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Saturday, August 22, 2009

ckecks , how to deal with them , just keep going!!

nooo not a check you cash, its what you can find in carving a piece of wood, real word is cracks , in the 28 years plus that i have carved i have ran into this problem very seldom, but it does happen, it happen with the angel project so i had to redo it again, up to video #4. i was very suprised that i saw it, thinking i could fix the ones on the head, and also letting carvers see how to fix it , but the next morning , boom 4- 6 more,,, then it was time to toss it in the wood pile to be burn, lol
but i think either two things first the piece was a bit heavy , wondered if it was as dry as i thought, lighter piece to my way of thinking had less water content, or i sprayed to much with the 50/50 mix to soften up the wood, i didnt have a problem before straying it in the past, so two things i learned and should have done, one, not to cut the piece to close to the edge of the block, and two dont spray it as much, maybe my own fault, i really soaked that sucker, it was a tough, either way i knew it was time to try it again, so folks, it doesnt always work as we planned, but dont give up if something gets in the way, just start it again, and just keep going, happy carving, arleen

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