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Friday, August 21, 2009

watch your carvings!!!! lol

well yesterday my sister came to visit from canada, and i was showing her the latest projects that i did on youtube, we were at my parents home and i took along some time ago to show my mom my hobo santa/snowman called friends, and i left it there. mom love it and put it on top of the tv, and when my sister look at it, she said something might be missisng when i go back home to canada lol
she wanted it as well. ohhhh my,, now i have to watch that it doesnt have legs and walk. its a wonderful feeling to have people love your work, even more so when its your family and friends, cause they see all the work that you do, and when you have something that they all like well, its more special. but the problem with doing the same project over and over, it takes away the fun of making something new. but i love to carve . well i know what i can do for christmas for her, and my friends, lol is to make my carving called friends, watch your carvings, sometimes they do disappear. lol happy carving, arleen

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Clay Perry said...

giving them away is a disease.. i give everything away because of the smiles i get..