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Sunday, May 29, 2011

yes two more new dvds #35 #36 and remember those , that gave us our freedom

hi folks i have two more dvds #35 is the cross, and 8 & 12 pointed star, and the second is the #36 holstein the cat , knife name tag, and the simple snowman,, both of these will be at the lancaster show this coming weekend,, june 4 and 5th,, wow,, i just realized that i added 8 new dvds since last years show,, its amazes me how much one can get done in a year,, my carving days have slowed down a bit,, but mostly due to the lack of time,, but folks i sure to have some new fresh ideas soon on youtube again,, hope you all have a safe holiday weekend,, and please pause to remember those that gave their lives for what we enjoy today,, our freedom,, take care and keep carving, arleen

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the count down to the lancaster show,, wow a week away

hi everyone,, i had a very busy weekend with family from canada, and getting the yards mowed once again,, the weather turn hot and muggy,, ( where is the snow?) i bet you can guess which i like better,, yep the winter,, anyway its time to get ready for the show,, and the weeks have been flying by,, not sure if i will enter anything in the show,,,, i will have to wait and see,, i was going to enter one piece but i didnt finish it yet,, who knows i might get to it yet lol,,,, hope you all have a great holiday weekend,, be safe and keep carving ,arleen

Sunday, May 22, 2011

rain and mowing grass,, great time to do some carving LOL

howdy folks,, well, if your like us here in the east we had a lot of rainy days,, trying to mow the grass has been ... well a pain to be honest,, i have two to do every week and its hard to mow when the grass is wet.... i found a window of some clear weather and decided to go for it, and yes got one done,, well my other mower was in the process of getting repaired, i was able to mow the other three days later,, thinking i better do it just in case it rain again,, which its raining again now,, and so i caught up for the moment,, its a great time to take out the carving knife and work on a few pieces, i always think never have enough ready for a show, but this time i think i do have enough, in fact , its been nice kinda just carving out of a sense of enjoying the moment instead of a deadline, much more relaxing for sure, hope you all got caught up with both mowing and carving, take care, arleen

family a movie and now getting ready for the show,

hi everyone,, well my sister was here again from canada, helping out with mom and dad, and giving me a bit of a break, along was some of her grandkids, i was able to find some time to go to a movie with them we went to see soul surfer and it was a great movie for all ages,, a lot of great lessons for folks,, but now is the time to get ready for the next show which is the lancanster show,, i have to sit down this week and try to get things together,, making a list is one of the new ways that help me to remember what to get done, lists are important,, i now have more lists then i like to have, but it helps me not to forget stuff, so in the next few days i will be looking at what i need to bring etc, hope to see many of you at the show,, take care and keep carving, arleen

Saturday, May 21, 2011

about having a blog,, you can write anything you want :) today the end of the world??

the joy of having a blog is to be able to share ideas, and just thoughts that you alone have, and want to share with the rest of the bloggersville, well today i just caught that today was to be the end of the world,, and many that believe this preacher sold everything they had and followed him,, kinda sounds like those in the day of jesus those that followed him,, gave up family, businesses for a teacher, and i am sure many thought they were crazy to follow this man,, but today many around the world see jesus as a savior and not only a prophet,, and many follow him today, as do i , but we also have a bible that can teach us a vast amount of things, and if we are willing to search a bit,, it plainly say that no one knows the hour only the father knows the day and time,, and because of that i never understood how folks can follow a preacher that has a date for the end of the world,, i will leave the jugdement to god as far as that preacher is concern,, i wont have to do it,, but this is the second time that he predicted the end of the world,,, as he continues to bring in revenue many sold everything they had, quit their jobs really believe it with all their hearts,, to them i feel compassion,, not only were they not following god but a man that claim to have truth, and how much more damage did this man do to those that really thought it would be the end and it didnt happen,, i guess, many have laugh how could anyone believe it,, and follow that,, but we dont know how but somehow people will believe what is told to them, and i for one tomorrow will say a prayer, for those whose faith were shaken and that they will be able to get their jobs back and some of the money return,, to me its fraud,, plain and simple its one thing to share a message like this its another to continue to take people's money, up until the day that they claim,, as a christian that believes in a second coming, feels that when ever that days comes i will be ready,, i dont need to know the day and hour,, it will not be a concern for me,, but a happy one for those of us that know the lord,, take care and keep carving arleen

Friday, May 13, 2011

computers and carving great combo

hi folks,, as i am able to do a post on my blog today, i had to think what the two have in common, and they have nothing in common, but using the computer to learn new things , then its a great combo,, the past few days i had no internet, and my connection was not good,, for some reason, i found not only annoying but frustrating,, so i walked away from it for a while , and began to redo my inkjet office, with the new machine,, like all new things i need to learn the tricks to this machine,, its wonderful, but it a bit more work on my part but well worth it if it does what its suppose to do,, well carving as i said in one of my post is it can be very rewarding or very frustrating, depending on the tools that you use and the wood,, it make a huge difference and you just have to keep at it to get it right,, but all this take time, we are in a world that everyone one wants to have everything right away,, not always good, sometimes working towards a goal is jjust as important as finishing it,, and sometime when its a tough piece to carve, or a project that your learning, well its all the more rewarding when you can finish it and look at what youve done, so yes computers can help you learn how to carve but it doesnt replace you really picking up a knife and doing it, you cant learn it just by watching youtube but joining along side it with a block of wood in your hands ,, and a good sharp knife,, so yes i guess the do go together,, pick a project from any of the carvers on line or mine, and go for it,,, you got nothing to lose but everything to gain,, enjoy folks,,, hope to see many of you in a couple of weeks, at the carving show,, take care, arleen

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hi folks, just to let you know , some info about inkjets

hi folks i started a blog that might be helpful to you about inkjet cartridges, and some interesting facts i learn along the way, if interested go to the link,, the machine is proving to be worth the investment,, i still have a bit more to learn, hope your all enjoying the week, and keep carving , arleen

Thursday, May 5, 2011

well nothing to do with woodcarving but my new machine for inkjet refilling

hi folks,, i know this has nothing to do with woodcarving, but one of my businesses over the years was inkjet refilling,, i been refilling inkjets for the last 13 years,, since 1998,, most of the machines have changed so much over the years,, and with some other refilling companies came and went,, i never knew how they could pay the rent for the kiosk and make any profit,, as i watch one company come to major mall near the city,, i spoke to them a few times, as most that start a business , i felt they has a good drive for a business but i felt they were lead down a road which to me made no sense,, first not every cartridge you get in to refill will be refillable. no matter what you do to it,, trust me folks ,, i had more ink errors in the beginning,, i did most of it by hand, cause not one machine can do it all,, but at the same time i was losing the ability to refill some of the cartrides as the major companies made it more and more difficult to refill them,, of course this is how the make their money is selling the replacements for their inkjet printers, which today are really throw aways, just want they want,, i still using a hp 930 machine is a workhorse, made in 1995 ... with a special adapter to use with my lap top ,, i will start another blog about the inkjets and will put together things you need to look for when buying a new machine, or what will work best for you in the long run,,
but for now the machine you see is the machine i just bought to upgrade my business, i have yet to use it,, and looking at all the tubing and buttons ,, but i also know enough that this machine can be a great asset, time will tell how it will work,, my hopes are high, and hopefully it will be good for many years to come,,
well just like having the right tools in woodcarving, was time for me to have the right refilling machine,, sometimes a old business needs a boost and now was the time,,
plus i need this machine to make all my dvd covers etc,, LOL
its been a great job, most customers drop of their inkjets in a box and pick them back up in the next box outside, so the system i had worked well,,
sometimes you either get out of a business or you have to keep going,, and sometimes you just need to upgrade or get out of it,, so i decided it was time to upgrade,, and soon i will be able to help you out when your ready to buy a new printer, and which ones are better for what you need,, email me , if you have any question , i be happy to help you out,,,,, keep carving, arleen

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

wow i think i hit a winner with the knife name tag LOL

hi folks just to let you know , that you can modified this in a few different ways ,, it can be a closed knife or open as i have it, or different sizes, you can take it to a copier and change the size, also you can add wood to the bottom of it to add the carving club name,, ,, there is a lot you can do with it , and many different ways to make this name tag work,, thanks for stopping by,, enjoy arleen

knife name tag for the woodcarver #1

free pattern on my blog http://www.carverswoodshop.blogspot.com and the rest of the videos are up on youtube, 5 total, enjoy, arleen

new project coming to youtube , KNIFE NAME TAG

Hi folks , i will be posting a new project called KNIFE NAME TAG FOR THE WOODCARVER, I designed this for the lancaster show,, thought it would be fun to do another name tag, and made this name tag you are welcomed to take the photo from this blog and make up a copy of the pattern to make your own,, there are 5 videos how to carve this project and i will post the first and last here on the blog and the rest will be found on my youtube channel, called carverswoodshop,, have fun, this project would be great for any carving group, in fact i will be planning this project for the carverswoodshop lunch monday june 13 12pm to 3pm.... come and plan to join us its free, at the home funishing mall, 6180 morgantown road, morgantown pa, ok folks time to get some other things done hope to get the videos up by tomorrow,, take care and keep carving and thanks for stopping by , arleen

Sunday, May 1, 2011

lancaster show 2011 and some giveaways,, thanks for coming to the show,...

hi folks have a few interesting things going on at the show,, free carving magazines and you can email me if you want me to reserve one for you ,when you come to the show, and also a 4dvd of your choice give away,,,, when you enter at my table at the show,, you must come to the show to enter,, hope to see many of you there,, and most of all have a great time , arleen