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Friday, October 29, 2010

ready for the show and jan oegema's open house for carvers

hi folks , i am ready for the ontario woodcarving show here in canada this weekend,, my sister and i were able to visit a couple of our aunts yesterday in hamilton, and cambridge, we hadnt seen them for some time,, and we had great time,,
i am planning also to go to the open house that jan oegema has in his studio, its on monday nights from 630-830 where carvers can carve together on whatever they are working on, and its good time,, if your able to come be sure to stop by sometime,, its a good time , and interesting to see what others are working on,,
so as you can see its a busy time, hope to see some of you at the show,, and if not enjoy your weekend,, i hope to get some photos later of the show,, take care and keep carving, arleen

Sunday, October 24, 2010

coming up next the ontario wood carving show,, wow

wow,, i am looking forward to it,, i plan to see some of my family while i am there,, it will be a busy week coming up,, have to finish some things here at home first,, i been away kinda a lot lately, and i missed church a couple of weeks,, it was so nice to be back there,, it was a good sermon,, and i guess i just a happy camper lately,, i am just enjoying this fall, and going to the shows,, its something new,, and carving a bit here and there makes it fun,, sometimes we get in a rut in life, you do the same things over and over,, weather its work or home,, traveling was never my kind of thing,, i know some folks that live to travel,, i find it a great deal of work to get things together before i leave,, i always dreaded the packing and unpacking, and trying to remember things that needed to be done,, but the more i do it the more relax i am becoming, i dont mind driving long distances, the new element for traveling is not only the normal packing, but a show along with it,, i have to say ,, that puts a wrench in it,, but every time i do another show,, slowly i am getting more relax with what has to go along,, so i hope to see some of you at the ont show and keep carving,, arleen

Friday, October 22, 2010

tips on how to see your woodcarvings better

i just love the fall, michigan photos

hi folks, here are some photos of a tree in michigan where i was staying, ohhh it was something to behold,, the colors were great , what a beautiful tree .... you gotta love the fall

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

attitude,, woodcarving shows,, just some thoughts about vendors

i hope this will find everyone in agreement ,, as i went to a carving show , i enter the building,, to find out what table was mine to set up,, they didn't have me registered,,, well in my head i knew i sent the check and that it was some kind a mix up and that it would work out ok,, just give them some time to figure it out,, i told them that i did speak to someone, the guy that was looking for spot remembered our conversation, so i told him i would go back out to the car,, and come in later to let them sort it out,, i could tell he had a lot going on,, and was concerned that he didn't have me on the list,, later i enter the building again to see if it was worked out, and sure enough they did have a table,, i told him i knew it was a lot of work putting a show together, and thanked him for the spot,, and started to set up,,, later in the day,, the lady i first saw,, came up to me and thanked me for being so nice about the mix up, and said someone else was not so kind about it and was very upset,, i told her how nice it was that she came by,and i knew that they would work it out somehow,,,,,,, so folks please if your in the show, remember the folks that are putting it together,,, they have a lot going on,, and give them some slack when things don't go as planned, they will do their best to help you,, they don't need someone upset with them,,,,thanks to all of you that put these shows together,, that is the first attitude,,

the second attitude is being a vendor
we have to remember that people pay to come into our shows ,, we as vendors should act that we are happy to see them ,, most vendors are,, but one i met well,, i as ashamed how they treated some of our guests,, i understand that most carvers do not want people picking up and touching their carvings,, but please do not bark or yell at them if they do,, they didnt read your sign,, most people will see it after the fact,, but i overheard one vendor bark out , "dont touch it,, you break it you bought it,",,,,, needless to say,, it was harsh,, and simple please doesn't hurt,, they pay money to come to a show,, either put it out of reach or put it behind glass,, i know both not always be an option, a gentle word goes a long way ,,,, happy carving ,arleen

Sunday, October 10, 2010

hey creek apple festival, a great day and going to frankenmuth show ...

hi folks, i was setup at the hay creek apple fest , yesterday,, wow what a great day,, it was a one day event,, had about 6 people that sign up that were interested in woodcarving lessons,, now i have about 14 folks or so that i might be able to get a class together in jan and feb,,,, thought this time of the year its soooo busy that after the first of the year it might be better,, but the show went great,, sold a lot of carvings,,, better than i expected,, it was a flea market and craft day,,, it was in the same place as the hay creek three day festival,,, my family from canada stop by to see me at the festival,, and that was nice,,, the canopy was great,, the weather was perfect and my location was super,,, it was a win win all day,,, people were kind, and it was just a great festival,, i really enjoyed my day,,,,
i will have a table at the frankenmuth wood carving show in michigan next sunday,,,, looking forward to it,, i will have my dvds and carvings along of course,, its going to be a couple of very busy days for me,,, i hope all of you are finding the time to do some carving,,, and that your enjoying the fall, ( my best time of the year LOL ) take care happy carving, arleen

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


hi folks, thanks for stopping by,,, here it is,, i dont normally make canes but i will change the handle on this walking stick to a cane handle on the top,,, when i do i will post some new photos,, mom loves it,, that is all that counts,, happy carving,,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

just posted a few things for sale on my other blog

www.carverswoodshop-creations.blogspot.com thanks for stopping by folks,, hope you all are having a great day, arleen happy carving


up date, sorry i have not put it up yet, i was called to go to work tonight, and took my dad back to the eye doctor, all is well,, i will do my best to get it up soon ,

sorry folks, been busy,, my dad had to have some eye surgery yesterday ( all went well ) , and we have family coming from canada again,, plus trying to get ready to go to a few shows ,, well needless to say i didnt get much carving done, lol ,,, its been raining a lot here the past two days,, not as bad as last week when we got 7.--8 inches of rain,,, but it least its nice and cool,, my kind of weather,, but i will get the photo up later, happy and safe carving to ya