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Monday, January 28, 2013

important notice

i had a person that asked about teaching one of my projects if i would have a problem with that , if they had my permission to do so,,,, i wrote back to them the following email,,  first before i post it i want to make it very clear,, that anyone teaching projects that are not their own without the permission of the creator of it , is in the wrong,, esp if they are being paid to do so,, please read my response to them,, thanks , arleen

thanks for your email and your request,, i would say the following to question,, i have no problem teaching techniique of how to carve,, but i do think that if i have a project that is being followed and taught  by someone, that is my design ,i say no , i design projects so that i can teach them here or that folks can purchase a dvd,, they are welcome to watch them on youtube, ( which is free) but for others to be teaching, the projects  and to make money from it i would say no,,  i put alot of time and effort into my projects and video taping them,,  and for someone else to teach it, and getting paid, that would not be fair to me  or any other carver that teaches , and  if its a project for  carving club ... for their members for beginners project,s, i have no problem with it,, its when someone , assumes the teaching instruction, and then get paid ,,  i may have to clear the air about that,, same if i were to   teach someone  projects that belong to them,, please i want you to thank you for for question,, at least you were asking first,,  a big thank you for that,, i will be sure to address this,, cause there might be others that wonder the same thing,, thanks again,, good luck with your projects that you teach,, its the most wonderful hobby for any age to enjoy,, take care,, arleen ps if you have any other questions please email me or call me direct,, 484-364 -0471  thank again, and keep carving,, enjoy the videos , arleen

new big project coming NOAH'S ARK

OK here is the big project that i will attempt to do on youtube ( NOAH'S ARK)  and i already started to test some of my projects they not on youtube yet ( i let you know) have to see how it goes for a bit before i start the video series,,  most of you enjoy the cone project/ and or the block projects,  ,  so stay tune for updates,  i should have something up in few days,, lol what a blast this will be,,  thanks for all that voted on my blog,,  ok gotta get carving on some things, this might take a while,, lol keep carving,, arleen

Sunday, January 27, 2013

new poll , just to help me know what you folks like

hi folks to the right column i have three questions , about how you found my youtube channel, what projects you enjoyed the most, and what projects would you like to see more of?   simple but it will help me know what you folks enjoy,, thanks for taking the time to vote,, arleen 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

amish honey wagon, in honey brook, pa,, no that is not how we got the name of the town LOL

amish honey wagon in honey brook pa,, lol i remember these we had one but had a tractor in front of it,, lol and so much fun to operate,, the neighbors loved us during this special time. lol

calvin, and the hand carved wooden mouse,, he is not impressed, lol

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a writer from canada

hi folks some time ago i was asked by someone that was a woodcarver and a writer if he could do a story for his blog about my woodcarvings,, i said yes and he ask some questions, and here is the article ,, he did a great job,, honestly i never had a reporter that was so careful to get all the facts correct,, he took the extra time  to make sure,,,  thanks ken ,, and thanks for the honor , arleen



Sunday, January 20, 2013


HI FOLKS i am still loading the videos will have them up later tomorrow total of 19 video clips on this project  thanks for stopping bye enjoy,, he was a delight to carve :)


new project coming , CONE HOLIDAY HONEY BEAR , more work to be done

hi folks there are so far 13 videos for this project and about 7 more to go ,, i decided to make it a longer project by an idea i had, you will see it soon,,  this was to be a short video but ended up being much more,,  so far this is what is done,, enjoy and i will post the first few videos soon ,, arleen

new project coming , CONE HOLIDAY HONEY BEAR , more work to be done

hi folks there are so far 13 videos for this project and about 7 more to go ,, i decided to make it a longer project by an idea i had, you will see it soon,,  this was to be a short video but ended up being much more,,  so far this is what is done,, enjoy and i will post the first few videos soon ,, arleen


Monday, January 14, 2013

second attempt success ,, dvd #57 will be done soon

OK after 6 hours i was able to get both projects on one dvd,, civil war union soldier and battle cross lost but not forgotten this dvd will be #57 and it running time is 3 hours and 52 mins ,  ok now for the cover,, i let you know when all is ready,,

will make up coming classes for the year

the first attempt on the civil war/ battle cross dvd didnt work,, try again,, takes about 7 hours to complete, but anyway,, just wanted to let you folks know i will put together a class list for the rest of the year,,  i will only be doing one or two classes a month,, along with the open house the first sat of every month,,  unless there are to many that want to take the same class,  the civil war soldier and the battle cross will be among them,, so some will be repeats of classes i had before,  i will keep you posted on the events page here on facebook along with my blog, http://www.carverswoodshop.blogspot.com  and my youtube channel,  http://www.youtube.com/user/carverswoodshop?feature=watch
will have a video about the different classes that will be available,, i should have this done in few days,   your always welcome to stop by the camper studio, just call or email ahead if your planning  to be in the area,, come by and carve a while,,   alreen

Sunday, January 13, 2013

patterns and glue sticks :) a good combination

hi folks as i start this new chicken project from norway,, i just started to use a glue stick to put the pattern on to the wood,, instead of making a template or some how copying it to the wood,, this works great,, i tried it a couple of times,,   all you do is purchase a glue stick from walmart,, its cheap esp if its back to school days,, is the best time to buy them,,  about 25 cents a stick,, and if you can copy your pattern then save the main pattern, and just glue it to your wood, and make sure you glue all of it not just part of it,, and then go cut it out on a bandsaw or coping saw,, its a great way to put your patterns on the wood,,  keep carving , arleen

Photo: glue your pattern on the wood  make it easy to cut it on a bandsaw

and the next project chicken from norway ??

 hi folks i am  going to do a chicken , this was a pattern that was made by a young man 13 years old in norway,, he asked me some time ago if i would carve this on youtube,  he  made the pattern, and he already made one but wanted to see how i would carve it ,,,,  i said yes i would so ,, a few months had passed and saw it was his birthday today,, i wished him a happy birthday and i would carve the chicken for him soon,,    he contacted me ,, and i asked how his birthday was today,, he said the message he got from me was the greatest gift of all,,, wow,, that was great to hear,, he cant wait till i start it,, he email me the pattern front , back and side view,, so this week we will carve a chicken,,  so you never know how you will make someone's day,,  and what a wonder to have someone thousands of miles away,, and to get a pattern, and to be able to instant message him was great,,  what a wonder computers have been,,  and here is a young man that wants to learn and even draws his own patterns, instead of videos games,  its refreshing that woodcarving can hold the interest of many young folks if given the chance,,

trying to fit both projects on one dvd ?

hi folks, i going to try to get both the CONE CIVIL WAR UNION SOLDIER & BATTLE CROSS ( LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN)   on one dvd, see if i can fit it,, its 3 hours and 51 mins long,, i will let you know, if so it will be dvd #57  ok see how it goes



hi folks there are 14 videos for this project,, all but three last one have yet to be posted,, they will be up soon,, thanks ,, arleen

Saturday, January 12, 2013


your welcome to copy pattern for your own use only no commercial use allowed, folks your welcome to use this pattern and make copies for other carving buddies that would like to carve this, thanks block is 4 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 and made of basswood


hi folks there are nine videos so far of this project that i am loading today,,  there is more work to be done,, i will post the last video after its painted i will also put up photos, along with the pattern so you can use it for your own use ( commercial use is not allowed)   your welcome to copy the coming pattern for you or a carving buddy that would like to do this project, thanks,, arleen


hi folks a new project is in the works, it will be called BATTLE CROSS ( LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN)  this project will have a free pattern that i will put on facebook and my blog,, your welcome to use it ,,  the block you will need is 4 1/2 inches long x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 square,,  videos will come along soon,, in a day or two,, thanks,, arleen

Thursday, January 10, 2013

some basswood :) now i will have enough for a while more to come

some bass wood i just had cut up by an amish guy down the road that had a woodworking shop with large machines to cut and plane them ... some large 

planks that i recieved last year this is all air dried pa basswood ... its a bit darker then the western basswood i had in the past but it cuts great plenty to last me a while ....lol have four more planks i dropped off today this what you see is only two planks for my carving classes think i be busy for a while :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

cone civil war union soldier finished

hi folks i had a great time carving him,, i might do a class on him in the spring summer,,  not sure , soon the last video of this project will be up,, thanks and enjoy,, arleen

Monday, January 7, 2013

i have some cleanup to do before i paint him but i am happy with the result,,  he was fun to do ,, i have a few more videos to load 16 and one more after he is painted, total of 17 video clips, i paint him tomorrow,,lol

Sunday, January 6, 2013

new project cone civil war union soldier

hi folks so far there are 8 video clips yet to be loaded,,  still working on it so i dont know how many clips there will be,, but enjoy,, arleen

new dvd #54 chef and clown #55 drummer boy and angel #55 mrs clause ...