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Sunday, December 27, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and what is coming this year

hi folks, i want to wish all of you a happy new year, hope its a year filled with only good things, i am looking forward to a better year, this past year was not all bad and not all good either, jan 10 of last year i broke my kneecap in four, not fun, but i was out of work for about 4 months, it happen at work, and today i still feel the effects of it, not all the time but its never going to be what it use to,,, its ok, i can walk and do most things, having that much time sitting, i didnt carve much, lol you would think that i would have but sitting up for long periods was not good for a leg that had to be straight for about 3 months, i was not allowed to bend my knee otherwise an operation was in order, it would pull the four broken parts out of place, and then you realize that wonderful thing called friends and family, that help you out, they were wonderful to me, and help me get back on my feet, three month of therapy and back to work in may , i started the youtube in the last of march, sitting up was better, and thats when all the youtube stuff came like a storm, i had alot more fun the last 6 months of the year then the first, but it was good, my knee recovered for the most part, and it could have been much worse, like hitting my head, instead of my knee, sometimes we dont see how blessed we really are. makes me feel for the older folks that cant get around, what a struggle it is for them and how tired they become of the effort to move around, believe me , sometimes i felt like i was at a workout when i was done with therapy or just going shopping for a short time, when one part doesnt work it tough on the rest of you , so this year it should be better, looking forward to the lancaster show that i will be at, and also going to canada in the spring to see my family , and doing some more classes, we will see how this year goes, but the youtube was the biggest surprise to me, sooo many folks sooo interested in woodcarving,............. and hopefully you folks that are beginning.............., hope you find many wonderful years ahead in this wonderful hobby, may you find blessing all around you this coming year, arleen

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