fan of the outdoors
yes another snowstorm,, as i wait inside i wonder how much i will have to plow, but for now i enjoying seeing it from indoors, and working on the last of the leprechaun,,, i going to repaint it this morning, not happy with it , just a few things,,, but it will be up by later this afternoon,
enjoy the photo, happy and safe carving to ya, arleen

Sunday, February 21, 2010

new project the leprechaun

hi folks new project on youtube is the leprechaun, someone ask me to carve on so here we go, it should be interesting, i have videos 1-2 up on my youtube channel, enjoy, and tom our winner of the dvd pick the chickadee dvd, thanks everyone that enter, this has been fun, arleen

Saturday, February 20, 2010


thanks for entering the monthly dvd giveaway, and if you like to join please just email me and put on the subject line DVD GIVEAWAY and i will be happy to enter you for the year, open for those in the usa and canada only , sorry only region 1 thanks arleen

Thursday, February 18, 2010

carving with meaning, what does yours say about you?

do you ever wonder what your carvings says about you? i had to think about this for a while, is there a message in my carving, or just fun? does your carvings say something about you? what you think, what you feel, about your family, your history, most artists do art with meaning, something they want to say or convey , i thought a lot about this,
what does my carving say to you? does it show humor , does it make you think? does it make you want to try something new or just something fun to do? i hope so, i hope it shows that first i love to carve, and sooo grateful that i can carve, hope it shows you the things i care about, and most of all that i believe in one that that cares for us all, i often see him as the carver, and he is whittling me the way he wants me to be, and what is he trying to convey to others around me? that is a huge question, and so what are you conveying to others from the one that created and carved you?
food for thought, happy and safe carving to ya , arleen

happy carving, arleen

Monday, February 15, 2010

finish the bear with a heart, and photo of the bear and rabbit

well the bear is done along with a picture of the rabbit, i enjoyed doing both,,, i have a couple more projects in mind and will let you know about them soon, i also want to get a carving done for the lancaster wood carving show, all i will say about that one is that its still on the drawing board, but really folks i have enjoyed all the carvings i have done on my youtube videos, what a joy to be able to have the time and the ideas come so easy, you never know where your going to be when an idea will hit you. when i least expect it is when i come up with something new. so take heart if your having a hard time finding the next project, you just never know when i will come to you , and boom your in your workshop planning and designing, hope when your reading this, you have a new project in mind and if not dont worry it will come, happy and safe carving to ya, arleen

Sunday, February 14, 2010

finished the rabbit, and now the bear with a heart

hi again, i just finished the rabbit and starting on the next project on youtube , its a bear with a heart, i know i late for feb 14, 2010 but thought this might be a nice project for beginners, so i should have it done by latest tomorrow, thanks again for all your support, i have more projects lined up, i am trying to do different projects to make it interesting,,, have fun, happy carving, arleen

Thursday, February 11, 2010

new project on my youtube channel,

hi folks, just done plowing snow, we got another 22 inches or more i lost count, but anyway , the new project will be a rabbit, its a small one thought it be nice to do it before easter, which isnt that far away, i believe its early this year. well i hope you all enjoy it, the pattern that i have , has all three projects the cat, mouse and the rabbit, if you like to see the youtube video how to make it please go to , www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop, enjoy, arleen

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

eagle pin + eagle letter opener dvd and amish guy + pig dvds added

hi folks, as i sit out another snow storm i have two new dvds added to my list , one dvd has the eagle letter opener + eagle name tag pin.... the second dvd has the amish guy +pig project......... so now there are 19 dvds total, i need to make the covers and make a few copies, today might be a great day to get some ready for the lancaster woodcarving show in june.. you can see a complete list on my other blog, http://www.arleencarveswoodshop.blogspot.com as i continue to do new projects on youtube new dvds will be added, thanks to all that watch my youtube channel and subscribe . i enjoy making the videos, and found a way to put both things i enjoy the most together ( computers and woodcarving ) what a blessing, take care happy and safe carving, and to those of you in the snowstorm path be careful, arleen
dont forget the monthly dvd giveaway, please go to my other blog for information , sorry only open to folks in the usa and canada, dvd are region 1 only thanks , arleen

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another major snowstorm , sometimes old things are better ??

well folks i know its been a few day since i been on youtube, thinking of what to do next, have a few ideas, but sometimes its not easy what to work on next, i got another printer, well a used one, that is about 10 years old, dont laugh,, i have to tell you the one i got is a work horse, i got my first on more than ten years ago, it cost 300 dollars,(( its still working just wanted another of the same )) today i got a used one for around 60.... i did all my invoices from my inkjet refilling business on it, along with a host of other printing and copying, the one wonderful plus to this machine, is i can reduce or enlarge any copy i want, it works without a computer hookup, an the cartridges hold sooo much ink, about 10 times the amount to what the new ones hold today,,, see one of my businesses is inkjet refilling, done it since 1998 so i been at it a while, so sometimes i see the new stuff coming on the market, i now refill 40 plus different inkjets, and the cartridges have been getting smaller all the time, so the old stuff is great, there are two machines both hps that i would buy again used ,, because of the size of the cartridges and they are a work horse, i done all my printing for all my business on just two different models, along now with all the printing of the covers and pattern for my dvds, why am i sharing this, well one old is sometimes better, and two new isnt always better, so all the new gadgets for woodcarving isnt alway the best, sometimes the old knife or gouge is the best, dont be fooled that things will always be better when you purchase this or that, just know sometime the old stuff is just as good or better, happy carving to ya , arleen

Saturday, February 6, 2010

a snowstorm and a chance to relax and carve

hi folks , most of us try to find time to carve, a time that you can just sit not worry about time, where you have to go , and things to do,, a snowstorm is a good time to find time...,, for now the snowstorm in the east has hit us hard, so far i have 19 inches out on my deck as you can see on the photos, its a time that i have to think about plowing and digging out , i plow both my place , my folks and the whole farm, last snowstorm took me 6 hours, and that was only 14 inches, the plow i have is not a plow but a grader, which works great but its on the back of the tractor not on the front, my neck gets a workout,,,, i am happy we have something to plow with, and very happy i dont have to shovel it all,,,,,,, i will find time to carve, and if your one of those lucky ones, that can stay home and enjoy the outdoors from the inside where is warm , enjoy,,, and take the time to carve, its one of the nice times to do so,, i will get my time later today,,, i have learn to enjoy everything, yes i have to plow but thankful i have not only the plow but healthy to do so, so enjoy not only the snowstorm, but taking the time to think about the things that mean the most to ya, you be surprised how much there is to be thankful, happy and safe carving to ya, arleen

Monday, February 1, 2010

amish gal done on youtube what is next??

hi folks , i have the amish gal done on youtube, it was a neat little project to do, and what is coming next i dont know yet, but i sure it wont be long till i have a new project up,, happy and safe carving to ya , arleen