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Monday, October 19, 2009

patterns and cutouts and video available,

hi folks i just posted a video about patterns , cutouts and video, that i have available, i really do try to make it a reasonable price that anyone that wants to try it can afford to do so, i not a big believer in buy all the latest tools, and i feel very strong that anyone that wants to learn to wood carve can and not costing them alot to do so. there are plenty of hobbies that cost alot , and if you have the means to pay for it its one thing, its other when your living pay check to pay check or your you cant work, or a senior , so the only thing i sell is patterns that i created, and cutouts for them, also a chickadee dvd that i made, which is 25.00 free shipping in the usa, a bit more to cananda and elsewhere, i am just one person doing all this, so its not that i have a barn load of cutouts waiting to go out lol i cut only what i need to fill an order, and i try to keep it affordable, so if your one of those folks that would like to be able to follow along, and want a pattern or a cutout please email me , all the info is on the youtube channel on the leftside of the page, it will tell you what is available of patterns and cutouts, i send all pattern by email only , and they are 1.50 for a pattern, and there is an other list for the cost of the cutouts if you scroll down pass the pattern list, thanks for for all the nice comments, and if you want the dvd, please order it, i only have 7 now available and will have to burn more as we go and only can burn 3-5 a night, when i have time lol which seems to be less and less these days,,, happy carving, arleen
please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or link into my channel www.youtube.com/carverswoodshop thanks arleen

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