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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

endorsement of other businesses PLEASE READ , and other issues

hi folks below is what is posted on my facebook  page,, the internet is a wonderful tool but also can be tricky how to handle things,, i felt it was time to address some of the issues,,  and below is how i will deal with it,,, most carvers are kind folks and many of them will respect your wishes,,,   but i had notice that business putting sales of their items on my page, and other questionable stuff sometimes were posted,,, i did delete some of the comments that i felt were offensive,,  i can tolerate and look away,, but i wanted my channel and the facebook page to be shall i say clean enough for kids to watch,,  it was important to me when i started this four years ago that it would be family friendly,, we have enough unwanted stuff on the net,,  and many of the folks that come to my site , have the same belief system as i do,, and as a christian,, its not only what i want but my duty to try to protect our kids , we all should be protecting the kids from what they are able to watch on the internet and tv,,,  often times we fail them,,and do not count on tv networks which is lacking in most of the tv programming today to protect kids, look at the stuff , dance moms, toddlers and tiras, etc ,,  i want and i believe that you can sit and watch my videos with your kids without worry,, and i will continue to make my videos with that in mind,,  yes i tell stories that are real,  farm stories with the humor that i found here working on the farm,,,,   so   thanks for all the support i got when i posted it ,,arleen 

here is what is on facebook 

thanks for taking the time to read this i know no one want to deal with some issues that are not related to woodcarving,, but i need to address this so that everyone is aware and informed,,  

i made this facebook page , and group for  simple reason to share woodcarving projects that i have done along with what other woodcarvers have made as well,,,  i want to make it very clear that your welcome to post your finished carving for other woodcarvers to enjoy,, but i will not allow ads for any business,,  i only recommond one place to purchase carving tools,, and if your interested in other companies your free to google it for more,,,  other then hillcrest carving,, i do not endorse any other business,,   hillcrest is a local  woodcarving supply here in lancaster,, don i have known him for many years,,  he helps me set up for beginner kits, for my students,,,, i will not endorse any other carving or wood supplier,,,,   and please do not post business ads on my page,, if you do it will be removed along with your name,,  i know it sounds harsh ,, and really i try to be fair but if one person does it everyone will,,  and this page is intended for my material and others that want to share photos of their work,, thanks for the understanding ,, arleen   

i might as well also add, i want this to be a page, and group also suitable for kids to see, so anything i deem not suitable photos, or comments will also be deleted,, thanks for your understanding,, arleen

Monday, February 25, 2013

car full of basswood, this is only part of it :)

ok today i went to the amish neighbor elmer,, and he cut this up for me its a rough cut,, i didnt know he had a portable sawmill what is really neat,, its a huge bandsaw on wheels,, i was able to watch him cut these all less then an hours time,, this is only half of what i had cut,, the other amish took to long , he and to expensive,, now i have to plane these down,, i had him cut them 1/4 of an inch bigger so that i could plane them down later,, now to look for a nice small planer,, had one years ago,, a table top from craftsmans,, ok but i can also just cut up what i need at the time,,, this are 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 x 7 feet long,, i see lots of santas and honey bears to come,, :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

working on some holiday honey bears,,

and the bigger one is called the farmer holiday honey bear,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


new dvd #59 noah's ark, giraffe, elephant, ark

OK dvd # 59 noah's ark, giraffe, elephant, ark, is ready,, if interested email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com thanks arleen

Monday, February 11, 2013

new dvd to come #59 noah;s ark, giraffe, elephant and ark

ok folks, another dvd in the works,, it will have three projects of the noah,s ark,, the giraffe, elephant ,and the ark,, hopefully will have it done in a few days,, this will be number #59 the dvd will be 3 hours and 28 mins long,,  ok now back to carving lol

Saturday, February 9, 2013

NOAH 'S ARK the ark #4 END

NOAH ARK the ark #4 END 001

NOAH'S ARK ... the ark #1

start of the ark,, more photos and videos later

start of the ark,, i will have about 4 videos on this ,, not alot of carving more explaining how i carved it in stages,,  to big to carve on video,, this is 20 inch long and 7 inches high out of one block of 2 inches thick this more photos to come later when i complete it

Sunday, February 3, 2013



hi folks , i will be at this show coming up , be sure to stop by and say hello, arleen 

40th Annual Woodcarving & Wildlife Art Festival and Competition
To celebrate this Milestone we will be inviting many CCA members and others as Featured Carvers.
The following have confirmed so far: Bruce Henn, Dennis  & Susan Thornton,  Shawn Cipa and Wayne Barton.
The CCA will also be awarding Ribbons at our Competition.
Saturday & Sunday, March 23rd & 24th, 2013
Sat. 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sun. 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
At the Millersville University Fitness Center, Shenks Rd. Millersville PA
Donation $5.00, (Under 15 - FREE WITH ADULT).
This year's theme will be:
This year's raffle proceeds will benefit SOAR, (Support Our American Rec2012

Saturday, February 2, 2013

amish baked goods

hi folks , here in amish country ,, we have amish neighbors that have a farmer market stand down near the city,, they have a driver that will take them there along with bake goods, every sat night,, around 5pm when they return they bring along baked goods, that have not sold and unload the van and put all the items on about 5 tables in the yard ( today it was snowing and they put the tables in the basement,, once all the items are on the table , every is a buck , one dollar,, so i decide to go today and see ,, looking for pumpkin rolls,,, they didnt have any,, but other stuff,, yes pies for a buck, and sticky buns, 1/4 cheese cake,, all for about 3 bucks, you cant go wrong,, you have to be kinda quick,, i know many of the folks that buy are buying for churches,, for coffee hour after church,, its an awesome way to get some great food for a great price,, its about a mile away from me,, about 20 people were there today on a snowy sat afternoon, the photo is one of the mules from last summer,, i thought he was cute,, lol


Friday, February 1, 2013

NOAK'S ARK GIRAFFE #1 ( the beginning)

ok here we go with noaks ark,, this is the first animal the giraffe , there are about 12 videos for this project,,  i have to paint the pair yet,,  ok that will come in a day or so ,, enjoy,, arleen