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Saturday, January 29, 2011

my student's photo of pine cones

one of my students who took my class last monday , made a few more and sent me a photo,, he did a good job on the pine cones,, thanks for posting them,, and allowing me to share it on my blog,, thank arleen

Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow , snow , and then more snow,, lol time to carve

hi , snow is a bad word for many folks,, but i always enjoyed the beauty of the snow,, i have to admit i getting a bit tired of plowing and shoveling the white stuff, but if i had a choice ,, plow or cut the grass,, i will take the snow,, lol now many of you would think that is not your pick , but i did enjoy the way it look outside on the way to my home on the tractor,, i finally gave in that i could not shovel all of the stuff, which i normally do so that i dont have to drive the tractor over the road,, other people i am more afraid of their driving in the snow than i am with a john deer 4x4 tractor,, time to carve? well not today,, i have a couple of new ideas that i may try soon,, and once i have a pattern i let you know what it is,, one will have to do with farming,,if i can get a pattern together ,and a true story to go along with it ,, lol we will see,, all good things take time,, that is for sure,, take care , stay warm and keep carving,, arleen

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TIME TO GET READY....snow, class and maybe a new project

hi again folks, we are going to have another snowstorm tomorrow night , and i need to get fuel for the tractor before the fluffy white stuff appears,, ( i see plowing in my future ) but i also have to get ready for the next carving class coming up on monday, i need to do some prep work , cutouts, and a couple more of the strops, and some other things before the weekend is here,, and maybe i find a little time to enjoy creating another new project from the drawing board,, lol i been in bit in a slump with what to do next ,,maybe to much other stuff going on at the moment,,,,,, ,, and new ideas come quickly and at other times not at all, and if this has happen to you,, its fine, its normal, and just enjoy what your working on, funny we rush to get a project done,, to get to something new,, just enjoy the project your working on, take your time, and relax, and if you dont have something in mind to work on ,, just sit back and enjoy the one you just finished, happy carving folks,, arleen

NEW carverswoodshop carving night??? let me know what you think?.

hello, at the wood carving class yesterday,, we were able to chat about a number of things as we were carving our pine cones,, one idea i had and would like to try to put together,, is the following and i would like your input or ideas about this,, i will post this also on facebook,, so please let me know if this idea would appeal to you,,
i often thought that a weekly get together, to sit and carve whatever projects we were working on, without cost, just a time to be able to see what other folks are working on, i saw this done in canada, at jans place,, i was able to attend, and it was super,, i enjoyed seeing other carvers work of art, and we had some coffee and some chatting,, nice relaxing night,, it was only for about 2 hours,, if you are from the lancaster berks, chester counties, here in pa,, please let me know if you would be interested in this,, i try to arrange it to be where my classes at the mall ,, and thought monday nights or wed night might suit most folks, so please, feedback is welcome, i will sponsor it, and make the arrangements , i had hope in future to hold this free get together at my farm , when i have the shop up,, i will call it the CARVERSWOODSHOP CARVING NIGHT, it will be free for everyone that is interested in woodcarving,, so please email me directly or comment here,, you will see two polls, if you like to have one and what night? this will be helpful to me,, and have a great day carving, arleen

Monday, January 24, 2011

what a great day,, the pine cone class

hi folks, today, was great,, and they did a great job on their pine cone projects,, i enjoyed it ,, it was great chatting and carving all day, next week we will do the hobo santa, which is two days,, and thanks the the c & c barn and grill for helping me supply the coffee donuts and lunch today,, thanks to everyone that came today, arleen

pinecone class #4 ( end) finished pine cones

pinecone class #3 c r barn and grill

pinecone class #2

pinecone class #1

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi folks,, i just sat here making some last minute signs i will need to place around the mall so the folks know where to go for the class tomorrow,, i am looking forward to it,, and i hope that they will enjoy it too, i try to think of everything that i need and then some,, lol but i just posted a slideshow of all the dvds videos that you see to your right at the top of my blogs,, that are available,, thought it might be a nice idea, to set that up,, after about two hours i learn how to do so,, and all of the dvds are on that slideshow,, as the pictures when by,, i had to think of all the work put into it,, my oh my,, its hard to believe that i got that much done, and what is in store for me this year,, things are a bit at a stand still until i get some of the carving classes behind me,, but as i watched,, i thought how great it was to be able to do them,, and how much i learn about computers and videos and how to do the blogs, youtube and facebook , as i was making the teaching videos, i also was learning, :) learn what it took to make them, how to set up for shows, how to make some neat signs , etc,, wow personally i found i came a long way,, and i am happy,, happy carving everyone

Friday, January 21, 2011

lancaster county wood carving show,, june 4 & 5th 2011 and some new ideas

hi folks its that time of year to start planning the wood carving shows, and of course i will be at the lancaster county woodcarving show ,, it will be sat and sun june 4th and 5th,, i believe it will be 10-4 ,i have to ck to make sure that is the opening and closing times, i will update you folks later on it,,, ,,, so if you want to come to lancaster get a head start if your from out of town,, i know we get a lot of tourist and finding a motel might not be that simple,, like i said last year some of my family come here and they reserve, ( a house) a year in advance,, now you would not have to do that for a motel room, but be sure to do so early if you plan to come to the show, and enjoy lancaster area for a few days,, i am also planning to put together the same day classes , the pine cone, one day, and the hobo santa two day class, that monday for the pine cone class, and wed and friday, the hobo, santa class, so if your interested in coming to the show and taking a class email me ,, i will put you on a list , send you all the information, again, limit of 10 folks for the pinecone class and 6 for the hobo santa class, and i will have another day classes in the fall, near the end of sept,, so sign up early,, if there are more than ten then i will add another day class, last year was a great show and i know it will be a great show again this year,, so come and enjoy, i sure you will not only a great carving show but a great place to visit here in lancaster county,,, hope to see and meet many of ya,, happy carving, arleen

Thursday, January 20, 2011

lancaster county,, ?? honey brook ?

hi again,, i often wonder when i see folks driving around in lancaster county , where they are from,, we have tourist that come to lancaster to see the amish country,,last i heard some 10 million people travel to lancaster every year, some folks i know come 2 -3 times a year,, they love this area,, and i often wonder what is the draw, i guess seeing how folks live here is one, some find that this area is great places to shop for craft made items,, its maybe the landscape and or the people... lancaster is a great place, i guess its the same for any other tourist area,, something draws people to come, and funny thing,, we dream of looking for another place to live or where our ideal place to live would be, and i often thought i love to have a cabin up in the mountains, a wood carving shop/gallery there too lol,,, we often forget to enjoy what we have,, and one day driving through honey brook pa. i thought this is where i was to be and to stay,, and near lancaster country, where folks come from miles around wanting a piece of this area if just for a few days ,, and some day i will get that shop, and gallery at the farm , something to look forward to,, but to that cabin i wanted in the mountain, well i settle for something much better, i stay put right here at my home, and my town, here in honey brook pa, i not going to waste one more mintue wishing for that dream place , when i am living in it already, keep carving, arleen

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

beginners kit, and a special dvd for those taking my class

welcome back, some of you are new to carving, maybe just searching the subject, and not sure where to go or what you will need,, the classes i am starting this year,, i have a beginners kit together

my supplier is hillcrest carving in lancaster,, don swartz the owner ,, i have known of don ,, he use to come into the shop that i was working in ( susquehanna decoy shop) back in the 80s... he now has his own shop in lancaster for the past number of years,, he is suppling me with all the beginners kits that you will be able to purchase,, the cost is 45.00 plus 8.00 to ship,, it has a carvers glove , ( small , med , large please let me know which one you need) and a thumb guard, strop ( i made the two sided strop) and a murphy knife ( that don has razor sharp).

i thought it was time to be able to supply a kit, if your a beginner ,, plus i have a dvd for those that are taking my class, its 15 mins long and will explain the projects, what things you will need and how to control your knife,, and a practice 1 x1 x6 basswood ,,, this dvd was made so that if you never pick up a knife that you can view and practice the cuts before you come to class, that it will help you get a pre-start to the class, these dvds are not for sale , but i ask that those that receive them before the class to return them when we met for our class. folks if any of you have any questions about the beginners kit and the dvd, please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or call direct, at 484-364-0471 thanks and happy carving, arleen

Saturday, January 15, 2011

never know who your going to meet

today at work at our local mall, ( i am a security guard) as i open up the north part of the mall, a man came up to me said he lost a hearing aid,, which cost thousands,, he said he was walking here yesterday, and thought it might be in one of the hallways,, i told him if i could have his number i would call if we found it, he handed me a card,, and i flipped it over without looking at the front, to write down the information, where he might have been in the mall,, so i said lets walk around and take a look, then i notice the front of business card he gave me , that he was a wood carver of birds,, lol well told him about the carving club in lascaster, and we walked around and didnt find the hearing aid,, we chatted for another 15 min about woodcarving , i was waiting anyway to open the rest of the mall at 945am, we said our goodbyes, he then walked up the north hallway,, he then yelled that he found it ,, i went up to him,, he said he prayed that he would find it cause of the expense to get another one ,,he said can you believe that ,, i said i sure do,, he was amazed that he found it and was very happy, it was the last part of the hallways we did not go past,, so you never know who you will meet or the little miracles that might happen in a day and beware carvers are everywhere LOL

Friday, January 14, 2011

updated my other blog

hi folks i just updated my other blog, http://arleenscarverswoodshop.blogspot.com/ with the photos, to the covers of my 33 dvds that are available, some of you asked if i had an update,, i will update it later this year if when i add more dvds to the collection,, thanks for stopping by , hope your weekend is a good and safe one, happy carving , arleen

Thursday, January 13, 2011


hi folks, on youtube you will find many of my free videos, and some of you have a hard time searching for videos to projects , jim, a computer programmer put together a listing on his blog to help those that are looking for my youtube videos, jim did this on his own,, i didnt ask him to do it but thankful that he did,, thanks jim,, it was put together very well,, i was very pleased with it,, some you will only find the first video and last, if i put it on dvd,, this should help you,,,to all kinds of information that you might be looking for,, happy carving ,,
here is the link

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


hi folks, tonight there was a happy ending,, at the farm we have a bunch of cats,, but one we favor named holstein,( he is black and white) was missing,, we enjoyed seeing him every night on the back porch and we let him in for a few hours and return him outside with the others,, they have a nice place to sleep and these cats were strays , so we feed them, and in turn they catch a few mice for us, but holstein was missing before the storm yesterday,, so my mom was very upset that he was not there in the morning, so i looked for him around the farm,, nothing,, so today as i was checking the heaters in the barn,, i thought i call one more time,, kitty kitty,, and lo and behold i heard a meow from part of a wall, ,,,, was in part of the farm building that i was not able to get to,, but i got the drill and a scroll saw, and cut a hole in part of the wall, and there he was,,, i bit thinner, but hungry ,,,, i carried him to the house fed him, and went back to repair the wall,, so a scroll saw does come in handy at times, we were so glad to see him back,, :)
................update, our dear mr holstien was hit by a car , and he didnt make, it,,he was a very nice gentle giant,, i miss him,, we all do,,.... i guess he didnt have nine lives :(......

plowing>>>> learn a few things

hi folks as some of you know we had a snowstorm last night,, and i knew i had to get ready, for the plowing that was going to be waiting for me the next morning,, we got about 6 inches of the fluffy white stuff,, i love snow,, but plowing was something i had to learn,, my dad did it for many years,, and his 4x4 john deer front end loader was his baby,, he had an old international harvester, that the steering was so difficult then about 15 years ago he got this one, he used it so much around the farm,
funny he never wanted anyone on the tractor,, and he was so good with the front end loader,, he knew just how to handle it just like it was an extension of his hand,, he dug out dirt piles, crap piles and he knew just how to handle it,, i wanted him to teach me how to drive it , but as time went on, slowly he allowed me to drive it around, but my skills of that front end loader , was not good,, but as years went by my father can no longer drive it , and i had to take over the plowing and many of the farm chores, he is fine with me running the tractor, and tells me its up to me who is allowed to use it which means he trusts me to take care of it,,, ,, but i had to learn the tractor, so one day a few years ago, i asked him to meet me outside and show me how to work it,, and the rest was history,,
this year, i think i felt the most comfortable on the tractor,, i know how to work both the front end loader, and how to hook up the grader and the bush hog ( mower ) , and how to plow the right way,, i didnt learn this over night, but the more i used the tractor and plowed and mowed the better i got at it,, its like anything else practice makes perfect, i guess carving is the same,, if you keep at it , or better yet have someone help you along with it , you will be good at it,,
i would never learn how to plow, mow, how to work the three point hitch if i didnt do it,,, i could read all the books on it but until i got into the seat and just started that tractor up and ran it , then i learned it,,
i was kinda force to learn how to operate the john deer,, i was happy that dad enjoy the tractor, cause then i didnt have to do it,, but now i am beginning to enjoy it,,
and today i have to say ,, i did a good job plowing, with my dads john deer
so keep at it,, and remember the more you carve the more you will enjoy it,,
happy carving

Monday, January 10, 2011

carving classes,, photo of projects coming

here are the two projects i will be teaching in the woodcarving day classes
if interested just email me carverswoodshop@yahoo.com for more information, thanks for dropping by, arleen

Sunday, January 9, 2011

two wood carving classes coming up

hi folks, thanks for stopping by i will be having two classes, one will be the pinecone, and the other will be the hobo santa, for beginners,, the pinecone project will be a one day class , jan 24 9-5 and the hobo will be a two day jan 31 9-5 and wed feb 2 9-5 , so if your interested email me , it will be held at the food court of the home furnishing outlet mall, morgantown pa, just email me , or call me at 484-364-0471 thanks arleen

polls,,,,, i have just a few, and why

hi folks,, i often wonder who is visiting my blogs, youtube, and facebook, if you are new to carving, or been at it for some time? so you will see a few polls, is will help me in what direction i should take, so feel free to take the polls,, there will be no more than four polls at a time, , and i might in the future change the questions to the polls ,, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to visit,, hope today is a great carving day for you , thanks again arleen

Friday, January 7, 2011

eating crow :) i did today dont assume anything lol

no i dont mean i ate the bird, its that i had to admit i was wrong,, its one of the hardest things to do,, today i have a cell phone as most of you do ,and my home phone that normally only get calls that annoy me,, one solicitation calls annoy me the most,, when the phone rang, the first time, i pick it up and i heard someone say hello this is so and soo, i hung up,, i was in the middle of a huge mess in my kitchen, tearing apart stuff and getting tired,, then they called again, i pick up the phone and hung it back up again, it rang again, and two more times, i finally had enough,, pick up the phone and said,, stop calling, me,, and i wasnt nice about it,, i was angry,, then it dawned on me,,, when i was at the bank ,, i did ask them to call me about a program i was interested in,, so i did a reverse call,, and indeed it was him,, i looked in my wallet and the phone number matched,, thinking ohhh crap,, so then on my cell came another call its was the same poor guy i just yelled at to stop calling me,, you have the give the guy credit, he continued to call, ( the mark of a real salesman ) lol , so i called him back, and said, i was very sorry thought he was an annoying solicitation call, and he was as nice as could be,, we chatted for a while, and to add to my to my humiliation he said he live very close to me a couple of streets down the road, lol , told him to send the information,, so the moral of the story dont assume anything,, sometimes we have to eat crow , and get all the facts first,, happy carving everyone,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THE NEW YEAR, ?? humor and changing times

well some of you got some humor out of my last video,, something kinda different for a change, lol thought it would just be fun and a bit off the beaten path, things never stay the same ,, something always is changing,, i dont care for change for the most part ,, my house would be a different color, if i didnt like it but after 22 years i still like it,, and wouldnt change, it,, if your like my sister and some of my friends they would have change it long ago,, lol , some folks do and some dont, that is maybe why some folks can carve the same things over and over,, and some folks have to carve something different, which are you ,, do you like change or do you like things to stay the same,, i guess if your not content, then change is a good thing for you ,, if you are content,, then the same things are just fine,, just my two cents not that one is right or one is wrong,, just that folks are different,, and if you can carve 20 items the same and enjoy it, then that is what you should do,, if you cant stand to do then one and have to change it some how, that is fine too,, i guess in carving there is no right or wrong, its whatever your heart wants to carve, and just to enjoy it,, happy carving, everyone,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

holland, my uncles woodcarving club in hoogeveen netherland, indeed its a small world

hi folks,, my uncle, oma geert from holland is a woodcarver,, he sent me information about their carving club in his town,, here is a link to the newletter that they have,,, interesting, i can understand holland dutch but can not read it,, so google is a great way to translate , plus my under can not read english,, so it works out well,, here is the link if your interested in seeing it http://www.ehhc.nl/index.php
a fellow woodcarver in holland wanted to know about tool, etc,, and i told him i knew my uncle attended the woodcarving club in holland, so when my uncle called new years day ,, my folks asked him about it and he emailed me the information,, as one person said , its a small world, indeed it is ,,,, happy carving where ever you are :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

what did you do the first day of the year? well....

i often find myself a little down seeing the old year pass, i dont know what that is but i guess its a reflection on the pass year,, many of us had joys and sadness this year,, some had a great year over all and some did not,, but now that the new year is here, i often dread this time due to trying to get all the tax information together,, my least thing i like to do,, it takes me weeks to get things together for the accountant,, and every year is the same, you think i learn to try to get ready for it sooner, so today,, on the first day of the year , this morning i spent gathering all the paperwork that i need, but as i sat here for three hours sorting, and watching one of the dvds i got at christmas,, i thought i didnt take the time to do what i should,, is bow my head ask gods grace on the year ahead, often we get so busy that we forget the one who has everything in his hands, and now looking forward to what wonders that i dont even know yet that will come to pass, and thankful that its a day to spend also with my family, and cherish it, and taking the carving box along so i can sit and enjoy what i like to do the best , woodcarving, happy carving, arleen