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Monday, December 30, 2013

civil war carvings, for christmas gifts and some to put on ebay soon

the photo with two,, one on the left was carved for my brother in-law,,  for christmas  the other one on the right won first prize at a woodcarving show in frankenmuth mich,,   the unpainted one is about to be painted and will be put on ebay soon,,,  i got some requests to do a confederate soldier which will not be difficult to do,,  just painting it a different color will do it,, so i do plan to do those soon,, lol   i knew some folks in the south were going to ask me to do one,,    ok keep carving folk 

saying goodbye to 2013 overview

hi folks as i say goodbye to 2013 it was a good carving year,, we did a lot of new projects that folks seem to really enjoy,, i did alot of carving this year then any other getting ready for christmas, and filling orders, not as many classes, did a bunch of projects on youtube, which i enjoy doing,   maybe not as many as the year before, but i was happy with the new creations this year ,, so overall it was a good carving year

some ways it was a tougher year for me,,  one big difference was the overhaul in the usa healthcare system,  folks i had my own insurance since i been 18 and the first time in my life i was going to lose it along with millions of other that had their plans dropped,,  i thought i didnt have to worry about obamacare,  and really paid very little attention to it,,   until i got the letter in sept,,,  my heart sank,,  but an education in obamacare  there was a lot to learn,,  from sept to dec 19 i finally got some insurance at the market exchange,, dealing with a down gov site, was frustrating ,, but over all i now have a plan,,  now i will have to see how it will work,, like millions of folks in the usa i wanted to keep the plan i had,,,  so things  are ever changing ... we will see how it will work,, i was a plan that  i could tell keep the doctor i had,, i  first just ck with the plan  i wanted to see if my doctor took that plan or not, which he did,, so time will tell,,, we all know something had to change in our healthcare system,,
it was instilled in me when i was 18 and farming i had to have my own plan,,  it was not an option not to have it,,,, self employment  your force to get something,, i dont understand the folks that say well i have to pay but get nothing in return,, ,, well that is what insurance is about hoping you never need it,,  weather its your car, house insurance,, ,,,, i know this  system is not perfect,, neither was the other system we had...so time will tell,  some things will have to be worked out,, like any new project it will have lots of bumps in the road,,,,  i sure when social security or medicare started it was not without  problems,,  and today i do not hear older folks wanting to get rid of either of them today,,  sure it was not popular back when it started,,,   i have to say i want less government too,  not more of it,, but things are the way they are,,  so 2014 will be an intersting year for sure
goodbye 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS .....have some fun with carving santas, and other things,

i want to wish everyone a very merry christmas,, and also a very happy and healthy new year

i just posted some photos of the chimney santa,, in my latest new santas,, it was fun to do,,, and i got a good response to it,,   i enjoyed making them ,, lots of fun,,  well it looks like another christmas is behind us and soon another year,,,  for most christmas is a bittersweet time,,  but also can be a very happy time,, keep the faith and keep carving,,  god has bless us with so much, and most of all with his son,, may he be praised ,,,    for his wonderful gift to all of us,,, its weather we choose to accept it or not,,   merry christmas,,

some new carvings,, sitting santa on a chimney

Saturday, December 7, 2013

now i take credit cards, how you can too if you do carving shows,,

hi folks,, as most of you that are use to using the internet,, may have paypal,, some that have not ventured into it or just like to do things the old fashion way,,  some always ask if i take credit cards,,  in the past i did not,, but now to new amazing things you can do with a smart phone,, most crafters now take a credit card anywhere they set up,, this new feature ( that has been out for a while) works very well,,   mind you it takes me a bit longer , small buttons on the cell phone LOl  but it does work great,, so yes  i now take credit cards,,  so here are the forms of payment . old fashion ck,,  paypal or credit card , and of couse money order,,   if you do pay with a credit card, you can either call me direct at 484-364-0471,,,  with information, or email it to me,,  the card number, ccv on the back ( three number on the back  and the expire date,, after i have all the info  and i get it set up i will delete the email,, and of course an address to mail it 
so there you have it,,,  so if you set up at craft /art/ woodcarving shows, you can too have all the features the big shops have,, and i have to say , in the past i missed some sales due to the fact i did not take credit cards,,  hope this info helps those that looking to add this feature to sales,,  keep carving,, arleen

Monday, December 2, 2013

finished painting the SITTING SANTAS

hi folks,, for some reason i am not able to post the videos on this blog , i have to see what google did different, but anyway,, here is a photo of the two sitting santas,, one was done on youtube channel ,, carverswoodshop , so please go there to view my video of this project, thanks

Saturday, November 30, 2013

hi folks,, i still here lol new ideas

hi everyone,, i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend,,, sorry i do most of my posting on facebook ,,, and i know some of you are not on facebook,,,, its been a very busy month carving ,,, trying to restock some of the things i sold at the apple feast in oct,,, i did replace most all of what was sold,, today i had my shop open,, as i have for the past 4 weeks on sat,, and it was a bit slow but today,, it was very good,, sold 7 santas, and 6 other santa on ebay,, so things are picking up,, i had a couple of new ideas here is one,, i will make a video of this project next on youtube,,
the sitting santa,, i cant wait to paint him,,, just a bit different again,, when i think there is nothing new i can do ,, then i think of something out of the blue,, and i have another project as well, coming up next year,, see how it goes,, i will keep this one of course,,

  but it was fun to do ,,  now to paint it
  i am gearing up for cyber monday ,, by posting things on ebay as i have this past week,, will list more tomorrow for sure,,

, i will be sure to post the finish sitting santa,, take care and keep carving,, arleen

Sunday, November 3, 2013



Saturday, November 2, 2013

CARVING CAMPER STUDIO READY for 2013 holiday season


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

opening of my camper studio for the holidays,, saturdays only starting nov 2 2013 till christmas

i know its to early for some of you to think about christmas,, but for me ,, its been on my mind all year,, carving  santas, and ornaments,  etc,,,  so i decided to open up  my camper studio for 8 weeks starting nov 2, 2013 from 10 am to 4pm  and will add some evenings a week before christmas,, here is the flyer i put together about this event,, classes will come in jan,,  will post them soon ....
i have no idea how this will go ,, but last year sats were a good day,, esp 4 weeks before christmas,,  i had a few people all ready stop by during the summer asking about it,,  so i hope it goes well,, wait and see, one never knows ,,, lol   but i will sure give it a try,, :)

fall is here

some time for mom ,, at september farm cheese and shady maple shopping

we have a new store in our town of honey brook,,, september farm cheese , they make their own cheese and serve lunch,, cheese sandwich and coffee is the best,, mom and i enjoy stopping for lunch after our shopping at shady maple,,  yummy,,

mich trip off to frankenmuth show, 2013

hi folks i attend this show for the past four years,, its a one day show, which is great for me,, i was able to take some friend with me for the day,, and enjoy a day out , along with a carving show,, i was limited what i could bring along,, nothing like what i do for our lancaster show in march,, but enough to hopefully spark some interest in stopping at my table,,  during this time i often meet folks that watch my instructional videos on youtube,, its becoming common place no matter which show i attend,,i would say half of the folks stopping by had tune in to my youtube channel,, its always great to meet folks that enjoy and are learning from my videos,,,  its always  amazes me ,, how many are learning how to carve from the videos,, its very humbling to me,,  i am so grateful that it been a source of joy to many,
at the show i was able to put in three pieces to compete,  and i won one first place and two second place,, photos will be below,,,   thanks to all that work on this show,,  i know hours of prep work goes into making a show like this happen,, not only from the club but from the vendors that come to set up,,

union soldier won first

battle cross , second

holiday honey bear, second

competition area

the show floor room

a carved horse

apple fest at joanna furnace early oct

hi folks every year i attend the apple fest here nearby , at joanna's furnace near morgantown, pa,,  it was a wet mess to start, and a two day event,,  normally its only one day,, i was not really up to it,, the amount of work to put a show like this takes days to prep for,,  this year i decided to use my big tent with sides since they were calling for more rain,,, i went out to secure a spot on friday,  it was pouring,,  and puddles everywhere,,  i choose a spot , then came back later with the tent when the rain would ease up,, they only had about half the vendors this year due to the weather,, but it turned out to be a great weekend for me,,  setting up in the dark,, i had a light 26 watt bulb that was = to 100 watts,  in a battery power pack that gave me enough light till the sun came up,,  i thought it was cool how it looked at night,,

below was my view from my table 

below i had this set up sat, where they had to walk in,, sat was kinda slow due to the possible rain that day 


below i decided to change things up a bit,, and found that opening the sides and puting the tables around the outside for the tent so folks could walk around was much better in sales, about 3 times more in sales that day,,  i notice later that the table clothes were not even,, lol,, folks do not want to enter a tent as the one above,,  the one below was a much better settup,, plus i had a place to carve,, that folks could easily see,
 i sold about 1/4 of my inventory,, it was a great weekend,,,  as you can see there were not many vendors, otherwise i would have had folks around me,,,  lol  later i did have someone next to me later in the weekend ,

sorry about the slow posts ,,

hi folks i will try to update you with some photos and whats been happening,,  i been so busy this month and for many reasons. i post mostly on facebook these days of things that are happening, but i also know many of you do not use facebook,, so here are a few things going on,,  i went to michigan last week for a week, and was able to attend the frankenmuth show and also the apple fest earlier this month, ,  then getting ready to open my camper studio  on saturdays only this coming starting this weekend nov 2 2013  ,,  also like many americans dealing with the healthcare issues,, i am among those that will have to look for new insurance,,  which has taken some of my time as well, needless to say time has been short. so i will post about each of these events,,,, with some photos, soon, thanks for dropping by,, keep carvings , arleen

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

finished painting the santa and snowman oraments,

painting some of my spiral santa ornaments

some with a scarf , and windy santa  ornaments ,, will finish painting tomorrow

upcoming events

this coming weekend , oct 12 and 13th,, 2013  i will be at the haycreek apple festival,,  located above morgantown pa, at joanna furnance,,   also plan to be at the frankenmuth woodcarving show, frankenmuth mich,  on oct 20th,, sunday,, this is a one day show,, i will be limited what i can bring along,, but i will be there,,
also i will open my camper/ studio on sats beginning nov 2 from 10am to 4pm,,  i was open limited hours last year and decided to make this a yearly event ,,  i will be working on carvingws, folks are welcome to come and ck out my studio , and all my carvings for sale will be on display and dvds, along with display of all the projects that were done on youtube,,,
,,  below is the flyer i will give out at haycreek this weekend,,  i didnt do as many shows this year,, i was able to pick the ones  did well for me in the past,,  so this year i only did two woodcarving show,, lancaster and frankenmuth, and the haycreek apple fest,, and then open my shop up before christmas,,  i had some local folks all ready come and purchase christmas items,  appointment can be made for any other times, just call,,  thanks keep carving

Monday, October 7, 2013

seasonal bear ?

I'm giving away bears to someone that does not celebrate holidays because of their religious beliefs. so I decided to make a seasonal bear with the spring summer winter and fall. I just had to add to a little tree with the snow and the sunflower for the summer

Thursday, September 19, 2013

finished,, before and after photo and the garage is next

i was happy with the results,,  now back to carving for a while 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

almost finished :) with the roof that is

hi everyone,, i know its been a while since i posted any new carvings or videos,, the farm has be very busy with painting the roof,, so far things have gone very well,, i see just a couple of more days and it should be finished by wed,,,, then theres the garage,, i might wait till spring for that project not sure,,, i also was going to wait for the second half of the barn roof but decided to do it to get it out of the way,,, now after about 40+ hours? ,, i kinda lose count , and 135 gallons of paint. its will be time to get back to carving soon,, keep carving everyone, enjoy the fall weather 

Friday, September 6, 2013


  here is the list of the classes that will be available , min of 3 , max of 6   donuts and coffee water will be provided in the morning,  bring your lunch,,    here are the dates

SEPT 28 2013  , SAT,,  9AM TO 430PM ( shorty windy santa)
cost 55.00  included the dvd of the two projects shorty santa, and super shorty santa bottle stopper , this class in not a beginners class must have some experience with using a carving knife
 ......... important, the dvd is of the shorty santa , not the windy santa,, i have not made a video of the windy santa as of yet,   it will be a shorty santa with a windy beard

OCT 1 2013, SAT   9am -430pm  ( pinecone ornament ) cost 55.00 and included is the dvd of the the following projects penguin , mini pinecone , and front santa,   the pinecone done in class is a large pinecone,  and also two cutouts provided,  this a beginners class, but all are welcome to attend

OCT  26, 2013  SAT 9AM - 430PM  HOLIDAY HONEY BEAR,,  THIS PROJECT CAN NOT BE FINISHED IN ONE DAY,,55.00   but you will get a dvd of this project to complete it at home,,  which will be included along with one cutout and 7 pieces.   you  must have some experience with a carving to take this class , the last class we were able to finish carving the bear,, and the finish the pieces and painting at home,

NOV 9, 2013 9am - 430pm    SNOWMAN HEAD, cost 38.00  this is a beginners class, this snowman head can also be a bottle stopper,, ( 5.00 more if you choose to make a bottle stopper ) or a christmas ornament,, the choice is yours,

NOV 23, 2013  SAT 9AM TO 430 PM   spiral santa head ornament ,,  cost if 55.00 dvd provided of project, along with two cutouts, and soda, coffee, donuts,

you must have the following to take a class, knife,, carving glove , strop, and thumb guard,, if you are a beginner then you will need to purchase these ,, i have a few of these items,   ,,  but it is best to have some limited understanding of the push and pull method of handing your knife  before you take a class,, i do have a video on youtube explaining this method,, highly recommended to view this video ,, if you do not have internet that is capable of viewing this i do have a dvd, that i will give you and return it when you come to class,, please make sure your knives are sharp before you come to class,  i can hone them  only here,, not reshape the blade which takes time to do ..
if your interested in attending any of the classes above please email me to confirm a spot,, carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
or call me direct at 484-364-0471  thanks and keep carving, arleen .

Friday, August 30, 2013

a friend stop by and took a photo

hi folks,, as you can see i  indeed am on the barn roof,, painting,, a friend stop by and took this with their cell phone,,    yes old barn clothes came in handy,,,  and old pair of sneakers,,  i look like a mess, and i was ,, painting with aluminum is nasty stuff, and wait till i start to paint the other roof with the  black rubber,,,  those clothes and sneakers will see the trash at the end of my project venture....   i was able to find 5 gallons of this aluminum paint on craigslist for about 30 a bucket,,, which is 65 at lows,, so far i used about three 5 gallon buckets,,, have two yet and will pick up two more,, and i will redo the one side,, for a second coat,, cause it was really rusty,,,  just to make sure everything on that side gets covered,,,,, but the cheaper paint was kinda thick so some thinner make it much easier to apply ,,, i know they said not to thin it,, but i had to ,, the 30 dollar bucket was older stuff but the paint was just as good if not better then the new paint,,,  its a barn roof,, i cant go wrong with it,,, so it will cost me for the front barn only about 250 for the paint which is cheap   its the time to apply it that takes the longest ,, and doing it myself saves a bundle ,,  so i am happy to paint it myself,, i see myself doing this project for a while,, longer then i thought it would take,, cause i have to watch the weather conditions, to apply it without rain,,,   its been hard to find a day without rain,,,  well carving will have to wait a while,,  lol keep carvin folks

Sunday, August 25, 2013

new project that is way overdo ( painting the barn roof )

hi folks,, back into the painting gear again,, last year it was my home, this year its the barn roof,,  it will take a few days,, but can take a few weeks, cause i need it to be nice sunny not to hot for me to work up there,,  one days work,, i figure it will take me 4-5 more days to complete,,  its really not that bad,, its getting up there and handling the heat,,  so hopefully tomorrow i will be at it again,,  i will get it done,, i have around 12000 sf of roofing all together,, but only doing about half of that,,  the black roof will be done next year just some patch work this year after the painting of the aluminum painting is done,,  a little at a time

honey brook cows

one large display case, and another one i found

now there are two cases,, for my studio,,  a self standing, and a small table top,,  both rotate and have lights,  nice way to display the carvings,,

dads cat ,, and a sleepy sunday afternoon

Sunday, August 11, 2013

the display case,,

hi folks this is an old timex rotating display case,, i had one years ago,, and it fell apart,, it was given to me  by my old boss when he closed up his shop,,  this one i found on craigslist,, i had to get it home somehow so i put a farmers roof rack and off i went today to get it,,,,  it was about 70 miles away,,  the roof rack held up very well,,  and no problem ,, got some strange look going down the highway,, the guy at micky dees, wanted to know what i had on top of my car,,,    lol   it was fun,, the rotation didnt work at first but does now,,  the light does not work, but i really dont need it,,     it must be 35-45 years old,,  it holds about 80 pieces,,  now back to carving so i can fill the case up with more santas   keep carving ,,  arleen