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Thursday, July 30, 2009

ruddy duck pics and about woodburners

well folks the ruddy duck is done, and i am about to start with the hobo santa/snowman relief (called friends) the last two ruddy duck videos will be on tonight, it was a fun project, and if your a new carver you will need to have a woodburner, please if you can afford a woodburn that is sold at carving shops and woodcarving show, its well worth it, some woodburning pens that you can purchase in a hobby chain stores are not the same, i believe that the woodburner i used or ones that are the same, cost about 80-120. i can only tell you that i had my woodburner for the last 22 years or longer ( lol ) i cant remember its been to long .... but anyway, i recommend if you can afford a good one to buy it. it will last years, now some of the replacement tips , can cost 12-30 depending on which burner you get, and you may have to replace it from time to time, the ruddy duck teaching videos does teach you how to make feathers etc, if you want to follow the ruddy duck videos to learn how to carve and burn your welcome to check it out at http://www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop if you decide to do this project that you enjoy it, arleen

Monday, July 27, 2009

youtube next project after ruddy duck ( hobo santa/snowman relief )

howdy folks, i will be doing a hobo santa/snowman relief, i have the pattern done today, and i am about to cut it out of the new basswood i just ordered, it will be the same relief style as the santa with a bear, if your not sure go to my youtube channel and ck it out, it will only be 1 inch thick and 5 inches high and 4 inch wide, so if your interested keep cking i will hopefully have it started by next week, thanks arleen

just to let you know ........ about products .....basswood

howdy folks ....i want to remind you anything i recommend ,suppliers , knives etc, i do not get anything for it, i only tell you what works for me, and what i like, i pay the same prices as you would so believe me there is no kickbacks for anything i share with you , but i will tell you what i like to use, and where i get it, and the choice is up to you , i just wanted you to know that if i like it i will share it with you , and if i dont i might tell you if its going to save you some money and grief i know i have told you not to buy your woods at your local hobby stores, now i am talking about big chains, not mom and pop store, like a carving shop etc, you will pay dearly for basswood at the chain stores, just to give you an exsample, a piece of basswood ,, 4x2x10inches going for 28.00 WOW i get it for about 7 so you see the difference and i will tell you where you can get your wood, its one of the best places,,, you can order what you want,,,, how much and any size you need, they also do roughouts, which i have not used but in case you want to , its www.heineckewood.com. its a mom and pop operation and they will treat you right, FYI ,, arleen


howdy folks, i always wanted to do a full size eagle in flight project, its been a goal for a long long time ,,,,, i going to blog and youtube this project, today i am starting to plan what i will need as far a basswood ( alot of it) for those who dont know how big it can be, the eagle has a 7 1/2 wing span, i did a half size that is in my home today that i did 20 years ago, so as you can see it will be a huge project that will take about a year if not longer, so your welcome to come along for the trip, its going to take alot of work on my part, plus if i do this on youtube ,,, it will take a bit longer, i will not be teaching it but letting you see how far i have completed it, so folks if you love eagles and you are sure to find this an interesting ride, by the time i have everything in place i plan to have the woodcarving shop up at the farm and that is where this creation will take place, i may have an open house on certain days so carvers can come and see it for themselves, not sure how things will go,, one little step at a time, so the planning begins, i will keep you posted here and on the youtube as i do other projects, and pictures will also be posted, not only making it but where will i display it ? its going be fun!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

this blog will update you of youtube and classes

hi everyone, thanks for joining my blog, i created this blog to let you know what i am working on and upcoming projects along with classes , when and where, i will use this and my youtube channel to inform you, so please ck here or youtube, i do have a web site but found this is much easier to manage, so keep carving, i have lots of plan big and small, still want that woodshop here at the farm, still planning it out, and soon those classes will start in morgantown, its going to be a great fall, both group classes and private classes will be available, if you need to contact me please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com thanks , arleen ps from time to time i will put up some pics of my work, happy and safe carving !!


By Jacob Speicher


HONEY BROOK — Arleen Zomer has been carving wood figures for over 28 years, but it wasn't until she started using a new technology that people really took notice.

A couple of months ago, Zomer started putting instructional videos on the popular Web site YouTube, and since then she has become something of a small Web sensation.

"Right now, I have 244 videos up right now, and in less than four months I

was up to 12,000 views," Zomer said.

Now, she says that her videos total over 28,000 views.

For each project Zomer will film a series of how-to-videos consisting of between 10 and 22 clips.

"Each video is step-by-step instruction on how to carve a particular figure. It's all about taking a block of wood and giving it life," Zomer said.

Zomer got into carving at a young age because she always liked woodworking.

"I really like the creativity of it," Zomer said. "You start off with nothing, just a plain piece of wood, and eventually you have something like an eagle."

Zomer's house is filled with her creations. The most intricate of which is a bald eagle she did at half scale.

"It's got a wingspan of three and a half feet," Zomer said. "It took me over 200 hours of work. I would like to do a full-sized one eventually, but that would take around a year."

Right now, however, Zomer is content to keep producing her videos, and she would like to get into more teaching in a traditional classroom setting.

"I've been teaching people out of my home now for a while, but I would like to start teaching down in Morgantown," Zomer said.

Zomer takes pride in making her YouTube videos.

"One of things that makes me stand out is the camera angle I use," Zomer said.

Zomer refused to say how exactly she sets the camera up, but she said the advantage comes in the way people see the piece of wood she is working on.

"Most people shoot their videos from the side or some other angle, forcing the person who's working to transpose things. My videos show the block exactly as the person working on it would see it."

Zomer can be found on YouTube by going to the site and searching "carverswoodshop." She also sells her figures on eBay, and she has a Twitter account as well as a blog.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

here was the story they did on me in the local paper, and some of my carvings

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

woodcarving class to start sept 14 2009 in morgantown , hobo santa

hi folks i will have a class going in morgantown pa, starting monday sept 14 from 6-8pm for four weeks, if your in or near the area and are interested please contact me, we will be meeting in the food court of the home furnishing mall, limit is 8 people, beginners welcome , for more information on the class please email me at carverswoodshop#yahoo.com the mall is located off the pa turnpike exit 298, its 1/2 mile from the turnpike to the mall located on rt 10 will be carving my hobo santa, i bit larger than this one in the picture, 5 inch tall thanks , arleen

Monday, July 20, 2009


hi folks, i just did an interview with our local paper about carving classes, just some info on that, i plan to have it in morgantown, and will have two classes two days, we can extent it to three if needed,
one class from 230-5pm and the other 530-8 pm for two days, ( or three days)
class one is the hobo santa 5 inches tall, beginner
class twoo is the hobo snowman, beginner
limit 8 per class,
cost is 65 per class

you will need the following,
a knife, ( no pocket knifes)
carvers glove and a thumb guard, ( you must have them or sorry your not allow to take the class
you need to sign a release form
payment is 50 percent to sign up , and the rest on the first day of carving,
if you cancle it must be one week notice needed

what will be provided will be the following
a teacher ( that is me lol)
paints and brushes ,
and pattern if available for the project ,, most santas and snowman have no side profile to cut out so no pattern for them

dates and where in morgantown will be posted soon
call me at 484-364-0471
or email me to join our class
thanks , arleen

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sorry this is so late,,,,, santa hobo ornament

hi folks i know its been a while, way to busy with twitter and youtube, ebay, and my podcast etc, i dont know how i find the time to carveLOL , if you havent got to gene messer blog go, its a great great site, it www.flatplanecarver.blogspot.com you will not be disappointed, i got the hobo santa ornament done, you can find it on youtube, i plugging along with more ideas all the time, so if i am a bit slow that is the reason, my efforts right now are will the youtube channel, keeping it fresh and new idea, i hope this last for a while, i also put together, how to sell my patterns for some of my projects on youtube, so if your interested just go to my youtube channel and you will see the list of patterns available, on the left, its 1.50 per pattern that is one sheet. well back to the drawing board for more projects, take care bye