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Sunday, September 27, 2009

hobo santa and hobo snowman ( helping friends)

hello, again i started the helping friends project, this project may take a bit of time to finish... i will try to finish it this weekend, this coming week is very busy for me, i thought with this project i would use more of the gouges, lol i using more of the knife ..... i am using small gouges in some parts of the carving, ohhh how i love using the knife when ever i can.... well enjoy the project ......oct is always busy for me, alot of company coming to see us.. and being called back to work too, like everyone else there is never enough time to carve. try to enjoy the changing of the season if you live in the part of the country that does have the four seasons, i going to try not to miss the leaves colors this year, happy and safe carving to you

Friday, September 25, 2009

you never who you might be a mentor to

i been posting alot of videos on youtube, and i had a young teenager that was so excited about woodcarving, he has posted his video of the mouse project.... that i just put up on youtube, he was the one that wanted me to do a mouse, he posted a video on the carverswoodshop group, this young fella did a great job on the mouse , i wanted to know how long he has been carving, he said a month, WOW i thought he did a great job on all his carvings.. being a beginner, he has a gift, now 10 years from now i wonder what his carving will be like? great i am sure, if he keeps it up, so if you been carving for a while you never know who you might inspire to learn to carve, and who will learn the basics of woodcarving from you. it does my heart good to see that young people want to learn the art of wood carving.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

just a quick project , mouse

hi folks, before i start the helping friends project, i did a simple mouse for a young man that requested me to do a mouse, thought i would just do a simple mouse, if your interested just go to http://www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop it was a fun little mouse to do , enjoy, arleen

Monday, September 21, 2009

video of your carving on facebook

folks just one more thing to confuse everyone, you can post a short video on my facebook group called carverswoodshop if you like or photos, i just notice it today and did two with a webcam, not the best way but you can see it pretty well, ohhh my its time to get going have my class tonight , carving a hobo santa, see ya, lol maybe on facebook, take care folks bye

Sunday, September 20, 2009

asking for help! no shame in asking

as you know i been trying and having all kinds of issues with this facebook stuff, now that its done and seems to be working out well, i had some help in fixing it,,, funny i have no problem asking someone to help me with the facebook, i work alot on computers and printers and i refill inkjets as a business here at the farm,, so i know alot but at times i just have to ask. when i started my youtube videos back in march i had no idea what i was doing, i figured most of it out on my own, i had the time to research. but facebooks is another story,, to me it was not user friendly , confusing and frustrating at times, but like all thing you just need to keep at it, and when you really dont know what you are doing then ask,,,,, no shame in asking
same in carving, just ask how is that done, and you will find carvers happy and willing to help out, no shame in asking
link to carverswoodshop facebook group your invited to join and see others pics , arleen

Saturday, September 19, 2009

wow think i now fixed facebook

ok this stuff drives me nuts, but i hate it and love it all at the same time, a friend of mine at work took care of this, you now can join a group called carverswoodshop, there you will be able to post your photos, and that everyone will be able to see your work, ...................., the ARLEEN CARVERSWOODSHOP and the group CARVERSWOODSHOP, you can join both or just one, but if you want to post pics you will have to join the CARVERSWOODSHOP thanks folks for your understanding, arleen

Friday, September 18, 2009


hi , i did some research on this and i have all the setting where i need them to be, i believe that if someone posts on your wall , their setting on the photos have to be everyone, otherwise i will be the only one to see it. go to photos, edit photo, edit feature and then make sure its EVERYONE, i believe also that you will need to do this for every photo you place unless you set it for all your photos for everyone to see, which i understand no everyone wants that to happen, thanks for your understanding and waiting for me to search this problem out, i hope this will fix the problem , arleen

NEW FACEBOOK ???? not working , sorry

so sorry folks, some folks are not able to view the photos posted by others, i am working on it and will let you know when its done,,, i already changed the setting, i really dont know what else i need to do,, but i have a friend that will help me out with it soon, i will keep you posted, thanks

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

still working on the pineapple and what is next

hi there, i just wanted to tell you that i am working on some new patterns for my series hobo santa and snowman named FRIENDS, i have three new designs that are done just a matter of getting it ready so that i can cut them out, one will be called HELPING FRIENDS, and not sure what to call the others, so it will be soon,,, plus i think i will also do a pineapple ornament of the same size for those of you that would like to do more ornaments, so stay tuned, i will get a couple of more videos out for the pineapple this week ,, we should get it done by the end of the week, happy and safe carving, arleen

woodcarving clubs WOW

hi folks, , i was able to go to our meeting of the lancaster county woodcarvers club, it was a great night, you really do find very nice folks, and i will tell you i never knew how much work it is to get a woodcarving show up and running year to year,,, lots of folks donate time and effort to this, and we are only in sept 09 and the show is june 2010 , and you learn from seeing what others carve in their show and tell time. we laugh and learn,,, a great way to do things, so if your not part of one, go find one , i know its difficult to go when you dont know anybody, but after a couple of times that changes, go and be part of a club, and learn what you can, you can always get something out of it,,, happy carving, arleen

Monday, September 14, 2009

mistakes and how we can learn from them, keep going

hi again, well i now have about 5 videos up for the pineapple, but i made a mistake on the top which i mention on the video, but instead of try to redo the project, i decided it would be a good time to show folks how you can fix a mistake. if you have been woodcarving for any lenght of time you will make a mistake, i once did it with a santa , his boot and legs were in the wrong direction , i didnt notice it until i was almost done with it,, lol well i thought i will finish him anyway and then i will just sell it on ebay,,,, and guess what it sold, to my amazement, it was one of a kind who ever has it today, is enjoying it . it wasnt a waste but taught me to do things a little different, and same with the video,, so folks take heart,, dont be discouraged just keep on going,,, i will admit only a few never made it ,,,they made it to the wood pile to burn but at least i tried. i know how frustrating it can be to see your mistake at the moment you realized that you did it wrong, but keep at it ,, if it doesnt work out, then try it again,,, we alland mean all of us woodcarvers have been there and done that, so if your new ,, thats ok,, try it again or try to repair it, you be amazed at what you will learn from your mistakes, happy and safe carving , and remember your not the only one that make carving mistakes , arleen

Sunday, September 13, 2009

it's been fun and finding and taking the time in the fall to carve

hi folks, lot going on these days, and the new facebook account that was up for a couple of days is doing well, new friends are coming to the site, and some are posting pics, which is the idea for this site. great carvings, and i enjoy seeing them very much. well today i will try again to start another project for my youtube channel, and i hope to be able to get a few video clips done, time seems to always get away from me, i dont know about you but everytime i get a bit of time to carve something else gets in the way,,, i guess thats just life and it makes it even more special to get that time to carve, my favorite thing to do , is to take a lawn chair, ( which is always in the car just in case there is time ) and my carving box , and drive to one of my outdoor getaways, and just sit and carve, esp in the fall when the leave turn, my favorite time of the year. i get a window of about two weeks when the leaves are the best, so i dont want to miss it this year, so find and take the time to carve in your favorite place this fall. happy carving

Friday, September 11, 2009

here is the link to the facebook site if your interested


pineapple is the next project on youtube and monday starts my hobo class in morgantown pa.

hi folks, the next project on youtube is a pineapple, i got the idea from going to a craft shop, this is a good project that will be good for a beginner and advance alike ,, i have to paint this one yet will do hopefully today,, the one on youtube will be a bit bigger so there is going to be alot to carve, but i sure you will find this project fun,,, alot going on these days, i am getting ready for my class that i will be teaching , the hobo santa, i am looking forward to it, got all the tools and carvers gloves thumb guard and ready to go,,, ohhhh and the knives too LOL we cant forget them,,, and a strops that i made this past week. so come join me if you like to try to carve this pineapple, happy and safe carving, and also dont forget join the facebook so you can post your carving projects the name is ARLEEN CARVERSWOODSHOP thanks folks for stopping by ,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

something new to try ,,, facebook ( arleen carverswoodshop)

hi folks i created another account, , called ARLEEN CARVERSWOODSHOP the reason for this is that you can post some of your finish pictures of your carvings, post it on my facebook wall.,, if your interested in joining just ask for a friend request,, i hope to post some of my old humble carvings, and hope this will help those that are just starting to carve,, its wonderful to go to a show to see other carvings but not everyone is able to go or to near a woodcarving show, this is also a wonderful way for woodcarvers to get ideas, ,, hope you see you on carverswoodshop facebook page, arleen

Sunday, September 6, 2009

ebay, my santas , snowmen for sale , and teaching how to do hobo angel ornament

hi folks, you will see from time to time on my youtube channel, santas that will be for sale on ebay, this really is for collectors, and that they could see it better in a video if they want to see more about my santas, i am still teaching, i just using the other avenues to reach folks, so i thought i give it a try a couple of times and see what happens, its interesting to try new things, when it come to the computer,,, lol and then i wonder what happen to all my time,,,, mostly on the computer these days, just put up 4 videos for the hobo angel ornament, a few folks wanted to see how to do it, so thought it be the best time to get that done, more videos tomorrow to finish up the angel, happy carving everyone, arleen

Saturday, September 5, 2009

time to do the hobo angel ornament, and getting ready for my hobo santa carving class!

hi folks, another project that you might to do in an evening or two, is a hobo angel ornament, the detail is about the same as in the round that i did earlier, i hope to do this in about 5 to 6 videos, i will start it soon,,, been busy trying to make some strops for my class coming up on sept 14...., think i have 4 folks so far, room for a few more, i am also working on the hobo santa that i will be making in the class,, alot of prep work,,, but looking forward to teaching, here are some pics of the ornament i will be doing on youtube

Thursday, September 3, 2009

finished pumpkins, a fun and easy project

its a fun project for the fall, if you like to learn to carve one come to www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop
happy carving, arleen