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Friday, August 30, 2013

a friend stop by and took a photo

hi folks,, as you can see i  indeed am on the barn roof,, painting,, a friend stop by and took this with their cell phone,,    yes old barn clothes came in handy,,,  and old pair of sneakers,,  i look like a mess, and i was ,, painting with aluminum is nasty stuff, and wait till i start to paint the other roof with the  black rubber,,,  those clothes and sneakers will see the trash at the end of my project venture....   i was able to find 5 gallons of this aluminum paint on craigslist for about 30 a bucket,,, which is 65 at lows,, so far i used about three 5 gallon buckets,,, have two yet and will pick up two more,, and i will redo the one side,, for a second coat,, cause it was really rusty,,,  just to make sure everything on that side gets covered,,,,, but the cheaper paint was kinda thick so some thinner make it much easier to apply ,,, i know they said not to thin it,, but i had to ,, the 30 dollar bucket was older stuff but the paint was just as good if not better then the new paint,,,  its a barn roof,, i cant go wrong with it,,, so it will cost me for the front barn only about 250 for the paint which is cheap   its the time to apply it that takes the longest ,, and doing it myself saves a bundle ,,  so i am happy to paint it myself,, i see myself doing this project for a while,, longer then i thought it would take,, cause i have to watch the weather conditions, to apply it without rain,,,   its been hard to find a day without rain,,,  well carving will have to wait a while,,  lol keep carvin folks

Sunday, August 25, 2013

new project that is way overdo ( painting the barn roof )

hi folks,, back into the painting gear again,, last year it was my home, this year its the barn roof,,  it will take a few days,, but can take a few weeks, cause i need it to be nice sunny not to hot for me to work up there,,  one days work,, i figure it will take me 4-5 more days to complete,,  its really not that bad,, its getting up there and handling the heat,,  so hopefully tomorrow i will be at it again,,  i will get it done,, i have around 12000 sf of roofing all together,, but only doing about half of that,,  the black roof will be done next year just some patch work this year after the painting of the aluminum painting is done,,  a little at a time

honey brook cows

one large display case, and another one i found

now there are two cases,, for my studio,,  a self standing, and a small table top,,  both rotate and have lights,  nice way to display the carvings,,

dads cat ,, and a sleepy sunday afternoon

Sunday, August 11, 2013

the display case,,

hi folks this is an old timex rotating display case,, i had one years ago,, and it fell apart,, it was given to me  by my old boss when he closed up his shop,,  this one i found on craigslist,, i had to get it home somehow so i put a farmers roof rack and off i went today to get it,,,,  it was about 70 miles away,,  the roof rack held up very well,,  and no problem ,, got some strange look going down the highway,, the guy at micky dees, wanted to know what i had on top of my car,,,    lol   it was fun,, the rotation didnt work at first but does now,,  the light does not work, but i really dont need it,,     it must be 35-45 years old,,  it holds about 80 pieces,,  now back to carving so i can fill the case up with more santas   keep carving ,,  arleen

Saturday, August 3, 2013

carving and conviction

HI folks, an interesting topic,, what is it,, well ,,  carving is a wonderful hobby i enjoy for many years,,  i plan to continue carving for a long time to come,,  but carving for me is also an expression of who we are,, and  i wonder for a long time,, what carving will i not do,,   someone on facebook,,  was carving a wizard and said he knew as a christian he should not be carving them,, but enjoyed it so,,  lol that got me thinking,, 
if your are a christian,, what  things that would be in question for you to carve,, and here lies the problem,,  
i felt for the longest time ,, from the first time i started carving 30 + years ago , that i would never do any carving that was not in line of my christian faith,,  and carving wizards was one of them,,  folks its all about personal conviction,, and personal choices that we make,,, and this one was a personal choice not to do anything that would be question as a christian if i should carve it,,   in his word  God say that we may eat all foods,, but not all foods will be good for us...   same here i believe for me not all thing would  be good for me to carve ,,  just a short story ,,  
i once thought that i would carve a wood spirit,, the name itself  kinda made me wonder ,,,, but so many of the carvers were carving them that i decided to try my hand at it,,, so i found a stick in the woods, and thought this might work well,,  so i did carve one,,, and i thought i wonder what the history to this woodspirit thing is all about,,  after some research ,, i became convicted that for me it was not what i wanted to carve,,  and from that day forward i did not carve another, in fact i have no idea where i put the one that  i did carve... 
so choices in carving are many,, and as much as i would have enjoyed doing more, i knew i could not,,   
for some its not a problem to carve them,, and they might be christians,, and i would never judge someone that makes them,, i do look at them at shows, and enjoy the workmanship on them,,  and then i started making the santas in branchings instead,,  for ornaments..
i know that my readers are those that follow me on facebook and youtube come from all walks of life, customs and religions from around the world,, ,,   i welcome all to my youtube channel and facebook,,  ( expect scammers LOL )  and i know many folks whose religion is very different from mine,  and they are as devoted to their religion as i am,, and are friends..,,,, faith is such a personal journey, and i am very grateful to have this journey,,  keep carving folks,,