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Saturday, June 30, 2012

this was the week, another milestone

well its over one million views , :)  another milestone, thanks to all to come to my youtube channel,,  enjoy,, arleen

video views

hi folks,,  thanks again for following the blog , facebook and youtube,  for me its been lot of fun,,  makes my head spin to see so many of you take the time to watch, the videos,,  i hope to have the donkey done this weekend,, and hopefully have another project up soon,, so many things happening this week,, i will be at the kitchen kettle village, intercourse pa.   on july 4th,,  i will have a table set up,,  if your in the area come see me,, take care keep carving, arleen

Monday, June 25, 2012

another carving class at the camper studio,, a great time !

hi folks,, i had a class, and they did a great job on their carvings,, thanks to all that came today,, and some photos of the day,, and of course the finished project,, arleen

Saturday, June 23, 2012

we live in an interesting place? and taking it for granted ?

hi folks,  as i was thinking about our area, with philly and reading , harrisburg and of course lancaster ,,  i had to think we do live in an interesting area,,  folks come from miles around to see the amish in lancaster, philly for the history of our country and out to harrisburg for yet more history ,  reading was known well for outlet shopping before  outlets became a common name in towns across the country,,,,
often times we dont see what tourist see, or come to see,  we take things for granted,  just like my mother was once asked if they ever went to the tulip fields in holland when they grew up there , mom said no,,  never did,, and all those years it was in her back yard when they lived in holland,, i guess that is true for many that live here,, have never tour areas that are common places to go when people  come to Pennsylvania.
i just started to get into history a bit more,, thanks to the geo channel, and went to the local library to see if i could find videos on the civil and american war,, so much information about the wars i  had no idea,   not that it was not taught to us in school to some degree but just so much information that made events interesting,,  so i enjoy watching and learning more about our american history,,  as a kid i liked history but find it even more important to remember the past or at least understand it better, why events happen,,
so i going to try to visit those places that many come here just to see,  so much history right in my own back yard,, within 25 miles .
so as i look at folks coming here to pa,, there is lots to see , culture ,history,, i am glad where i live,  i believe this area has so much to offer,,  and i for one will want to see some of what made this country great,,
and this is true about anything,, we dont know what we have, and take so  much for granted,  this can be true about carving too,,  if you belong to a club or able to find one near you ,, your very lucky, many would love to be able to share ideas with other carvers, but cant find a club to belong to near them,, today we have the internet that all information is just a few clicks away,,  you can look up anything and find something in print about it on the net,,  and many carvers that cant find a club use this wonderful tool to learn more about carving,, so take a look around what are you taking for granted?  if you cant find anything your taking for granted, then you are taking it for granted,, happy carving folks, arleen

Thursday, June 21, 2012

what makes a great carving?

what makes a great carving,,  well some would say,, its the detail? or the project itself stands out, new, never done before? painting , how is it painted, and finished?   well i think its all the above,, but more then that,,  not saying those listed above are not important , sure they are,,  but more,,, its you!!!  what do i mean by you,, well  , our carvings take on a bit of us,, we start to carve and learn we have our own style to carving, that makes your work stand out from someone else,,  that is what makes it a great carving,,  your creative idea coming to life.  finding idea can be tough to do at times,,  and other times you may come up  with few
new projects  and not knowing which you should do first,,,  so what makes a carving great  it is you.. your thought into the planning of a piece, and your style,,   now you may say well i only do what others do,,,  that is fine, nothing wrong with that,, you can even take a project and change it a bit that it now becomes your new design,,,  lots of carvers get ideas from each other and will add or change things to the design  to make it theirs,,  
 i find often that no matter how many folks send me a photo of a project they followed,, it looks the same but it will look different... that what makes it so neat to carve,, and even when i repeat a project,, its never the same,, but keep carving you will have your own style of carving,, you may not see it yet but you will ,,  arleen

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

lancaster county woodcarvers club picnic at the park

 all the food at the picnic
we were ask to bring in our project we did at the last meeting ball in a cage
jeff with his carving of the amish women he carved along with the little girl, he did a great job 

hi folks, our yearly picnic was tonight , we had a good time,,  our club normally has the picnic in june,, and we do not meet in the summer until sept again,,,  so we had a good time,, and of course good food too, it was a very warm night,,  but it went well,  till sept we will once again gear up for another year of monthly meetings,  keep carving , arleen

Monday, June 18, 2012

sitting cone donkey project in the works

this is the sitting cone donkey project , a few more videos to go before he is done :)


ok folks another new project , enjoy,, i dont know how many videos yet still working on it yet,, first and last will be posted here  on facebook ,, keep carving folks

Sunday, June 17, 2012

some thoughts about heritage day

hi folks,,  this past weekend was fun,, i have to say sometimes when you don't plan things those times can be the best,,  not that planning is wrong but there are times when we do things  , well , just work out great without plans,,
i knew that our carving club was invited to come to this event, which they had done so for the past five years,  because i worked every sat,, i was not able to attend a lot of the events that the club was a part of in the past, so this year since intercourse pa, is only 20 miles from my home i decide last min just to go,, i had no idea really where the park was located ,, but  i worked at kitchen kettle in the decoy shop back in the 80s but i think they build this park later,,  so i drove right past it the first time,, but got there ok,,  but the night before 12am thinking i better throw some things together from the camper / studio,, cause i was told we could sell some of our carvings if we choose to,, so i put together some of my smaller finished pieces, ( knowing i was going to share the table with other club members) .    not know either how many of us would show up,,  at first there were only two of us,, and then three more members came,,  so it was good,, we had a nice time chatting together, getting to know them better too,,, and  doing carving demos for folks that wanted to know more about carving,, and it was good all around,,  even sold some things,, just the icing on the cake of a wonderful day,, so you dont know what it will be like, at one of these events the weather was great,, i didnt spend hours prepping ,and yet better then that i got to know what neat events i have right in my own back yard,,  often we travel long distances to see and go places like this,, when something all you have to do is look in your local paper ,, and its been there all along,  i will go next year again,, and hopefully some of you can come out and meet the lancaster county club members,  and take  time relaxing in  lancaster and all it has to offer,, take care and keep carving,, arleen

Saturday, June 16, 2012

more photos of Intercourse Heritage Days

 our club had a table set up for the day,, it was fun,, i had a great time

also they had alot of events for the day,,  and lots of amish playing volleyball, they were very good at it 
it was a great day,, 

Tradition is part of the fun at Intercourse Heritage Days

Tradition is part of the fun at Intercourse Heritage Days

hi folks, this was today, the lancaster woodcarving club had a table and some of us were there for the day, carving and chatting with folks that came to the event, it was a super day,, and lo and behold someone from the lancaster news came along and asked if she could take my photo,, sure why not, :) i have more photos coming soon,, of the day,, take care, and possible video ,, keep carving folks,, and the weather could not have been better :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

berry picking time again, yummy,,

hi folks,, my mom has a large berry patch behind their home,,  since my mom is unable to do something she loves is to pick berries,, well i been picking them for the past couple of years for her,,  she makes the most wonderful jam,,  and gives them to many folks  along the way,, she still is able to make the jam, but not able to pick the berries,, its been her hobby for as long as i can remember,,  she carefully prunes the patch late winter( i did the pruning under her watchful eye this year) ,, and it produces rich berries,,  organic,, yes, we do not spray them with anything, so the jam is organic,,  if we have to many, we either put sugar on them fresh and eat them or,, with ice cream,,  but we also freeze them,, so she can make jam anytime ,, she often give away to friends and family at christmas,,  i really dont like to pick berries,, its a hot , and the berry bushes have little thorns on them,, along with all the bees ( which i dont like at all)  but i know how important it is to her,,  imagine,, loving to carving and not being able to do so anymore,, that is tough, when you love a hobby,, and because of aging you cant do it anymore,, so i go out to the patch every other night now for the next three weeks,, i picked 28 quarts total last year for her,,  but my dad loves to eat them too, so half will go in the freezer , and the other half on ice cream lol .....  so i off to the berry patch again tomorrow night,,   take care folks and keep carving,, arleen

relay for life event, someday

hi folks some of you know that i am part of the relay for life,, i belong to one of the groups,  and been a part of it, for about 5 years,,  please support your local relay for life..  the event is held once a year at the twin valley high school elverson pa...,  they raise money for cancer,, like many of you , my family has lost a love one to cancer, along with friends that have also past away,  cancer knows no age,  young and old alike , but hopefully one day they will be able to come up with a cure,,  someday,   :)  but one thing i do know is to keep the faith,,, keep carving folks, arleen

Monday, June 11, 2012

skunk season lol , they are out and about

ok skunks are out and about,, went back to my folks place thinking calvin our black and white cat was eating the cat food outside by the door, it was dark, i got 4 foot of it and notice nopppppppe its not calvin,, its a skunk ,, i did say ohhhhh sh.....t and got out of the way,, it left,, freaks me out ,, good thing i had a solar light there,, normally its dark,, ohhhh my,, close call,, i think i stay inside and carve for a while,, much safer  keep carving,,:) 

nativity scene,, this will be dvd #50 coming soon

hi folks,  just finish the videos of the baby jesus, and now looking forward to making my 50th dvd,, it will be done soon, i be sure to let you know,, thanks for stopping by,, as always keep carving,, arleen



here we go again,, baby jesus is finished,, total of 5 video clips,, the first and last will be on facebook the rest you can watch from my youtube channel, thanks and enjoy,, this will be my 50th dvd of the three, joseph, mary and jesus,, it will take a week or so to get it ready,, :)   i will load them this afternoon

Saturday, June 9, 2012

humble beginnings a photo of the past

hi folks, i know its been a while, i have  been really busy,, and had to cancel our one class do the the lack of people, i had to do this in the past which is fine, i know summer it is more difficult due to the fact that most folks are out and about,,, carving is mostly done by many.. over the colder seasons,, which i can sure understand,,  i will offer some of the same classes in the fall again, when folks are more geared to be home,, and back to school commitments,    well here is a photo of the 1980s  of my carvings that use to be added to the top of the tv console,,  lol now if that isnt getting old ,,,,  console,,  well anyway,, i thought you folks might enjoy seeing this,, i trying to guess that i been carving maybe a few years 4 or so,, when this was taken,, and yes i carved in front of the tv, watch or sorta watching the tv and carving,, listening i guess you could say,,  :)   but anyway,, we all started carving somehow ,,,,,, somethings i dont remember i carve so many different stuff back then, and still do,,  sad when you cant remember what you carved,,  but it brought back great memories of that time, farming was tough, and carving took me away from the worries of if all,, and  no, farming was not a worry free lifestyle,, well not in my book it was never worry free,    if i had one day without problems, i had a wonderful day,, and knew it wouldnt last long, lol ,   but enjoy the photo ... wanted to do a video on this and might ,, i still have most of it,, but its fun to look back, but even more fun to look forward to where carving will take us next,, keep carving,, arleen

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hi folks,, here is the nextnew project,, joseph,   there are 13 video clips for this project,, have two loaded to youtube so far,, only the first and last videos will be on facebook,, next will be the baby jesus,, ok folks enjoy,, arleen

test run of Joseph

this is my test run of joseph  i will see if i can start the videos  of this project tonight,, it will be up in a few days

coming up to one million views, and what is next

35,000 more hits to go, to one million , makes my head spin

hi folks,  as i notice the other day that i have  35,000 view hits to go before i hit one million,,  wow , it does make me sit back and take notice,,,, i would have never thought that in a little over 3 years so many hits,   i know its not a viral video that one video get this but after over 1200 videos , its another milestone for me,,  it makes me wonder where it will lead,, what the next step will be,, if i can get new projects up, with over 85 different ones , one tends to think that i can not come up with something new, and then it happens, an idea,, and where do i get them,, well everywhere,, at home, at the store, at work,  just watching folks sometimes,  thinking now that might be a project,  craft  and gift stores you can come up with an idea,, and alot of the time,, you also have to think now how can i improve that, or change it to make it my own?  well i will continue to post new projects as the ideas come along,, looking forward to another 85 different projects that we can do together, still working on the two dvds, i will be sure to post them ,, and of course my special 50th dvd will be coming soon too,, in about a month,, so keep carving, thanks for watching the videos, and keep at  it folks,, looking forward to many more hours of carving together,, arleen