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Monday, August 30, 2010

working to get ready,, all new to me

hi folks, i know the youtube channel has been slow to get some new things up,, i will try to find the time to get a couple of videos up for a new idea, a simple one for a beginner,, i am in the process of looking for a canopy for the hay creek festival ,, knowing really nothing about what is better than another, sides or no sides,, so i am a looking,,,,,, this outside craft show is a new area and how to maybe reach some that might be interested in woodcarving,, one thing i do know if you do any shows its a lot of work,, and planning,, my first show at lancaster woodcarvers show, was a great indoor show,, not sure how that show will all go but it was fine, i have everything in boxes ( kinda) and ( kinda ) ready to go to the next (indoor) show,, lol what was i thinking , outdoors your taking a chance with the weather, and wind and heat, etc, so it will be interesting, and i can see it can be exhausting , not only to set up, be there all day but all the talking one may have to do,, mind you i enjoy chatting with folks, so i dont think that will be a problem, but three days of it might tax my energy level, but looking forward to it all,, like they say nothing ventured nothing gained, and its all new to me,,, happy carving everyone,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

HAY CREEK FESTIVAL i will be there

hi folks, i am going to venture into a new area,, i am going to the hay creek festival in sept,, i will have some of my carving for sale and also my dvds,, i have no idea how it will go,, but i been there many years ago and its a big event , i was told about 10,000 folks come over the three day event, i plan to be there for all three days, if your interested please ck out the photos of the event,, this is not a woodcarving show, but many different crafts,,,, i have much to do ,, wow and its about two weeks away,, looking forward to it,, ok take care i off to do some carving, lol time is short,,

back to the real world and to the future

hi folks i did have a very special weekend.... i guess the older ya get the more simple things have that special meaning for me, the people around me made it very special indeed. my sister bought some of the ornaments for christmas,,, and so i am back to carving a bit more cause time goes quickly , and before you know it we will be looking at the holidays at the end of the year,,, so back to the real world of carving and working, and looking forward the future, fall is a coming lol my favorite time of the year,,, happy carving , arleen

Monday, August 23, 2010

a special day,,,,,chatting ,carving , gift enough for me

hi folks i guess today is a special day, today i am 50,, wow its really hard to believe, i dont feel like it.... i am not one to make a big deal about my birthday, parties are not my thing, and i told my sister and mom that i prefer to have a quite day,, well so far so good, my sister came down for the weekend, and came here this morning for coffee, ( my sister is from canada) and today we will be going to a favorite spot to eat with my family, at shady maple, some of you might know of it,, everyone loves shady,, all you can eat, and believe me there is plenty to choose from,, its been a good day so far, and low key,,, i hope you all have a great day what is left of it,, i will be taking my carving box along to my folks, and will enjoy some carving time along with chatting with my family out on the deck,, thats a gift enough for me, spending some time together,, happy carving everyone
oh the flowers is from my aunt arlene from canada, very nice , thanks

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

decisions ,, , just not today

hi folks we all have them,, deciding what to do next,, it what we will have to eat to where we will go, and my goodness what to carve next,,, some carvers have a list of things they would like to do, and some of us don't. i sometimes have a few things in mind what to carve next,,, sometimes it comes to me out of the blue, and other times i struggle what to do next,, i hope that you have list of things you would like to carve, i have my big wish list of what i like to carve, that is waiting for me in the future,,, and someday it will come to pass ,, just not today,, its good to have a dream of what you like to do,,, that is what keeps me going,,, happy carving, arleen

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lancaster county woodcarvers club meets tonight , and busy making a new dvd

hi folks, i will be going to the lancaster woodcarvers club meeting tonight, and i am looking forward to it,,, along with going to the meeting, today i put another dvd together, the tree bear ornament and the eagle flag branch ornament . the master is made, and will have to put together the cover and patterns,, so it will be a couple of days yet,, and deciding what shows to go to this fall, the william rush is for sure, frankenmuth in mich and ont canada show both of these i am considering to attend ,,,, and there is a large fall festival here in morgantown pa,, called haycreek and after calling them i might be going to set up there,, so it would be next month sept if i go,, will have to research i a bit more,, well folks hope your all enjoying the ending of summer,, it feels that way to me when sept is in sight,,, happy carving, arleen

Monday, August 16, 2010

updating the dvds that are available on www.arleenscarverswoodhop.blogspot.com

hi folks, if you visit my other blog that has the dvds and patterns for sale you will see something new, i am slowly adding the projects that are only available on dvd and putting a buy it now button from paypal to make it easier to order,,, someone suggested that i put a photo for each of the dvd of what the project would look like, so this is the cover of the dvd that you will see, of the finished piece,,, the standing branch will be the next dvd with another christmas standing branch, i will start that soon
here is the link http://www.arleenscarverswoodshop.blogspot.com
there are also patterns available thank you , arleen

what is next,,, well it has to do with christmas,, lol coming soon i promise


hi folks this is the end video all videos 1-10 are on youtube, for you to watch,, it will be up for a short time and then i will put it on dvd,, thanks for watching enjoy, arleen

Friday, August 13, 2010

new carving classes to start soon, mid to late sept

hi folks, i will be putting together a couple of carving classed together,, for fall, if your interested please email me, carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
i will have one day class and one evening class that will be about 4-5 weeks, hobo santa will be featured, thanks , arleen

Monday, August 9, 2010

are you good enough?? a loaded question keep at it

are you good enough to carve? well some are better then others, some have been in it longer then others, does that make one better, and good enough to carve? what if everyone stop that thought they could never carve as well as someone else,,, what a shame , no one would be carving , they would never develop their skills, never advance ahead,, so keep at it,, i have to say something kinda important,, i know that i am not a writer, i never claim to be, i know i dont write things like others, and i thought of that the other day,, but it didnt stop me from writing a blog, or doing the many other things i do,, i dont really worry about what others thing about it,, i just put down my thoughts on a subject to this blog and if helps a few folks then its worth it,, if some folks enjoy it with all of its mistakes then it was worth it,, if i was so concern of folks i wouldnt do anything,, so dont let folks discourge you,, its hard to hear anything negative when you finish a piece, just keep at it ,, so what your not the best,, if your enjoying your carving, and you find peace and happiness in it then keep at it ,, enjoy it , happy carving , arleen

what do you think?? when your carving,,,,??

lot of us find alot of enjoyment from woodcarving,, i have to ask what do i think about when i carve,, now thats an interesting topic,, well i for one find that i think about the carving mostly,, and assessing it all the time,, carve and look at it,, but for the most part, it takes my mind off of whatever is troubling me,, its a great escape,, isnt that why we have hobbies? its a life saver to many,, when everything around you is going down hill, you can retreat to your corner of woodcarving and get lost in it,, i have many times,,, but its also a time to think , about what a neat hobby it really is ,, how far you have come over the years, and just the greatest way to relax,,, sometimes it can be frustrating as it was when i work on that chipmunk, but the rewards were wonderful to see after a difficult piece, but most of the time its pure fun,, a time to get away from it,,, and folks, i can carve in a car, outside, inside, anywhere and i will be getting away from it,, if only for a few mins with my knife and block of wood, nothing better really, happy carving , arleen


drying green wood and my next video coming up

hi folks , as i am learning how is the best way to dry green wood i been carving lately, here is a few things i have learned,,
first i have been carving my branch guys and have a couple of new ideas which i will explain in a bit,,, i love carving them green but they can split on you and crack as they dry,, i had someone cut alot of a tulip poplar tree this past couple of weeks, and now i just love to carve green,, its easier, and so much faster then the hickory and black walnut i was using,,, but a concern was how do i keep it from cracking or checking, well in my research i found a couple of things,,, and cane maker told me to glue the ends, and it was rare that he had a piece the checked on him,, so as i got my pieces cut to the length and i glued the ends of the piece,, so i dont know if this will work but i know that its worth a try but i wanted it to dry faster,, so here is what i am doing,, and i will make a video for youtube,
after some research i been doing the following,,,,,, first put it in a micowave for a min to kill any bugs,,
glue the ends,,,, then for the next couple of days put it in the micowave on defrost for 30-35 seconds,,, and let it cool 7-8 times
now i do this in a plastic bag only,, cause the smell, and take it outside take it out of the bag and let it cool,
i have a scale as i watched it go from 130 grams of weight to 83grams, i will now stop, i have most of the water out of it,, or the bulk of it,,, not sure if it will work but it looks promising, and i have re-glued the ends more a total of about three times,, you want to be careful not to leave it watch it every time you use the micowave, and one person said it caught on fire , but i think they had it on high and wayyyy to long in the micowave,, i put a paper towel in the bag in case there is water in the bag,,, but it should not be hot that you can't hold it after it comes out,, plus the ones that are not dry it will have a cool feel to it when you hold it , branchs that are dry have a warm feel to it,, so just some tips if you like to experiment with this ,, and i will have the next santa piece that i am working on soon along with these details how to dry them if your carving green,, happy carving , arleen

Friday, August 6, 2010

one of my finished relief carvings in 1986 jesus and the lamb

i did this relief many years ago, found it , and thought you folks might enjoy seeing it, i am guessing it was 1986 or earlier, i used just hand gouges and no power tool,, its about 1 3/4 thick basswood and about 14 x12 , happy carving , arleen link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhCLQ--sgJE

Thursday, August 5, 2010

butterflies lol look up

hi folks, i dont know about you but its been a hot summer in pa,,,, i have to tell ya, sometimes we can miss things if we are to busy with life,,,, i was mowing the yard at the farm, and around the barn,, i noticed something wonderful,,, as i looked up at the field that the amish just mowed for hay a few weeks ago,,, hundereds of butterflies,,, monarch , black, red, and yellow,,, and small white and yellow and black,, it was an amazing sight,, there is clover in that field so i shut off the mower and sat and watched them,, amazing,, just a flying around each other from flower to flower,, sometimes life doesnt let us enjoy the simple things,,, and it was simple , just turn off the mower and watch for a while,, i did carve a butterfly many years ago that i might just have to do it on youtube,,, so now i look for them,, everytime i mow,,, and wow they were there again today, busy as ever,,,, and to think of it i almost missed it if i didnt look up,,

for folks that ordered the video it will be shipped soon

hi folks, to those of you that ordered the video i will be shipping them out soon, i have yet to make a cover and i ran out of ink and cant refill the one i have, so a slight delay,,, but it will be soon thanks for understanding,,arleen

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


hi folks today i just completed the dvd,, and ready to go,, its 2 hours and 40 mins long,, and what is next on youtube, i have a couple of ideas,, lol i will be back later with more infromation,, take care arleen

Monday, August 2, 2010


hi folks, well i am done making the videos clips, , so that i can make a few dvds,,, to order please email me, and you can pay by paypal or by ck ( in usa funds only) email me for details, if you want to order it on youtube, they are loaded on youtube, in the private mode,,, if you have paypal, you will be able to view this project,, email for more details carverswoodshop@yahoo.com 20.00 free shiping in the usa and canada only,, please if your not in the usa or canada you can order it on youtube its 10.00 for a month of access, thanks happy carving , arleen

ready to paint morning santa,

hi folks, now that i have some time i will be finishing up the lastest carving of the morning santa, then comes the task to put it on dvd ,,, its been a fun project and i will post the last video clip soon, thanks for stopping by,, its been a busy summer,, take care, arleen