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Monday, August 27, 2012

just some thoughts, :)

hi folks,, i been busy the past couple of weeks,,  my sister was here for a visit along with some other folks,, from canada,, and it was a busy time of chatting and shopping ( they shop) ,,  and also i been working on the trailer,,  caulking all the seams, and up on the roof too,,  not my favorite place to be but it was good that i got it done before  :)  winter,, caulked every window,, and did a little painting ,, spruce it up a bit,,  the rusty pipe and lamp got a coat of rustoluem,    so it looks nicer and just have to winterize it and another small heater , and i am set,,  having classes in here during the winter will be nice,,, i gearing up for sept,,  i also want to get a few things done at my home this fall, and paint it next spring,,,  i see how that goes,, looking for a safer system  then the ladder,,  to work from ,,  so i still trying to find the stuff i need to get the job done,,     there is always something that needs repair, replace , repainted around here,, if its not the building then its the yard, that needs trimming, tree trimming, mowing and just basic clean up,,,  so my projects are a bit slower coming on to youtube,, but there will be more,, sometimes the breaks are good,, and i sure more projects will be posted soon,, so gear up for fall and winter,, from the sounds of things they are calling for a bad winter,,  i like snow ,, not plowing it but i will deal with whatever comes my way,, one way or another,,, so keep carving folks,,  and enjoy,,, arleen

carverswoodshop answers your questions HOW TO PRICE YOUR CARVINGS?

Monday, August 20, 2012

electric fireplace for the camper studio :) sweet

hi folks,, i just got this as a gift from my family for my birthday that will be this week,, they often ask what do i want,, my normal response is nothing,,  this year i was thinking how to heat my camper studio,, and i know that this heater will only do so much i will have to get a mr buddy heater when the days get really cold, and i will winterize the camper yet  ,, dont know how to do it but i will learn, but this was a perfect fit , its has that fire going, and its sooo neat,,  so i told them that i wanted a small electric fireplace for the studio, ,, so its here,, i felt like a little kid could not wait to get it home to see if it would fit the spot in the corner, and bingo it does, perfect fit,, and everytime i look at it i know it came from my family,, its soo sweet,,    i been working on the roof, sealing all the seams, with caulk the bees are out in force so i will finish it later tonight,,  well folks keep carving, and keep well, arleee

Sunday, August 19, 2012

CAT IN A PUMPKIN #11 ( end).

cat in a pumpkin

just having fun today,, i had no idea if this project would work out ,, it was ok,,  i have 11 videos of this project,, 6 are up on youtube,, thanks


Saturday, August 18, 2012

fall is coming, yesssssss

hi can you tell i love fall,   ohhh yess i do,,  with the cooler weather on the way and leaving the heat behind,,    fall to me is also a time to gear up for all the event to come and holidays,, i know it seems early but it isnt if you have to carve for christmas, etc.... i also love the change of the season,  the leaves change in their beautiful colors, and a nice cool crisp air,,   yes i love the fall and even winter,,  i dont care to drive in the snow or plow it,, but rather do that then mow,, lol   now last year it was a very mild winter,,  and this year.... well they are calling for a bad one,,,,  we will see,    all i know is this will be my first year in the camper studio,, i am learning a lot about rvs,, lol and trailers,, i will try to winterize it myself,, but what i am doing today is caulking up all the seams on the roof windows and anywhere that it needs it,, the water will be turn off, but i will get a heating  of some kind in here, thinking of a electric fireplace a small one to add something special to the studio,, and it will be great,, i will have classes in here come winter ,, well that is the plan, and even have my open house in the winter too,,  on sats,,  but we will see how things go,,  i  still cant get over what a great studio i found,, i know its a camper to many but to me its my small teaching studio that i always wanted,  how wonderful to find something and to enjoy it as much as you did the first day you got it,,  i am blessed beyond words,,  it will be a great thanksgiving this year, fall   and holiday season all around
keep carving,, arleen

Thursday, August 16, 2012


list of woodcarving classes sept and oct 2012 ,

 hi folks here is the list of dates for the carving classes to be held at the camper studio at the farm , honey brook pa,
there will be open house on sats  starting sept 15, 2012,

also individual instruction for those that can not come to a class,  min is 2 hours, please email me or call 484-364-0471  afternoon or evenings available

sept 10, 2012 , monday, 9am-4pm   cone shepherd,  one day class, cost 40.00. two cutouts provided,

sept 17, 2012 ,monday, 9am-4pm  cone sheep , one day class  cost 40.00  two cutouts provided,

sept 29 , 2012  sat morning, cone penguin  /santa hat  830am -12pm   1/2 day,,  cost 25.00 two cutouts provided,, then open house 12pm-4pm

oct  1, 3, 2012  mon and wed, 9am-4pm   morning santa, two day class, cost 75.00
two cutoust provided

oct 13. 2012 , sat, half day,, ornament branch santa face, 830am to 12pm
cost 25.00    two cutouts provided ....then open house from 12-4pm  your choice of face

oct 27, 2012,  830-12pm sat half day, cost 25.00  branch ornament santa face
two cutouts provided,,  then open house from 12 to 4pm your choice of face

oct 29,31, 2012 mon and wed, 9am -4pm  cone sheriff, two day class, cost 75.00  two cutouts provided ,

nov 5, 2012  monday, pinecone ornament , 9am-4pm  one day class, cost 40.00 two cutouts provided

min of 3 , limit of 6 people in a class, all students must have carvers glove and thumb guards,
every class you will be provided with a two cutouts, and also water, soda, and coffee and donuts in the morning,,  bring your own lunch for the day class,
and if there is time on  sat 1/2 days classes your welcome to paint your carving here in the studio or just stay to finish at the open house,, ,  any questions or to reserve a spot please email me
or call me direct at 484-364-0471

OPEN HOUSE STARTING ON SEPT 15, 2012 ,  feel free to stop by,, i will be openevery sat 12 to 4 pm  not open on oct sat 20th 2012

nov classes to be announced,, thank you , arleen

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

more classes being offered soon, for oct and nov

 ok folks more classes to come, the morning santa, sheriff, pincone ornament , light bulb santa face ornament, and more of the manage scence, ,, coming in oct and nov,, once i get the dates set i will post them in the event , open house will start sept 15 sat, 12-4pm, lots going on,, and oh i think i have another new project in mind for the youtube channel, wow i just having a blast,, :)

Monday, August 13, 2012


i was carving trees todayl lol ,, chainsawing limbs at my home and notice this hornets nest,, i was up a ladder but , i would have been running for the hills if i cut it down , good thing i saw it before hand, it will stay as it is till winter :) not a fan of bees yikes

Sunday, August 12, 2012

dvd #52 cone sheriff is ready

good sunday morning to you all !! dvd of the sheriff is coming

hi folks, hope you all are enjoying a nice sunday,, as i was thinking what will be my next project on youtube,,  i often wonder if i will run out of ideas, but some how they continue to come,,   i have decided to put the sheriff on a dvd by itself,, its 2 hours and 15 mins long,, i thought i was worthy enough to put this one alone  on  a dvd,,   i often try to put more then one carving project on a dvd ,, but the carving on this  projects was a bit more advanced,  i enjoyed doing this project so much , so give me a couple of days and i will have it together, this will be dvd #52   some of my other dvds, only have one project on it,, chickadee, morning santa,  most of these project are longer projects,,  so i will be sure to let you know when it will be ready,,  the pattern is the the cone you will have to start with and just follow along with the dvd , to carve the project,,  ok folks have a great day,, and i will keep you posted , keep carving...  arleen

Friday, August 10, 2012

changing the name of the ( simple cone sheriff ) to cone sheriff

hi folks  i had in mind to do something simple and called it the simple cone sheriff, i know it became a bit more detail then i thought it would be,, so i will be changing the name to cone sheriff, so that it does not confuse the beginners,, last thing i want is to have a beginner get frustrated with carving a project that is a bit more then they can handle,, sorry , i dont want any confusion on the project, simple in the headline normally refers to a beginners projects,  this is the first time i had to change the name of a project,, so , if you see the word simple in the headline, it will be a beginners project,  this cone sheriff is a bit more advance, thanks , and keep carving, arleen 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

cone sheriff unpainted

hi folks this has yet to be painted, there will be a total of 19 videos of this project up on my youtube channel,  and i will paint him tomorrow, and do the last photos and video on him,, keep carving,, and enjoy,, arleen


Monday, August 6, 2012

carverswoodshop answer your questions, #3 aug 6, 2012 ( painting)

live on my youtube channel monday aug 8th 2012

live broadcast on my youtube channel tonight,,  at 845 pm  (est)
http://www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop , i know the video is not as clear the audio is fine,,  answer questions about painting tonight,,

Saturday, August 4, 2012

ok some new classes coming

hi folks,, i am planning the following,,
the manger scene had a lot of interest,, so i am planning to do some of the manger scene classes,
 for the month of sept,, limit is 6,   cost per day is 40.00 you will get two cutouts,  and we will paint it in class,  please call and reserve ,   bring your lunch,, call 484-364-0471 or email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com min of 3 people to have a class

monday sept 10 2012   shepherd

monday sept 17 2012  sheep

monday oct 1 2012   pants and boots santa or robe santa, your choice, is two day ,, monday and wed oct 1 and 3 ,, cost 75.00

i will also have some open house for my studio,, on sats starting sept 15   from 12pm to 4 pm   space is limited, but your welcome to work on your project or bring it along to discuss
ok take care and keep carving,, arleen

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dvd #51 cow and donkey ready , along with dvd #40 shepherd and sheep

business cards? should you make them or order them/

hi folks for years i made my own business cards until i had these made by vistaprint.com
 ,,  the cost was cheap by the time you get the ink and stock paper and the time you will be putting into printing your own, this is by far a great deal,,  they have specials of 500 for 10.00 free shipping,, you cant go wrong,, i just pasting this along for those that need cards for shows, etc,  but if you want brochures well that can be yet costly,, i will print those on my own yet,, i have a refilling business for inkjets, and vista  is still the better deal ,, so i passing this along for those that would like to have a more professional look to their business cards,,  and its great to hand them out to friends etc,  also you can add your own photos and many things to choose from,, so enjoy,,
here is their website , and they have a number of things you can order,, hats, banners, etc, its fun to see what they offer
here is a photo of my new card ,,

its been a blast!! and i am so thankful !!

hi folks , i just want to thank those that order these dvds ahead of time,, even before i have it done,,  i am amazed how many of you enjoyed the manger scene,, and every time i think i cant come up with anything new ,  bingo another idea comes along,,  ,,  but what also keep me going is you folks,, your interest in carving as been amazing as well,,  many of you cant wait till the next project to come about ,, and i sure dont want to disappoint you folks ,, i want to make sure i keep it interesting,, and new ideas that folks would enjoy to carve,, thanks again for all the support,,  and the calls and emails,,  many times i bow my head in thanks for everything he has provide,, and i am so grateful beyond words,  take care and keep carving,, arleen