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Thursday, March 31, 2011

beware,, when buying basswood

BEWARE, if you are purchasing bass wood, please make sure you know the true price of the wood you're buying. Ask for the total price and shipping, if they are shipping it to you, height x width,x length will give you total board foot. Take that and divide into 144, then multiply by price, that should be the price of your wood.
if they quote you a price per board foot make sure it adds up, arleen

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

looking towards the next carving show

hi folks we just finished the pine cone class with 4 people, and it was a great class, we had fun and they all did a super job on their projects, i will be getting ready for then mid atlantic show hope to see some of you there,, keep carving , arleen

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


good friday cross completed



hi folks, been busy this week , with family , and finding time to carve can be hard to do,, but i did get some videos of my next series of the GOOD FRIDAY CROSS, this cross reminds me of my church years ago as a kid,, we had a cross had a IHS in the middle , and it stands for JESUS, GOD, SAVIOR hope you enjoy this project , and i will try to get the rest of the 7 videos up tonight,, thanks and enjoy, , arleen

Monday, March 21, 2011

NEW dove carving class to come , april 25, 2011

hi folks another one day new carving class DOVE, this is will be held on april monday 25, 2011 at home furnishing outlet mall in morgantown, in the food court,
cost is 35.00 one cutout, free coffee and donuts and a coupon to the c and r grill, 3.00 limit is 8,
this carving is done out of one piece,


hi folks, i never seem to have enough time to do anything, weather its working at the farm, or getting ready for my classes, or videos, work, and carving,, time gets away from me often,, and sometimes i wonder how i ever got so much done in the past when i had the farm full time ,and work off the farm part-time and finding time to a few things that i did enjoy,, somehow we were all able to put alot into a day,,
well today,, is here,, and i have the carverswoodshop luncheon, and the end of the auction for the cat at noon,, thanks to all the bid,, i will announce a winner later this afternoon after the luncheon thanks again,, find some time for yourselves , sit a enjoy carving for a while,, take care folks, arleen

Saturday, March 19, 2011


hi folks, i just sign up to go to the show which is from the pa delaware valley wood carving show,
its called the 35th annual mid atlantic " ARTISTRY IN WOOD " show and competition
sat and sun, april 9, 10th 2011
sat 10am- 5pm
sunday 10am - 4pm
at the bucks country technical high school , 610 wistar rd , fairless hills, pa,

hope to see many of you there, stop by and say howdy, lol , this is my first time at this show,, take care and happy carving, arleen

for more information

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

new silent auction,, hand carved cat by carverswoodshop

bid is up to 25.00


ok something new a silent auction

hi folks the silent auction will be on the red / cat in the middle only ,, all you got to do is send an email to the carverswoodshop@yahoo.com and on the subject line put in CAT BID ....... and the amount,
the auction will close on monday march 21 at 12pm the highest bidder will win,, this is open to the usa and canada only ,, sorry folks,, happy bidding,, i will post a video soon,, email will only be used to contact yoy if your the highest bidder after the auction, the emails will be deleted, arleen , no phone bids, email bids only thanks, arleen cat is 2 1/2 high and 1 inch round

Monday, March 14, 2011


there are 6 videos clips for this carving project,, there is one more that i will post after he is painted enjoy, arleen

new project coming on youtube , HOLSTEIN THE CAT

in honor of my cat,, holstein :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

beginners list ?? what is should be?

hi again,, i was just thinking about this , and when i do my wood carving classes,, i guess i came up with a list of what beginners should have,, and must have to begin wood carving,,

so here is the must have list if your a beginner
a good knife
carvers glove
strop and compound
and thumb guard,,
small tool box ( to carry your stuff) it kinda hard to carry it without a box or bag might come in handy, lol

now what you can add to your wish list,
and this list is in an order of what a beginner should plan to buy in the future

what size,, well that depends if your going to carve full size duck or just small things
a table top is very handy, and can cut thickness up to 3 1/2
a self standing for bigger stuff, and thickness depends on the machine you get ,, 6 to 12 inches

gouges and v tools,
i would buy only what you needed,, not in sets, unless your sure you will use it in the future,
i have palm gouges that are great for small work,, but longer handle gouges come in handy too, depends what you want to carve,,

sharpening machine,,
now this is a want but i believe its a need, you need to have your knifes etc sharp to carve, but you also have to learn how to sharpen,, which many carvers its a learning process, there are all kinds of things on the market,,, do your homework, and what you need to sharpen , do you want to make your own knives, or just sharpen the ones you got,,?? this will determine what you will need, all can be done by hand with stones, or wet and dry sandpaper,, so learn the art of sharpening,, plus if you learn most of it by hand then going to a machine makes it very easy,,

carving room
shed, or shop
where are you going to do most of your carving,, in the home, basement, then its table, chairs, and work room stuff, shelves etc,, so much to add here,,
because of the farm i have one bandsaw in the barn, and the other in my basement, ( smaller one)
so think where are you going to let the chips fly,
i mostly carve in my home, or where ever, but if you power carve thats a bit different,, so plan,

here are some things to think about ,, if your a beginner, and folks one step at a time, and add what you need when you need it,, take care and happy carving arleen

Tomz Knife Massager - Sharpening Knives got mine this week

hi folks, i posted this video on my facebook,, ( THIS IS TOMS VIDEO, NOT MINE) i got this machine this past week, and love it,, it is a great machine for sharpening knifes gouges , and v tool,, yeeesssss i got all my v tools sharpen, and that is a tough one to do , but if you follow toms instructions,, then you will be able to do this also,, i now used that v tool on a couple of my carvings this week,, and boy did i enjoy it,, lol
and to those that wonder if i am getting commissions on posting this the answer is no,,, i am just letting you folks know when i find something that you might enjoy or easy to use, and its both enjoy sharpening and its easy to use,, i will be taking this machine to my carving classes, and will sharpen knives when needed,, its sooooo quite,, you cant hear the motor, just a few words, if your looking for a machine to make knives, i dont think this is the one for you ,, cause it would take alot to reshape a whole blade, this is great for the final stages of sharpening, then doing it on a stone,, , so its a slow motor but to me it a safer one because of the speed, plus you wont burn your tool,, and you can hold the blade down with your finger and it never heats up to a point where you have to remove it ,, so put it on your christmas list, birthday or just want it list, save your money and get one,, now i know tom is a one man operation there, and its limited, you may have to put in an order but the wait would be worth it,, it was a fair price,, i just wish i had it years ago,, happy carving,, , arleen

you can email tom ellis at
tandlellis@msn.com for more information

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

another presentation tomorrow,, wow ,,

hi folks,, i have yet another presentation tomorrow, for a local group,, and i guess i getting use to my new comfort level, lol well i will pack some of the stuff tonight,, and get the rest in the morning,, so here i go again,, so i hope things go well,, and working again on another project trying out a couple of things and once i have it worked out i will post photos of it,, keep carving, arleen

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

you never know?? some neat things coming

wow folks things are moving along great,, i have the carvers coming together for the luncheon and able to do some carving on the projects that they are working on,, i guess its a great sign when all your students come back,, and wanted yet more classes in the future,, some missed one project or another, and so i trying to have a class or two a month,, i am also planning some different project for future classes , the dove would be one,, getting a bit larger wood for that project that i ordered this morning, and more of the blocks that i use in my carving classes,, so i try to keep you all posted of the different events , and projects,, it been a nice set up at the mall, thursday, i have my other presentation to do,, so its been a full week,, carving yet another cute little project that i will share with you later you never know what may be next but some neat things coming, ,, so keep carving

Monday, March 7, 2011

new pine cone day class monday march 28th 20011

hi folks,, its been a busy couple of weeks,, it seems i have something going carving wise every week, either the carverswoodshop luncheon,, or a class, so here i go again,, planning isnt the easiest thing for me,, but i know i have to plan these events ahead,, i am a person that doesnt enjoy planning things, but i know it has to be done to have the classes, and luncheons,, so here we go again,, on march 28th,, some of my students asked when i plan to do the pine cone class again,, and well monday march 28th seemed like a good time,, so i will have a one day class,, 4 folks so far are coming up to 8 people will fill the class, so if your interested please email me ,, at the carverswoodshop, or call 484-364-0471 ,, thanks so much for stopping by today,, take care and keep carving,, arleen

carverswoodshop luncheon was great

hi folks just got back from the carverswoodshop luncheon,, we had a total of 8 people , all my students were there plus a couple of others,, we enjoy some lunch and then carved for a couple of hours,, it was nice time ,, carving and chatting together,, my next carverswoodshop luncheon will be monday march 21, 2011 12pm to 3 pm all are welcome to come,, happy carving everyone , arleen

Saturday, March 5, 2011

DVD'S BY CARVERSWODSHOP, ARLEEN ZOMER (34 dvd's over 55 projects )

next carverswoodshop luncheon,, monday march 7, 12-3 pm

howdy folks,, lol ,, the next meeting for the carverswoodshop luncheon is monday march 7th 2011 12pm to 3 pm, at the home furnishing outlet mall , morgantown pa, i am looking forward to it,, also i just purchased a new sharpening system and once i get it in the mail and give it a try i will give an update,, so things are moving forward,, hope all is well and everyone has a carving project they are enjoying,, keep carving arleen if you need directions,, email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dvd and magazine giveaway,, drawing april 1 2011

DVD (standing branch santa ) AND CARVING MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY,,( holiday issue 2011) to enter just send me an email to carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or send a message by facebook, and put in the subject line dvd and magazine giveaway,, drawing is on april 1, 2010 ,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new dvd standing branch santa,

hi folks i have posted on my other blog that my standing branch santa dvd is ready, please go to
thanks , happy carving folks , take care , arleen