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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

turkey project is done, it was fun

Monday, November 23, 2009

TURKEY is coming along fine,,, some changes , and its ok

hi again, i have been working on a turkey for the last week or more, and i might be a bit longer, my original thought was to do a quick one, wasnt sure how it would work out, but now i decided to make some feathers, and do some woodburning, thinking folks might enjoy seeing this being done, so i am changing it from the first idea i had to what i am doing now, its shows you , you never know where your carvings are going to take you , and the changes you will make ,, and its ok, happy carving and happy thanksgiving to all , arleen

Friday, November 20, 2009

about my pocket knives that i use a special rough rider

hi folks , i had three pocket knives that i bought , and i tried alot of the rough riders , i found one that had three blades that worked well for woodcarving, and i love the knife , all three were sold , i am trying to get more ,,, the blades i found worked the best is hard to fine, i did put in an order to the supplier and he told me two to three months before i see this one again,,, so i will keep looking for the same blades, combo ,,, i resharpen them , or you can yourself, i will keep you informed when i have more available, it take a bit to get them sharpen but once you do , its a great pocket knife to take with you if you travel, and the blade holds up great, took me a while to find the right rough rider,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

new youtube project ohhhh the turkey lol

hi again, i just started to post my new project the turkey,,, someone said to me on facebook that the pilgrim needed a pet turkey,,, so it confirmed that i need to do this project, so i designed a turkey, and i have video one up and more to come, also i am running out of room to post my patterns on my youtube page, it only allows me to write only a limited amount , so all patterns and basswood cutouts will be listed on my second blog where i sell my woodcarving, and also easy to have a buy it button so folks that have paypal will be able order and pay for it at the same time, i will soon list the rough rider pocket knives in the future, i had a few people asking me about them , the cost is 17.00 shipped anywhere in the usa this knife will have to be sharpen, and if i have to sharpen it for you it will be 34 shipped any where in the usa,,, i only have a limited amount i may get more soon, i only have 2-3 left, ,,, thought i was not going to sell tools but these are not easy to find, and i will try to get more, the steal is stainless, 440 ,, i love the rough rider pocket knife,,, so i continue to add things that will be of interest to folks, alot of new folks starting to carve , its wonderful to see , happy and safe carving , arleen

Saturday, November 14, 2009

the pilgrim, a fun project and a keeper

hi folks, i been carving now about 29 years, i love to carve, finding the time is not always easy, i find most of my carvings a pleasure to do, but sometimes one will be just more fun to do. i ask myself this question today, why are some more fun than others, and i came up with a couple of reasons, the number one reason, is seeing an idea come along into a woodcarving. and number two it was quick..... as i said before my favorite holiday is thanksgiving,,,, i was at work when i saw a decoration at the food court of a pilgrims, i thought i would make one and with in a week i designed , cutout , carved it ( on youtube ) and finished the painting. i dont often feel the way that i did today about my woodcarving, it was so refreshing to have something done that i enjoy so much , and to know i created it. i had it in my pocket like a little kid, showing some folks my finished pilgrim, one asked how much ,,,, sorry this one is not for sale this one is a keeper

Friday, November 13, 2009

my finish youtube project the pilgrim

i just love this little guy,,, man did i have fun making him,,, enjoy ,arleen

Sunday, November 8, 2009

new carving project on youtube THE PILGRIM

howdy folks, today i started a new project call pilgrim, this is a project that i thought would be nice to do with thanksgivings around the corner, you can watch it on my youtube channel, video one and two are up, and more to come, thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,,, its a wonderful day, to relax and be with family and of course eat lol i find it one of the best times of the year, and i always look forward to it, happy thanksgiving to you, and i for one will thank God for good health and people in my life, friends and family, and also despite what comes our way, he has always provided everything i ever needed.