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Thursday, September 30, 2010

walking stick ,,, a day for carving (rain)

hi folks, i been trying to find some time to do some carving,,, i had another small load of my branches that someone got for me,, i looked at them and decided to try a walking stick for one,,, kinda like the branch guys,, so i took one and worked on it all evening, i will have to work on it a bit more,,, i had another cane here that i got in frankenmuth, mich at their show 4 years ago,, its half done,,, it was a cane made of basswood,, i just could not get my mind wrap around it,, and found it difficult to handle to carve,, and the wood is hard,,,, but this piece was green ,, what a dream , the bark came off easy in the areas i removed it,,, so i doing it for my mom , tulips are one it,, and i wanted something simple to carve for a few days,, ,, once it is done i will post a photo,,, this walking branch is tulip popular lol ( and i am carving tulips on it lol ) ,, i know this wood is not the norm for making walking sticks, its been fun to do ssomething new,, and i was ready to carve something,,, this happens when i dont carve a few days,,, its raining a lot today,, tropical storm coming up the coast ,, we dont get many of these in pa ,, but its still raining, ,, have a great day folks and happy carving, arleen

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just posted some things on ebay

hi folks i just posted some of my standing branches, and christmas pickle, on ebAy,,
if your interested do a search for carverswoodshop, or standing branch, or christmas pickLE,, thanks for dropping by, arleen

Saturday, September 25, 2010


hi folks there are three videos on this project, all three are on my youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop enjoy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

will start the christmas pickle project soon,

hi folks here is a photo of my christmas pickle ,, a very easy project for the beginner,, i think there will be two videos on it,, short and sweet,,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

well you never know what you will learn,,, christmas pickle??

hi folks, as i was working at the mall, someone told me about a christmas pickle... do you know what it is??,, i didnt so i wanted to know more,, so here came my questions lol
well the christmas pickle is a ornament, or a small item in a shape of a green pickle, they would put it in the tree so the child that found the pickle first would get an extra gift,,, so i decided i was going to google it,, love google,, lol and found that indeed its an old christmas tradition from germany. so i will see if i can find a good picture to make a small one for a project,, it should be simple, so not only did i learn something new but also maybe a neat idea for a project,,, how many of you know of the christmas pickle?? happy carving to you all, arleen

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

carving pumpkins , for the next event and i was ask to speak at a club

hi folks,,, good morning,, i have been carving pumpkins , its a change from the ornaments and santas as i have work on in the past. i found that the pumpkins were somewhat of a hit with folks so that is what am aiming to get done this week,, the next festival will be oct 9 at the same place where haycreek was located , at jonanna funace, three miles north of morgantown,,, this time the canopy will be simple to set up,,, also i got a phone call from a woodcarver that was a head of their carving club in east berlin, pa, she wanted to know if i would be able to do a presentation at one of their meeting,, i said sure, so that will be nov 21 on sunday,, once i get more details i will blog it,, lol funny speaking behind a camera is a lot different then in front of folks, so here i go again,, venturing in an area that i may not be comfortable with, but you never know unless you try,,, i have done some public speaking years ago, but to long ago to really remember, lol my age is showing,,,,,, well hope you all are having a great week,, i will let you know more info on this as i get more info on it,, take care, happy carving, arleen

Monday, September 13, 2010

some interesting things this past weekend, carving is the about the same

hi folks,, the festival is over and this is what i got out of it ,
one , that other vendors are very helpful, thinking i could do this on my own,, with some teaching from another vendor joe next to me and a friend that came along , well i now know how to breakdown the canopy and its so much easier then when i started this last thursday, today i set the canopy up and down twice,, its simple once you know what your doing, i also learn that you never know who or what you might run into at a show/festival, sunday was a good day,, even though i was ready to pack up in the morning due to the rain, and did it rain ,,,but i check the canopy and it was dry and just fine, i went ahead and set up and low and behold it turn out to be a great day,, i came home a bit earlier, and its amazing the amount of work some of the other vendors had, i had work but some of these folks spent hours setting up,,, took me two hours the first day, by the third day it was about 45 mins, so see practice makes perfect, or close to it, lol,, so many of ya folks follows this blog and i want you to know you will see things as they are,,, i wasnt happy the first couple of days, we were in the back, but sometimes we need to check our attitude at the door before we leave home,,, and make the best of it,, and having family and friends to bounce off some things what i could do better helped me alot , which i decided sunday....and what works at one show may not at another and you have to adjust to it,,, ..... learn what you can and you never know unless you try it, and the same applies to carving, learn what you can from others,, and try it keep at it , and you never know how good you can be,,hopefully the apple festival is next oct 9 , lol here i go again,,,,,, , have a great week,, keep carving, arleen

Sunday, September 12, 2010


this was sat, and it rain today, but it was a good day,, in fact i did better sunday,, go figure,, lol happy carving everyone

festival,,a time to learn

hi folks,,, if i said i had a wonderful time this weekend, well i would not be truthfull... it raining today,, and that is all new to me,,, i found one thing that has been positive that folks are willing to help you out. i had a friend helping me set up the canopy, and we did ok with it,,, but the next day,, the vendor joe, said that it can go higher,, lol i had no idea it could,, so we lifted the front higher which made it look larger, and more inviting for folks to enter,,, learning how to display etc is all new to me,,, the indoor shows of course are much easier,, chatted with a lot of folks,, sold things,, and to top the weekend its raining today,, and i mean raining,,, thought of packing up yesterday as some vendors have done, but i thought i will go and see, first to see how much the canopy will leak, they ( other vendors, said the canopy will not the first year ) lol i will find out when i go today,, it was very warm inside, having a power pack with a small fan was great,,, i have a video of my canopy and set out at the festival,, i will load it tonight when i have more time,,, hope you all have a happy and safe sunday,,, and carve carve carve,,, arleen

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

carvings are done and dvds are ready,, the canopy goes up tomorrow

well , folks, the time is getting closer,, boy did i ever carve a lot of stuff,,, i painted my ornaments for five hours straight ,, and got all of them done,,, just a few things yet but i am ready,,, tomorrow i set up the canopy and the sides along with the tables and chairs,, lol that is all i could fit in the car, good thing i am able to bring the carvings and dvds friday the start of the festival,,,,, to those of you that do this all the time, your my hero,, its so much work,, i never thought how much it took me at least a week to get all the stuff i needed, for this show,,, cause of it being outside,, ohhhh i am bringing two cans of wasp spray,, i am not a fan of bees, esp the yellow jacks, nasty little critters,.. so i am ready to do some serious running if i need to LOL well its one of god's creatures that i dont care for,,,, well they are calling for rain sunday,, it will indeed be an interesting weekend,,, keep carving, i will have updates this weekend,, take care, arleen

Monday, September 6, 2010

ta-da. i did it, got it up by myself only took an hour

lol lol ohhh my,,, yes i decided i was going to put the canopy out first before the festival, good thing i did,, after about 25 mins i decided to READ the instrutions, ( much easier ) lol and well getting it down was a learning experience ,,, but overall it will work out ok,, and i did it by myself,, so its looks nice and bright white in color,, so far so good, still have a bunch of items to paint,, will do them tomorrow , well a few more days ,, i about ready as i will ever be,, so hopefully it will go well, and i know for sure i will have fun, keep carving , arleen

almost ready for the big festival,

hi folks, as i run around like crazy this past week things are coming together, i have a few things yet to do and i will be ready,, found a nice 10x10 canopy , and now i am going to see if i can set it up in the yard before setting it up at the festival,, no one wants to look like they dont know what they are doing,,, lol ,,,,i have a new appreciation for those that do this on a regular basis,, i am sure once i do a few shows it will get easier, having everything you need, will be a big help,, an outdoor show there is a big difference ,, the weather of course is the biggest factor, and the wind,, i dont want it to blow away so i going to make sure it stays put. well i will give you an update, and i am sure either way , i will have a good time, happy carving, arleen

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


hi folks i am loading the videos how to carve a acorn, ornament,, so it will be fun will post it here in a few hours thanks