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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new wood carving classes coming in jan 2010 hobo snowman

hi again, i will be doing a day class of the hobo snowman . in morgantown pa, if interested just email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com thanks arleen limit is 6 cost is 60.00 plus your tools add 45.00 or bring your own, this is a beginners class ,it will be in morgantown, pa held at the home furnishing outlet mall in the food court more info, at my youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop thanks arleen

Sunday, December 27, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and what is coming this year

hi folks, i want to wish all of you a happy new year, hope its a year filled with only good things, i am looking forward to a better year, this past year was not all bad and not all good either, jan 10 of last year i broke my kneecap in four, not fun, but i was out of work for about 4 months, it happen at work, and today i still feel the effects of it, not all the time but its never going to be what it use to,,, its ok, i can walk and do most things, having that much time sitting, i didnt carve much, lol you would think that i would have but sitting up for long periods was not good for a leg that had to be straight for about 3 months, i was not allowed to bend my knee otherwise an operation was in order, it would pull the four broken parts out of place, and then you realize that wonderful thing called friends and family, that help you out, they were wonderful to me, and help me get back on my feet, three month of therapy and back to work in may , i started the youtube in the last of march, sitting up was better, and thats when all the youtube stuff came like a storm, i had alot more fun the last 6 months of the year then the first, but it was good, my knee recovered for the most part, and it could have been much worse, like hitting my head, instead of my knee, sometimes we dont see how blessed we really are. makes me feel for the older folks that cant get around, what a struggle it is for them and how tired they become of the effort to move around, believe me , sometimes i felt like i was at a workout when i was done with therapy or just going shopping for a short time, when one part doesnt work it tough on the rest of you , so this year it should be better, looking forward to the lancaster show that i will be at, and also going to canada in the spring to see my family , and doing some more classes, we will see how this year goes, but the youtube was the biggest surprise to me, sooo many folks sooo interested in woodcarving,............. and hopefully you folks that are beginning.............., hope you find many wonderful years ahead in this wonderful hobby, may you find blessing all around you this coming year, arleen

Thursday, December 24, 2009


just wanted to wish all you carvers out there, weather your just starting or seasoned a very merry christmas, hope all of you have a safe and happy day, arleen

Monday, December 21, 2009

new video ,, hobo santa with a tree ( deep relief)

hi folks, i going to do a new video, it will take me a bit longer to get it done, its going to be a deep relief, similar as the hobo friend series, but thicker, it will be a fun project to do , i know christmas will be here and gone soon, but this project will take us into the new year, hope you folks enjoy it, video one is up, more to come in a couple of days, thanks, arleen

Sunday, December 20, 2009

snow storms and the simple things , and happy

hi folks as most of you know we on the east coast got nailed with a lot of snow here in honey brook pa. its about 12- 14 inches, it was a nice time to come over to my folks home stay overnight and knowing i had to plow out the farm and my home the next day, which is about a days work, ,,, it was a relaxing day watching the snow for the comfort and warmth of inside, thinking then i would get alot of carving done, lol i didnt get any carving done, was to busy relaxing in the lazy boy, watching news and just hanging with the folks, and what more could i ask for, i have the internet, tv, food and most of all my folks, just hanging with them , making sure all is well, sometimes it takes the simple things in life that makes us happy, and all this before christmas

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

finished lucky ducky, painted as a mallard ,,, hmmm what is the next project

hi folks i am done with lucky ducky, and painted as a mallard, it was a fun project to do ,,, hmmm what is next to do , not sure yet, lol but i am sure to find something new as a project

Monday, December 14, 2009

well i decided that some folks would enjoy seeing a huge solar furnace heater, it took me about three months to build it last year, i had to take it apart 2 times and yet i was determine to finish it. today i am enjoying free heat when the sun shines, could i redesign it sure you can always improve a project, am i glad i did it?... yes very much so , even after all the headaches, i guess my point is dont give up, if you have an idea that your not sure if its going to work or not do it anyway, i was ready to tear it apart from the smell of the pine boards, but decided i was going to give it another year and its not as bad this year , i can live with it, and it seems to be less all the time, but i would never have known if this was going to work or not, and it did, as well as i thought ? yes, am i disappointed ? no, so keep going, youll learn some lessons along the way, keep warm lol arleen

Friday, December 11, 2009

23 projects on 12 dvds, finding time to carve

wow i would have never thought i get so much of this done before christmas, but i now have 12 dvds, total of 23 projects , some have one to 3 projects on a dvd, its been interesting the reaction to this process, i for one, look forward to a new year , lots of plans, and projects to start, finding the time is the hardest, and finding the time to carve now is very limited, but somehow we always find time for the things we want to do , enjoy what ever project your working on today, for tomorrow there may not be time to do it, arleen

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

woodcarving dvds that are available now

all dvd come with a pattern or patterns per dvd sold

1.... pumpkin, pumpkin bottle stopper , and cat ( 3 PROJECTS ON ONE DISC) 20.00
2.... hobo santa and snowman called friends ( 1 project on one disc ) 20.00
3.... santa pants and boot, and mini santa with a tree ( 2 projects on one disc)20.00
4 ....ruddy duck and mouse ( two projects on one disc)20.00
5.... black lab puppy ( one project on one dvd) 20.00
6.... pilgrim ( one project on one dvd) 20.00
7.... helping friends, hobo santa and snowman carrying a tree(1 project on one dvd) 20.00
8... #2 robe santa, snowman ( 2 projects on one dvd ) 20.00
9 .... flying dove , flying dove ornament, santa with a bear ( 3 projects on one dvd) 20.00
10... chickadee (1 project on one disc)
11... hobo snowman with tree ornament, pineapple and pineapple ornament ( 3 projects
on one dvd) 20.00
12.... hobo angel, and hobo angel ornament ( 2 projects on one dvd) 20.00
more to come thanks , arleen

all are 20.00 per dvd and free shipping in the usa and canada only, ( prices subject to change )
paypal or cks accepted,
please send ck to
arleen zomer
226 hill rd
honey brook pa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dvd list for sale

all dvd come with a pattern or patterns per dvd sold

1 pumpkin, pumpkin bottle stopper , and cat ( 3 PROJECTS ON ONE DISC) 20.00
2 hobo santa and snowman called friends ( 1 project on one disc ) 20.00
3 santa pants and boot, and mini santa with a tree ( 2 projects on one disc)20.00
4 ruddy duck and eagle letter opener ( two projects on one disc) 20.00
5 chickadee ( one project on one disc )
will list more tonight thanks , arleen

all are 20.00 per dvd and free shipping in the usa and canada only, ( prices subject to change )
paypal or cks accepted,
please send ck to
arleen zomer
226 hill rd
honey brook pa

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NEW youtube project, lucky ducky

just to let you know i have a new project on youtube that i started yesterday, video 1 and 2 are up, called lucky ducky, its a simple project for the beginner, the pattern has three sizes and we are doing the large one, if you want you can do all three, and have them following each other, thanks and enjoy, arleen , www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

coming soon, dvds of all my projects on youtube, so far 4 projects available

hi folks i am working making dvds for all my projects on youtube, i have two dvds projects done. if your interested in any of the projects on youtube in dvd form, please email me, at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com cost of the dvd will depend on the project but most will be 25 for a dvd with a pattern and free shipping in the usa, with there may be some dvds that have more than one project.

so far i have the chickadee one project.
and the other dvd, has three projects on one dvd , pumpkin, how to make a bottle stopper, and cat.
all dvds will come along with patterns as a bonus , so you can do your project. there is also cutouts available for each project for an additional cost, price list available on my other blog
this is a long process to make them, and i ask for some time to get them together, i will keep you posted on new dvds, and what projects will be available, thanks , arleen