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Monday, October 29, 2012


hi folks sorry its taking so long to get the reindeer finished, i started it before i left for michigan and now with the storm , was so super busy getting things put away here at the farm and at my home,, so much going on,,  i will try to get it done later this week,, lol i think i said that last week,,   well anyway,, the mich trip was super, the show was great, not a lot of folks but it was a nice crowd all the same,,,
the storm is getting stronger, here ,we have some hours to go before its over,,  lots of rain, and some winds so far about 40 mph,,   i been in the camper/studio ,,, but so far i dont even feel the wind shaking it,, which i thought it might,,   someone told me since i put it up on some blocks it will not rock so that is a good way to secure it i guess,,  i know alot of folks are having water issues,, so its going to be a long night,
keep well and safe to all you folks on the east coast,, this too shall pass,, take care, arleen

Thursday, October 25, 2012


hi folks, there are so far 12 video clips of this project, i will not be able to finish this till this weekend,, thanks and enjoy,, arleen

Monday, October 22, 2012


this video was special to me,, thanks to all that took the time to help me make these videos,, total of three of the frankenmuth show,, enjoy,, arleen

Monday, October 15, 2012

an easy solution to finish the manger scene

today i went to the store tree and found this little manger , for a buck how can you go wrong, took it  and put one of my stars on the top,, i think it looks fine, and happy with it ,, its a nice finish ,  ok here is the photo of it

Sunday, October 14, 2012

FRANKENMUTH WOODCARVING SHOW oct 22 2012 , i plan to be there


lucy the little kitten at the farm

here is calvins new friend , sorta of lol, they get along ok,,  this is lucy,, sweet little cat at the farm

Saturday, October 13, 2012

the apple fest show is behind me , and frankenmuth woodcarving show coming up next wee

hi folks, i had a great time at the apple fest , it was a last min decision to go.  the thought of setting up the big white tent , was a bit overwhelming to me with trying to get some work done here around my home and farm,,, but i went,, it was a very cold morning, i was out the door by 5am and setup by 630 and they open at 7am,,  the temps was 32 till about 10am this morning, the car was close enough to hop in the car to warm up a bit, and my normal big display was very small,,  i did not take all the videos with me, as you do shows , every show is different, and you can adjust what you bring along, , in the photo the other table that you do not see are some of the videos and carvings just let folks see what i do on youtube,,   there is a lot of interest in carving in general,, which always makes it worth to me to set up,, sold a lot of carvings, the christmas pickles were a hit again this year , about sold out of them lol   ,  so please if you get a chance to do a show do so,, yes its alot of work , some things you learn along the way , what to bring and what sells, at which shows,, the only thing i didnt think of was the smaller tent was 6x6 with no sides,  it was to short, when i stood to chat with people well could not see them,, lol so i sat down to carve and that brings folks around to see what your doing, esp kids,,  seem to enjoy it and asked many questions,  it was a good day, also i was able to meet a couple that followed me on youtube for some time, they came a long distance to a wedding and came up in this area for a few days, and came to see me at the apple fest, what a treat, to meet folks that i know only by name on facebook ,or by emails,, so overall the day was great,
now i am planning on the frankenmuth show in mich on oct 20th , i done this show before, and look forward to going, it will again not be the set up like i would have here in lancaster due to the lack of room in the car,, but i plan to have a great time all the same and hopefully meet some of you there ,, take care and keep carving

Friday, October 12, 2012

SITLL at it, one more to go

hi folks, i didnt realize how much work i had to do before i got to painting the house, alot of repair and some replacing patches of the cedar siding,, i always love cedar but to maintain it ,,,,, well its work,, the rain we had the past few weeks, has me a little behind where i thought i would be,, but that seems to be most things that we work on , it always takes longer than we think,   but at least i keep moving along,, i was not going to go tomorrow to the apple fest so that i could stay home to continue, but you know what time is to short , not to enjoy some things in  life,,   after this wall is done then one more to go,, another week or two it should be done,, like carving i just keep at it ,,  keep carving folks

apple fest tomorrow, and frankenmuth show in a week, no open house till oct27

hi folks today i sign up to be a vendor at the hay creek apple fest north of morgantown,, its outside and its to be super cold in the morning, i will be there about 530 to set up,, and see how it goes ,, last year it was a nice time,,  so my next open house will be oct 27th 12-5pm   ok folks time to pack the car,, take care and have a nice weekend , then next week oct 20th  i will be at the frankenmuth show in mick , keep carving ,

Monday, October 8, 2012


HI EVERYONE, HERE WE GO, the first and last videos will be on facebook the rest will be on my youtube channel,,  total videos i believe will be 16 video clips , i have the last one to tape after i am done painting it later today,, thanks and enjoy,,  arleen

Sunday, October 7, 2012

new project coming cone mrs claus

ok folks what is coming up is a new project a request to make a mrs claus so i am done with carving it , now to clean it up for a day and paint it,, so i will post the new project called cone mrs claus 14 videos total for this project, coming up hopefully starting tomorrow

woodcarving lessons, private,,

hi folks some of you asked if i do private instruction of woodcarving, yes i do,, i have  email some of you about it but i think it is time to put it out there for those that would like to know the cost, etc so here i go,,
i know many of you are not able to attend a class when its posted ,  due to work and family commitments ,,  which i sure understand,  but also i find some folks prefer , esp beginners to have the one on one instruction  so i will begin to set time aside for this,, i will have normally afternoons and evenings open,, or sat mornings ok,,,,   sorry no sundays,,  i always reserve that day to the lord and my family.
min of 2 hours ,, i find by the time you sit down , and chat a bit, mins can go quickly,,  so the instructions are 2 hours long,, i find most folks that begin, two hours is enough  and  to stop to give them a break,,
cost is 35.00  for two hours,   when someone just needs a few things help with then that is when my open house sat afternoon comes in,,  its a time to catch up on a class your taking and were not  able to finish,, and also sometimes a classroom of 4-6 people some folks are going to be quicker to finish their projects,, also the open house is a chance for you to bring along questions that you may have about wood carving, or sharpening painting etc  .
i only sell some blanks for the cone projects when i have a class, or dvds,  sorry i do not sell any tools , but don does at his shop in lancaster, and he will be happy to help you and his prices are fair,,  so be sure to ck with him if you need wood or tools,, he is part of the lancaster county woodcarving club, here is information if you need to contact him,, he does not have a website but an email and the good old fashion thing called a telephone, to contact him,, lol   and i dont get a kickback from him,, just glad to have folks get the right stuff to carve,, so be sure to call him for any of your carving needs ,, here is my number 484-364-0471 or email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com

hillcrest carving
3540 Marietta Avenue Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 285-7117

thanks , and keep carving,, arleen

JUST HAVING FUN,, :) smaller projects

howdy folks,, i so enjoyed making the cone chef  last week,, i was so happy how he looked at the end, and   every so often,, i take delight in carving something new,,,  and this project was in my head that morning, and by evening i had most of it carved,  those are the projects that bring joy to carving,, its not a long project but a simple one,, not days of how am i going to do this but hours,,  sometimes for me , these out of the blue projects tend to be the most rewarding,..  you can take a simple project and it can bring a new added joy to your carvings,  
many of us plan ahead for project that are big, and very detailed,  i notice that when we had our bring and brag time at our lancaster woodcarving meeting,, my carving were small,, compared to the larger projects that it sat along on the table,,  we have some wonderful talented carvers in our group,,,   but mine were tiny.,   i had to think ,, i use to do bigger projects, but not so much since i video tape many of them for my youtube channel,,  smaller seems to be more to my liking then carving anything that is large,, not saying that i would not like to do a larger piece from time to time,,  i plan to ,, but for now i am happy with the smaller ones,,   for a number of reasons
i dont need any clamps and vises to hold my project,, its a good fit in my hand,,
i can take it anywhere to work on it,
faster to complete a few hours then days,
and easier to paint, ( most of the time)
i would like to do some larger cone projects,, i might just do that for fun,,  but i having fun just doing what i doing,, why change it at this point,, keep carving folks

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CONE CHEF #13 end

ok folks here is the last video of 13 and the rest of them you can find on my youtube channel , thanks and enjoy, arleen

finished cone chef photos

 the 13 videos will be post by later this afternoon,, thanks for stopping by enjoy

unfinished cone chef

there will be 13 videos of this project coming soon,, two are up so far,, take care and enjoy, one more to go after he is painted

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


hi folks another project, i hope you enjoy it , more videos will be loaded later today on my youtube channel,, keep carving