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Friday, April 26, 2013

hi folks its been a while

hi folks,, life has a way of getting in the way,,, i been so busy the past couple of months i notice that i have not posted in about two weeks,,,  my sister and i went to the play at the sight and sound called NOAH  very good,, if you come to lancaster it is  well worth going,,, it was amazing the amount of work that was done to create this awesome show,,,   but also with spring comes along a lot of cleaning up,, the yard, and sometimes the work around the farm can be overwhelming,, but slowly things are getting done,, yup its mowing time again,, its hard to believe that may will soon be here,, sorry i have not posted any new projects lately,, but i sure that as soon as the spring work is done i will  be ready to take on a few more projects on youtube,,  carving a lot despite  all the work that has been done,, trying to carve at least a few carvings each week,, 40 pieces to paint as of today ,, knowing all to well you can never get an to early start to the christmas season,, if you wait to long ,, well you will never carve fast enough to keep up ,,,, so keep carving,, i be back soon,, take care,, arleen

Monday, April 15, 2013

knife making,, just having some fun

i want to keep carving interesting,, one of the things i did a long time ago was make my own knives, which i did many of them,,  but the only thing i didnt care to make believe it or not is the handle,, and thought there had to be a simple way of doing the handle then out of wood,, and lo and behold i came up with an idea,, after some thought,, i sought after the items i needed to finish my knife project,,  as you can see this handle is different,, it was molded to the grip of my hand,, which makes it a very comfortable knife, but was not sure if the handle material would hold up,, and so far so good,,  in the coming week i will finish the lion,,  and then make a video how you can make this knife,, its very time consuming,, but worth it for a knife you will spend hours carving with, also this might help those that have arthritis in there hands,, since is molded to your hand, that the pressure will be even to the whole hand,, i will do my best to show you how to make them in the coming days,, take care and keep carving,,  ps mowed today the first of a very long season,, :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

want or a need,, ??? do you know the difference ,,

learning what is a need and what is a want,, i want to buy it but i dont need it,, but i really want it , but i really dont need it , so the debate continues,,, one of the many decisions in life that most folks cant tell the difference,, 
will it make me happy,, ( for a short time yes it might) 
will i use it often ( i hope so ) 
and will i regret it later ( i dont know until i buy it first ) :) 
so the debate in my head continues :)

i posted this on my facebook,, but didnt go into detail about it,,  and had me think about some of the things that i purchase ,, big things,, that made me look back how things fell into place,,  

making any decisions is never easy,,  i often will talk to some of my dear friends , and see if they have some insight that i might overlook,,  and also chatting with some of my family,, but in the end i have to make the final decision,,  its never easy,, many of you came along for the ride when i was looking for my camper studio,, it took months,, and i found just what a wanted and needed, in fact,, it was more then i ever expected,,  some of us take the risks of decision making as an easy step,, they take it was it comes, and if its the wrong,, well they deal with it,, and move on,, but when one is watching evey penny,, well its a bit harder,, you dont want to waste any of your money on a bad decision,,  and caution is in play,,, 
i dont lmake big decisions without alot of research or time ,,  when i had the farm,, and i was younger it was easier to take the risks,, and there were many times that it was not a right decision,, but you had to take the risk,, if you didnt in business you would not get anywhere,, and no money was ever made by not spending it first,, the old saying it takes money to make money,, its very true,, but at what point does one stop when things dont go as plan,,,   well i had that desicion too,, when the farm was near the last of raising cattle i knew it was not a way to continue,, that if i did i risk losing all of it,, and i knew then something had to change, and change it did,,,  i ended up still with the farm at a smaller scale and able to keep what i had worked hard for,, not that losing wasnt painful yes it was,, but to stop the bleeding , and that is what we did,, we now are better for some of those painful decisions,, not pleastant,,  i wanted to continue full force but i also knew i was getting older and the phyical work that was required was starting to show,,  i no longer could handle the heavy work,,  like in my 20s and i always planned to reduce the work load by the time i was 50  and as it work out it happen at 46  that the farm slowed down,,   so some decisions come weather you want them or not,, and some are made for you ,, an i believe that is by gods design,, not mine,, when i look back at all those plans, and what i wanted,, he knew full well what i needed first,,  and he did help us all the way,, not always easy but he guided our steps,, and we thought we were in control,,  hellllo we are not,,  but at the same time i often believe that when one door closes and other opens,, its happen time and time again,, and in the end,, i glad that things worked out as they did,,  and i have to remember always,, before any decision,, to ask  the one that  can guide me and really knows the outcome long before i do,, and to trust him,, keep carving folks,, arleen 


OK FOLKS I AM BACK TO CARVING lol  so far there are 7 videos to this project hopefully will have a couple of more to finish it up,, thanks and enjoy,, arleen

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

post easter greetings, and going to sight and sounds NOAH'S ARK

hi folks in all my rush the past week i posted this on facebook, and i repost it here
sorry for the delay , hope you all had a nice easter 

hi everyone,, happy easter, remember that without today our faith would be worthless,, And if Christ has not been raised, then your faith is useless and you are still guilty of your sins 1 cor 15:17
"Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?"1 cor 15:55
may everyone have a safe and happy day,, arleen

as i am trying to find the time to finish noahs ark,, i saw that sight and sound has a play of NOAH'S ARK playing,,  so i decided, my sister who enjoys plays more than i,, would enjoy seeing this show,   so as an early christmas gift i purchased two tickets for later this month to go see it,,,  i ask her first if she was interested since she is planning to come sometime this month,,  she said yes so i went on line to get the seating and tickets,,  i am an old   farm gal,, not much into plays,, sight and sound has been around for a long time,, i remember going when they only had the old stage  and old lady at the end of a show would play an old  organ,,  ,, very minimal stuff,, not very good acting but where lots of young folks would go for a night,,  wow to see it today,, its amazing how well known they are today,,  i know lots of from canada come to see the shows ,   they been very successful ,, for sure,, ok folks here is a link to the show if your interested in seeing some information on it ,, take care keep carving,, arleen