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Saturday, March 31, 2012

finished little blackfoot woman and baby,

i had an awesome time creating these indians,, it was a blast,, thanks for stoping bye ,, the one with the two of them together will be the cover of the dvd, once i get it together should be done by monday,,

Friday, March 30, 2012


unpainted blackfoot indian woman ( baby)

hi folks , i will paint it tonight hopefully,, and post video and photos later, thanks again,, both this project and the blackfoot indian project will be on one dvd i think both will fit,, ok i keep you posted thanks for watching and enjoy, arleen


hi folks one more video after i paint it yet to come,, to complete this project


i notice that video 3 of the indian woman was out of focus,, sorry folks its sometimes just doesnt work, i do believe the rest is ok,, both of these will still go on a dvd as planned, i was going to put one on each with another simple carving one each but decided it might be nice to do both on one dvd,, so i learn some things i cant redo and accept it, ,, thanks for your understanding,, arleen

there are 11 clips so far,, and one to go after i finish painting it,, thanks everyone,


Thursday, March 29, 2012

ok new project the little indian woman with a baby is next

hi folks,, guess what,, i have a littlle blackfoot woman with a baby to add to the little blackfoot, so its a blackfoot family will paint it up tomorrow, and finish the videos,, give me a day or two to load them up ,, lol i never knew how much fun it was to carve these indians ,, so much you can do with them all of these are out of the cone project series,,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little blackfoot indian ,,,, and the cone series continues....and just a bit about detail for beginners

hi folks i hope you enjoy the last project i just completed the little blackfoot indian,, one of the reasons i love doing this project was i never did an indian before,, and after 30 years i needed to do one LOL but the real truth be told,, i enjoyed the detail, and i just wanted beginners to know that you dont have to do anything difficult to attain detail the cuts i did on this project were simple and the effect was great,, so sometime simple things can be done to add to your piece ,,,, just like the deeper cuts can make a world of difference in a carving,, so dont be afraid to try the detail,, yes i used a parting too or a v tool,, ( they are the same in my book ) but you can attain the same look just using a knife ,, it will just take longer, i will say that if you use the knife only approach you will see a crisper cut,, v tool have a very small u shape, were the two angles met,, so the choice is yours,, have fun with it ,, and keep at it ,, thanks again for watching,, happy and safe carving to ya all , arleen


HERE YA GO FOLKS, lol i enjoyed carving this little blackfoot indian i will post some photos as well and change the name to all the videos so you can find it to LITTLE BLACKFOOT INDIAN,, ENJOY


here is the new mystery carving i just completed ,, lol i had so much fun carving him,, he is called little blackfoot... got the name from a friend of my that said there was some blackfoot indian in their past ,,
enjoy,, arleen

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new mystery project on its way lol

ok folks here i go again,, when i think i cant come up with any other projects, here is a fun one,,, some of you like the mystery carving, i got another one,, i will post the firist couple of viideos tonight ,,, and i wait a couple of days to see if you can figure it out,, lol ,, this is fun :)

cone santa head project , it was fun,,


Monday, March 26, 2012

downloading video off the net??

just a few words about downloading, i know on the wci forum, this issue has come up,, i am allowing only to watch my videos on youtube, not to download them, i know some will want to download and i respectfully ask that you dont,, i have dvds available i feel at a reasonable price, for any project that you would prefer to have a hard copy of it, but you are welcome to watch as many times as you wish on youtube for free,, all the projects are my own design,, and because of that fact, the copyright laws apply,, i enjoy making the cone projects for you folks, and have a new one that is in the works that i think you will all enjoy,,, coming in a few days,,,,, , i love making videos and will continue to do so,, thanks for your understanding of this matter,, keep carving folks,, arleen

TODAY marks my third year on youtube march 26, 2009 and a word to beginners

hi folks, wow you never know how far you come along until you stop to look,, and today its been three years on youtube,, little did i know what this would become, after almost 1100 videos 44 dvds, with over 80 projects, it makes me tired just to think of it LOL , not only the amount of work but the people that i gotten to know as well, with facebook, and the group keeps adding new folks every week, the countless emails of new beginners and others that have followed me along the way,,, just THANK YOU , to all that gave a kind word, and encouraging me to keep going, and keep going is what i plan to do,, just take heart if you new to carving,
dont be discourage , keep at it ,, i promise if you put the time into carving you will see an improvement along the way,, just like building my youtube channel and videos etc was not done in one day, but many days,, with a steady at it approach is what you also need to learn to carve, its not just reading about it , its hands on,, and learning along the way,,
i had no idea how to put a video on youtube,, but i pressed on,, learning what i could and after about a month,, BINGO i was on my way,, it seems overwhelming to me now to look back,, and if someone said today make 1100 videos and 44 dvds in a month,, i would look at them and tell them there is NO WAY i could do it in that amount of time,,, well the same applies when you carve, you dont learn everything in one day or one class or video or book, but a steady at it approach is the only way,, and doing homework,,, lol i know no one wants to here that but true,, you will not learn it at once,, but you will see improvements every time you carve,,, so keep at it,, keep learning what you can,, and here are some simple steps for the beginner that is sooooo important to remember
just a word about what projects for a beginner,, try not to go beyond your skills,, meaning start with something simple,, it will be an encouragement to do more difficult projects,, nothing wrong with trying those projects but i find that if its to difficult for folks to do , it easy to be discourage with carving,, ok folks keep carving , keep at it,, arleen

hi folks this is the photo of the new project the cone santa head.... the one on the left is the project that was done on youtube, more videos to come to complete this project , enjoy, arleen

Sunday, March 25, 2012


there are 8 videos to this project , three will be up tonight,, others tomorrow,, and have to paint it yet for the final video llater,, enjoy,, it was fun to do

NEXT new project

hi folks,, a new project about to be loaded up its the cone santa head project ,, you can use it was a bottle stopper if you like,, it will be up soon,, keep carving

NEXT new project

hi folks,, a new project about to be loaded up its the cone santa head project ,, you can use it was a bottle stopper if you like,, it will be up soon,, keep carving

Friday, March 23, 2012

mowing the yards in march ??? here we go again,, oh my

wow folks, i cant believe i just mowed my yard for the first time this season in march,, way to early,,
well i was kinda proud of myself today,, the lawn mower rider,, well a flat tire so i put air in it,, from a compressor , then i got it outside, went to start it and it turn over but would not start,, ok,, i ran the battery down, so got the battery charger hooked it up and waited, but i remember that fuel filter that i saw was empty, ,, well i took the fuel filter off, and notice that the gas drained ok the little that was left, in the filter so it was not clogged, but the hose from the gas tank to the filter was not draining,, so i took the air compressor and blew some air in the hose back to the tank and bingo,, it was flowing out of the tank,, i hooked everything back up and the battery at this time was charged enough and it started with no problem,, i normally would call someone, but this time i decide i would try to fix it on my own,, lol i got the biggest kick out of that today,,,,
well then the trimmer would not start,, i notice the rubber ball that you push to get it started,, had a hole in it,, so i took it apart and went to honey brook hardware, that i knew sold these type of trimmers, and i got a new part , and a new filter , and i came home reassembled it and bingo it started,, well one yard done,, now for next week i will have to see if dads rider is working, if not well i have to get it going,, as you can see carving will have to wait a bit, there is so much work outside to do ,, but somehow everything gets done every year,, and somehow,, carving still happens,, so maybe after things settle a bit i can find a nice shade tree to carve under, lol there are no leaves on the trees yet, i guess that will have to wait too, keep carving folks , and happy mowing season :)

finished tulip cone pin project,, it was fun

i enjoy making this project,, i hope many of you enjoy it,, take care and keep carving, arleen



Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012


there are five videos of this show enjoy, arleen

Saturday, March 17, 2012

just the beginning,,some photos now and videos coming later

hi folks, the lancaster woodcarving show is in full swing,, i was able to set up on friday instead of sat, which made it much easier for me... today is now sat night as i write this ,, one more day at the show, and then its time to pack it up till next year again,, i plan to go in earlier sunday morning, and do two short interviews with two carvers,, both have their special carving art, and i look forward to it,, i am amazed how easy it is to get approval of carvers willing to be videoed, i give them the choice after they agree to be interviewed if they want to be on camera or not,, i can do it either way,, some are shy to be in a video which i can fully understand,, and if they are not comfortable .. then they may stand in the background and just explain about their carvings, it really is neat to be able to do this,, i am not a report nor a writer as you can plainly see, i just do it , and run with it,, and sometime it works out for the best,, i dont concern myself and edit things to death,, first it takes way to much time ,, which the videos already takes a great deal just to tape and put them on youtube,, so if i had to edit everything,, i would only have a faction of the videos up,, and i think carvers are very forgiving lol not one time have i had someone complain about an interview not being done right,, carvers are just happy to learn what they can from other carvers ,, thanks to all that do take the time to watch,, and hope tomorrow we will all learn a bit more about carving that we didnt know before, happy carving

Thursday, March 15, 2012

calvin the cat, not to happy with me LOL

i was just helping out,, well he didnt like it to much lol , he as his bad days too :) he warned me the first time , i should have gotten the hint LOL i will next time ,


Wednesday, March 14, 2012



hi folks,, the last video of this project will be up later today,, the bunny on the left was the one that was carved on the video,, hope you enjoyed the project,, have a great week,, and keep carving,, arleen

Monday, March 12, 2012


one more video to come  with it painted,, later tomorrow ,, enjoy arleen

Sunday, March 11, 2012


hi folks, there are 6 videos so far,, i will finish the project hopefully tomorrow,, a few more videos to go ,, enjoy, arleen

CHURCH ? some things never change

this has nothing to do with woodcarving,, i wanted to share this just cause it made me smile and you never know how what you do will affect someone else,, the past couple of months i sat in church someone handed me a peppermint....( now some folks might take offense of this) they were eating one and gave me one the first time,, the next couple of times if i didnt sit to far away,, well i got one tossed my way! ,, i love peppermints and i always welcomed it,, it was from a couple i didnt know to well other then the fact i enjoy sitting in that area of church,, well today half way during the sermon ,, i felt something hit my arm LOL another peppermint!!! i took it out of the wrapper and ate it, :) i had to finally tell them why i enjoyed it , and what it meant to me
well as a child in the dutch christian reformed church ( crc ) every week we went to church,, and before the sermon started lo and behold the roll of KING'S PEPPERMINT, made its way down the pew,, being handed to each person , and each taking one , and the roll always return to the person that shared it,, with 3-4 left.. and we did this every week,, it must be a dutch tradition...well it is,, my mom said this was done every sunday, before the semon, as long as she can remember in holland , and she will be 80 this year, lol
well many years later , my sister still attends a crc church,( in canada) while i was there for a visist , when to church with her, and before the sermon here came the roll of kings peppermint again,, passed down the pew,, again returned again to the one that started it .. it made me smile,, some things never change :) which is a good thing
so after church i explain why i enjoy the peppermint that was tossed to me, to the folks that have been sharing them with me, they were not dutch, they just like peppermints :) , little did they know what a pleasant memory of the past they gave to me every time i got one,, keep carving,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

did my heart good !!!

hi folks,, as i continue to make my instructional woodcarving videos on youtube,, more and more folks email me that they enjoy watching the videos,, and i want to thank those of you that did email me in the past,, i always enjoy hearing from beginners ,, cause the are sooooo exicted to learn a new hobby and be able to do it right at home , which the internet and youtube provide.
at the show in fairliess hill ( delaware valley show ) i met some of the new and season carvers that follow me on youtube... what a delight,, it really is,,, but the one that made my day was a new carver that only started a couple of months ago,, came up to my table,, and said he just finished the shepherd that he followed on youtube,, he did a wonderful job,, i was amazed that he was only carving for a short two months,, he got the details just right,, and it did my heart good to see it ..
i seem to forget how many of you watch the youtube channel,, i try to remember that new folks are eager to learn,, when at times i feel i repeat the simplest things, its may be the first time someone is hearing it,, it may be there first attempt at carving,, i am beginning to see when i have folks come up to the table to chat with me that their eagerness gives them away,, i can tell by their face as soon as they approach and they also tell me,,, lol i notice that more this past show ... but its been happening at every show i go to,,, but they are eager to tell me what they are working on, and what they like to do, and also eager to learn soooo much more, they love coming to a show,, i will see them hours later still chatting with other carvers etc ,, and i learn from them as well,, i always learn something at the shows, and from folks around me.... but beginners bring that fresh new look and excitment to the craft,, if you been carving for a long time,, do you remember when you started?,, how much fun it was to go to a show?,, seeing all the books? , tools and carvings?, and chatting with other carvers?,, it was a blast,, i remember those feelings,, and the beginners that i see at the show bring that same attitude with them, its refreshing,, often times many of us that have been in woodcarving for a long time,, see it as a dying art,, i dont,, i see it as a new wave of new beginners, and many will be a natural at it,, so its not a dying art, or craft, to many its a new wonderful world open up to them,, they want to learn and soak up everything they can,, but just like me ,, they will only be able to soak up only so much at a time,, its a art /craft that you only learn by doing it ,, not reading only books or watching videos, but hands on,, so beginners does my heart good,, keep carving folks,, arleen

Friday, March 2, 2012

double cone policeman finished,,


hi folks i am finished with the double cone policeman,, four more videos were added,, have fun, and enjoy,, arleen

Thursday, March 1, 2012

no wonder i cant get my taxes done LOL

calvin loves this blanket !!


hi folks, i plan to finish this project hopefully tomorrow,, enjoy arleen