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Saturday, December 29, 2012

happy new year 2013 and what is new ??

hi folks i know this is a bit early but in a couple of days we will close 2012,  for some it was a sad year and to others it was a good year.... for me it was a good year,  i got my studio this year,, and things fell into place nicely,,  so i had a very nice 2012,,    as i look back at it,, i can't help but to feel blessed,  very blessed,
so what is in store for 2013  ,, to be honest i do not know,,,  sometimes when you reach a goal,, there is a bit of a let down,,     i just enjoyed reaching my goal, knowing the things fell into place and just resting in the joy of it all,  
do i have plans?  well a few,, to continue having classes here, and just teaching  1-2 times a month,, until summer,  and resume in the fall,
and have my open house sat afternoons, the first sat of each month,
 also to have the studio open for folks that call , this summer if they are coming to the lancaster area.. as far as going to woodcarving shows,  i do not believe i will,,just the lancaster show is the only one i will attend ,,,   its so much work and planning, the first year it was a blast,, but since i have the camper studio i do not feel the need to do many shows.   to tell you the truth,,  i am already looking forward to next sept - dec,
it was a special  s time to have the studio open to the public this past christmas season ,, i had no idea how it would work out, and lo and behold it worked out good,,   many nights i was open no one showed up,,  that is fine,, i was working anyway,, and sats  were the day that they stopped by,,  i did well, and i am hoping as i may do this for a few years  that folks will know that i am there, and that getting the word out that i am open will catch on,,  so we will see,  just like this year i had no idea how things would be,,, and it was great,  i am hoping 2013 will have some great surprises for me as well,  take care and keep carving, and of course i have new youtube projects coming along with dvds to follow,  happy new year to you all,, arleen

Thursday, December 27, 2012

hi folks, after a couple of days the three dvds are done,,
all are 10dollars each and free shipping the usa and canada,,
#54 cone chef and cone clown 3hours 19 mins
#55 cone little drummer boy and simple angel from a block 2 hours 47 min
#56 cone mrs claus and santa's reindeer 3 hours 57 mins

email me at the carverswoodshop@yahoo.com

cell phone money pit lol

hi folks,, if you follow me on facebook you know my cell didnt survive the washing machine today,, sad i just got it about 8 weeks ago,, and learning a new cell smart phone took me a couple of days,,  so i went back to walmart to repurchase the same phone,,  nope not there, so i went 20 miles to another walmart, and yes they had the same one,,   so this only took one evening,,  not days, to figure a new phone out,,    but its up and running,, funny how dependent we become to a cell phone, all the information that it stores, and photos,, sadly i lost everything on the new photo, most of the photos were loaded to the laptop, and i have the other old phone that now works enough that i can put back some of the numbers i need,,,, wow,, i know most of us use cell phones today,, and how much they become a regular part of our daily life,,   and what a lifeline to many,,,  i just wanted to make sure that my folks could reach me if needed,, so all is well again,,  so many things in life that can go wrong,, and when you lose a cell phone,, i have to think this really is not a big deal,, just go get another one,, yes it cost some but really in the scope of things, it more of a pain in the neck. to get it back working the way that you like,, i think i rather be carving LOL ..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

new dvds coming, two almost done and one to go

OK here we go,, i decided it was a great day to work on the new dvds,, so far,, this is what is planned,, one dvd almost ready,, the rest will take a few more days,, 
dvd #54 cone chef & cone clown 3hours and 19min long, dvd #55 little drummer boy and simple angel from a block,, and the last dvd #56 mrs clause and santa's reindeer,, hope to get all these ready in a few days,, thanks folks, all are 10 dollars each free shipping in the usa and canada, some of you request some of these,,, thanks ,, arleen

Monday, December 24, 2012

merry christmas

to my family in holland and canda, and to all my friends, and  carving buddies here on facebook,, i want to wish everyone a very merry christmas,, and happy new year,, thanks for all your posting on fb and i look forward to a new year of new carving ventures,,  take care be careful driving , and remember the real reason for the season is Jesus, thank God for his wonderful gift!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

coming in jan , three new dvds

hi folks, christmas is about  here, and now i am thinking of the new year,, i try not to rush a season it will be here before you know it,, but i had a few folks ask for some of my last few carvings if i have them on dvd,,  i got a bit behind with making new dvds,, i was trying to put two projects that relate somehow together , that is one of the reasons i waited for a while,, i went back to look and thought wow i  am way behind,, lol  so here is what i am planning,, sometime in jan i will put togethere the following ,,  i plan to have dvd #54  mrs clause and reindeer .... #54 chef and clown,, #55 little drummer boy and simple angel from a block,,  ,,,  of cousre these will be the same price as my others  10 dollars each dvd with free shipping in the usa and canada,, thanks folks,,  have a great weekend , keep carving,, arleen

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

little drummer finished

hi folks i will get the rest of the videos of this project up in a day or two,, enjoy,, arleen


little drummer boy unfinished

hi folks an other cone project  there will be a videos up on youtube soon,, have to load all 14 videos and yet have to paint him which will be done in a day or so,,  ok enjoy,, arleen ,, ps i post the first and last of the video here on facebook the rest will be on my youtube channel,,

Monday, December 17, 2012

beginners question how to clean up a carving

hi folks i was asked how do you clean up the fuzzies or how do you prevent them  is a better question,, cleaning them up can be tough,, some say a tooth brush,, but i find just going back over it with a sharp knife can clean up about anything, here is how i answered him today .................
 a few things about fuzzies,, 1 -- a sharp knif the most important thing *******       2--- good wood    3--- knowing your grain direction on the wood your carving,,   one big part of the fuzzies is just learning to make clean cuts , turning the wood when you feel it is going against the grain, and good wood,,  most beginners have this problem , an other is over cutting,, when you make a stop cut and making sure that the point of the knife is not digging past the stop cut,,   all of this you will learn in time,  and practice   also use the water and rubbing alcohol mix 50/50 and spray it lightly and it will cut better,, but dont over do the stray,, cause once it dries it can crack on you if you over wet it,,  also same thing when carving  eyes  a sharp knife is a must , otherwise it will not work well, learning and keeping a knife sharp  is the most important part to  learn about carving along with safety of a glove and a thumb guard,, keep carving ,  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

NEW shorty santas, and some one eye from the class

hi folks i had fun today,, i stayed in my studio turn on some christmas music and painted away,,  i had all these to paint along with some other carvings that i wanted to give as gifts,,   so  some are on ebay,, the santa heads were done in the class as i taught , i normally do a couple at the same time,, so i added much more details to the shorty santas and the santa head to the trim of the hat and tassel  so i am very pleased with the results, along with doing a bit darker antiquing  which worked out very well,,  keep carving,, arleen  
ps the one in the middle is the one we will have the two day class in jan,, , ck listing of this class in an earlier post  thanks

Saturday, December 15, 2012

woodcarving class of the santa one eye bottle stopper,, :)

hi everyone, here is a photo of the folks that took the woodcarving class today, they all did a great job,, bob wanted to paint his at home,, they did me proud,, thanks to all the came today,, !!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

shorty santas and class to come in jan 2013 two day class

a new class coming jan 12 and 19th 2013

hi folks,  coming in jan is the open house jan 5th, sat   12 pm to 4 pm,, then jan 12 and 19th is a two day class of SHORTY SANTA,   this will be a 6 inches tall i made one yesterday and have yet to paint him ,, lots of detail here he is unpainted,,  enjoy,, and the class will be at the farm here in the camper studio, limited to 6 folks and the cost is 70,00  one cutout,,  to reserve a seat email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com  thanks ,, keep carving arleen

Saturday, December 8, 2012

pine cone class today,,

hi folks , i had a good time teaching the pine cone class today,,  they did a great job on their pine cones,,  now next week we will be carving, a one eye santa head botttle opener,,  it was a great day,,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

having fun carving a large santa

hi folks,, i enjoy today,, i carved a bit larger santa, with a cane, i sold two of the smaller ones, and this one is 6 1/2 inches high and 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 wide,,  it was fun something a little bigger was nice to carve  ,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

some more little santas

hi folks, just finished painting some santas, now to put them up on ebay,,  having fun

Sunday, December 2, 2012

a few more ornament holders

how to make an ornament holder

ornament holders , video coming soon how to make them

hi folks here i go again, this are easy to make, i will have a video how to make them on youtube, and will post it here later today,, thanks and enjoy, arleen

Saturday, December 1, 2012

a good day,, open house

hi folks,, as i sat here this afternoon,, i got to meet a few of my neighbors,  nice folks,,  , and sold a few things as well, so it was a super day,, i turned one of the table sit behind and carve, and it worked out well, i can see the things going outside along with able to greet folks as they entered,, i thought a couple of photos would interest you,,  i plan to do a couple of things different next time,,  i plan to be open the sat before christmas as well, if i have any carving left to sell, ebay did really well,,  more then i thought since it was a slow year all around but i guess its all in the timing,,  i plan not to go to christmas at joanna this year, and give this a try right here at the farm,, and to be honest i love this more,, ,, no packing and unpacking, and no other cost to travel, and the cost to be there for three nights,, i still plan to be at the apple fest each year, its still a great place to go to if you want to feel the christmas spirit ,, ,,,, , you learn what works and what does not work,, and you dont know this unless you give it a try,,, i was a bit shy believe it or not to do this at the farm ,, and i guess its the same anything else,  when its i new idea ,  it comes with concerns, or shall i say i bit on edge, if its the right thing to try or not,, but so glad i did,, and even those things that did not work out,,  its a learning experience either way,, and either way i am having fun,,  :) now back to carving,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

enjoying the season

hi folks as now thanksgiving is behind me , i am looking forward to the christmas season, normally i dont but this year i do,, i just trying to enjoy it , as i get older i notice time goes so quick, and it will soon be the first of the year,,
esp with the studio i could not be a happier person,, i so enjoy my time here, and with the christmas music going, and carving along with the electric fireplace and some snow on the ground what more could i ask for,,, just happy,,
i decided to do something a little different, i am opening my camper/studio for those that want to come,, i will be open during the holiday season, thur and friday for three hours from 4-7pm and the first sat of the month i will be open for the open house at 12noon to 4. i plan to do some christmas pickles, and trying to do a few more small santas,, i have one done now working on another,,, so i just plan to be here ,, if folks come or not well i be happy either way,, i have a knife in one hand, and a santa to be in the other,, what more could i ask for,, plus a couple of classes coming up, which i have three folks so far signed up ,, so life is good,, and i am just going to soak up the christmas spirit for a while,, and just enjoy it to the max,,, take care and keep carving,, arleen

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

first photos of the simple angel finished,


HI everyone, its done, now to load them to youtube , the first and last are on facebook there will be 9 videos total,, and photos coming soon,,  enjoy,, arleen

Saturday, November 24, 2012

a nice few hours in the studio

when we think of a perfect day,, what is your perfect day??  mine was today,, it was sitting in my camper studio on a chilly day, with the heat on, the electric firplace going, and its overcast outside,,   and able to do some carving,, i bought in a glider chair from my home,,  which fits nice and nice and  cozy ,  it worked out great,, i decided when i am here i will put a sign out by the road as you see in the photo, and be open some of the time till christmas,, whether   i  get folks to come or not,, doesnt matter,, i having a blast anyway,, as i continue to sell stuff on ebay,  i put some thing up for sale in here,  and see what happens,,, the old saying nothing ventured nothing gain,, is true,  i will not know how it will work out until i try it,, as many other things i have done, some things work some things do not,,   but at least i gave it a shot,,,  ok folks keep carving, i will sure be carving away , take care,, arleen 


Friday, November 23, 2012


hi folks, i have a short list of whats going on here in dec,, all the events are on sat, so here we go

sat dec 1 2012  open house here at the camper studio,  12 -4 pm  , if you like to drop by your welcome to do so,, bring along a project your working on if you want to , sit carve for a  while

sat dec 8, 2012  one day pine cone class,  9-4   two cutouts will be provided ,  along with coffee, water, soda  and donuts in the morning, bring your lunch, limit of 6 min of 3   cost 40.00

sat dec 15 2012  one day  one eye santa,  9-4   two cutouts, one stopper,  provided, along with coffee, water, soda, and donuts in the morning,    bring your lunch,  limit of 6 , min of 3  cost 45.00

Friday, November 16, 2012

posting on ebay and carverswoodshop- creations on facebook ?

hi folks,, i just started to list my carvings on ebay,, and it will link to my facebook page called carverswoodshop-creations,,   its a click to like page,,  so i been busy,,  trying to put some of my carving up,, there are 50 + i like to list on ebay,,    the name on ebay of course is carverswoodshop
below is the link to the facebook page,, thanks ,, and hope everyone is catching up with their carving projects that need to be ready for christmas gifts,, keep at it ,, arleen


Monday, November 12, 2012

its finished, santas reiendeer

hi folks after about a month i finally got it done,,  i never had one that took me so long to do ,, its not the project but just getting to it was hard with painting the house , going away for a week,  life got in the way but here it is,,  enjoy arleen


Sunday, November 11, 2012

new changes of the open house and classes

hi folks,  i been so busy here on the farm and my home the last couple of month, i decided to only have the open house once a month, it will be the first sat of the month only,   the next open house will be dec 1 2012   12 -4pm  and the next classes i will have up again very soon,, it will   at my carving camper studio here at the farm in honey brook ,  thanks ,,, arleen

Saturday, November 10, 2012

wow the house painting is done

hi folks, its been a long two months,, of painting, or shall i say trying to paint,, i only had 3 sides to do on my home, and today i an officially declaring it is finished,, its been a tough task,, my original plan was to just fix the gutters that turned out to be let me paint the house,, it needed the repair, and a coat of paint ( stain )   so thinking it will take only about a month, ended up being two,,  with the wet rainy days, i took no chances,, the paint was expensive but i think in the long run worth it,,  ,, in paint i believe you get what you pay for, ,,,,  i will wake up i am sure stiff and sore tomorrow,, the ladders and scaffold were not the easiest to move around,, but i am happy that its done,, the only problem yet to solve is the woodpecker that has been hitting my home,, the front did not need the paint, and was in perfect condition till that nasty little bird put a hole or two in the cedar siding,, well see what happen, if it continues i will paint it ,, cause i think the smell of it keeps them away,, which i hope he will leave it alone,,     so carving will come back,, youtube, etc,,  so  keep checking in,, and i am sure i have a few things up in a few days,, i just need some rest for sure tomorrow,, that is why i love sundays,,  its a day of rest,, that for the most part i do not work on sundays,,,  we all need a day to chill after a long week,,  and so glad that i never felt the need to work on sundays ,,  expect last week,,  i put in a couple of hours, of something that had to be done,,  , but it was ok,, i do not make a habit of it,,  nor do i ever feel guilty taking a sunday nap,   ,, my farming days, i love my sunday naps,,  it was one day that i could feel free not to do anything,,  i will be sure to make it a relaxing day .....and  monday i have a list of other repairs around the farm is next,, so the list gets smaller but never disappears :)  keep carving folks,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

lesson from the election, what a great country we live in

hi folks, i debated if i wanted to do this but i will,, many will say that there are two thing folks should never talk about if you dont want to discuss or debate,  one is politices and the other is religion,  which i think is very true,,  speaking from a religous view, i think most times its best to be silent then to debate it same hold true for politices , i do share my faith on my videos and what i believe, , i  am not here to offend anyone, i just share what is helpful to me,and if your faith is different then mine thats fine,  some of the nicest folks are folks that do not share the same beliefs as i do, so   i  am not one to debate but i  have in the past, most of the time you will either do one of two things will happen, you will either get into a heated debate or you will come to to an agreement to disagree...
one thing i love about this country, that you can believe what you want, and vote any way you want to ,, and that we can live in harmony with each other,  i saw this one day when i was working at a high end jewelry store as a guard  ,  and as i watch people all day,, i saw all kinds of folks, and i thought then as i do now, what a great country that we can all be different and live in peace,,, just because you believe in something that is totally opposite of me , we work, shop, and live next to one another, in total peace and without fear,  and isnt that what it is all about , the freedom to choose your path in life, and what is important to you that no one can take from you ,  freedom here in the USA  came at a price, of many folks fighting for that right to choose what we believe, and value in life,  so as tue come along i will cast my vote, and if my guy wins or not, i will accept it.  so i hope your able to cast a vote on tue, and remember no matter what  it its a great honor to do so,, happy voting day to all my USA carving buddies!!

time , frustration, and overwhelmed? is this you?

hi folks, as the storm passed us and we are back to normal in this part of pa, i have to say last years early winter storm  was  much worse,, i had no trees to clean up other than a small branch here and there, but nothing much at all, which i was very grateful,  now back to my to do list around my home and farm, and things i wanted to finish before it got cold, wellllll its going to have to wait,    as much as dont want to look at a half outside wall painted, and the rest of it begging to get a coat , its going to have to wait till warmer weather,,,   i have to say it left me  frustrated, and overwhelmed,,   a small leak on my trailer that at this point i thought i had chaulk it to death, well no so,,  i knew were in the roof it was coming from,, so i got back on the roof yesterday and rechaulk  it again, and now its a wait to see what happens,,,, along with a some of the double wide doors at the farm needed to be more secure, so off to lowes , and working on them,,   i had to learn what was more important to take care of first, and doors, roofs, and my job well they come before painting ,,,  i was  frustrated , and a bit overwhelmed not being able to finish what i set out to do,,   so the  woodcarving of a reindeer i started three weeks ago is looking at me now and i can hear it say , when are you going to finish me?  answer i dont know,   one thing i am learning, and should always listen to,  is if i feel like working on a project, do it,  and dont wait,,   and just do it,,  i dont normally work on sundays,,  there is a project i just had to finish, i running into a deadline,  and for the first time in a very long time, i got started on this project,    and you know what , i dont feel guilty,, but relieved,  i dont ever think god wanted us to be overwhelmed, so i worked for about 3 hours today, yes after church, and got a good start,, i didnt want to work all afternoon, but now, i do not feel overwhelm but i have the feeling that yes it will get done by the deadline,,  and that will give me a good nights rest for sure,,,  so life gets in the way sometimes , but you know what, it  makes the time i can carve even more special,  cause when i carve, i know that it takes me away from all the crazy stuff life throws at us, even if its just for a short while,  keep carving folks, and i will keep working towards, finishing what i started

Monday, October 29, 2012


hi folks sorry its taking so long to get the reindeer finished, i started it before i left for michigan and now with the storm , was so super busy getting things put away here at the farm and at my home,, so much going on,,  i will try to get it done later this week,, lol i think i said that last week,,   well anyway,, the mich trip was super, the show was great, not a lot of folks but it was a nice crowd all the same,,,
the storm is getting stronger, here ,we have some hours to go before its over,,  lots of rain, and some winds so far about 40 mph,,   i been in the camper/studio ,,, but so far i dont even feel the wind shaking it,, which i thought it might,,   someone told me since i put it up on some blocks it will not rock so that is a good way to secure it i guess,,  i know alot of folks are having water issues,, so its going to be a long night,
keep well and safe to all you folks on the east coast,, this too shall pass,, take care, arleen

Thursday, October 25, 2012


hi folks, there are so far 12 video clips of this project, i will not be able to finish this till this weekend,, thanks and enjoy,, arleen

Monday, October 22, 2012


this video was special to me,, thanks to all that took the time to help me make these videos,, total of three of the frankenmuth show,, enjoy,, arleen

Monday, October 15, 2012

an easy solution to finish the manger scene

today i went to the store tree and found this little manger , for a buck how can you go wrong, took it  and put one of my stars on the top,, i think it looks fine, and happy with it ,, its a nice finish ,  ok here is the photo of it

Sunday, October 14, 2012

FRANKENMUTH WOODCARVING SHOW oct 22 2012 , i plan to be there


lucy the little kitten at the farm

here is calvins new friend , sorta of lol, they get along ok,,  this is lucy,, sweet little cat at the farm

Saturday, October 13, 2012

the apple fest show is behind me , and frankenmuth woodcarving show coming up next wee

hi folks, i had a great time at the apple fest , it was a last min decision to go.  the thought of setting up the big white tent , was a bit overwhelming to me with trying to get some work done here around my home and farm,,, but i went,, it was a very cold morning, i was out the door by 5am and setup by 630 and they open at 7am,,  the temps was 32 till about 10am this morning, the car was close enough to hop in the car to warm up a bit, and my normal big display was very small,,  i did not take all the videos with me, as you do shows , every show is different, and you can adjust what you bring along, , in the photo the other table that you do not see are some of the videos and carvings just let folks see what i do on youtube,,   there is a lot of interest in carving in general,, which always makes it worth to me to set up,, sold a lot of carvings, the christmas pickles were a hit again this year , about sold out of them lol   ,  so please if you get a chance to do a show do so,, yes its alot of work , some things you learn along the way , what to bring and what sells, at which shows,, the only thing i didnt think of was the smaller tent was 6x6 with no sides,  it was to short, when i stood to chat with people well could not see them,, lol so i sat down to carve and that brings folks around to see what your doing, esp kids,,  seem to enjoy it and asked many questions,  it was a good day, also i was able to meet a couple that followed me on youtube for some time, they came a long distance to a wedding and came up in this area for a few days, and came to see me at the apple fest, what a treat, to meet folks that i know only by name on facebook ,or by emails,, so overall the day was great,
now i am planning on the frankenmuth show in mich on oct 20th , i done this show before, and look forward to going, it will again not be the set up like i would have here in lancaster due to the lack of room in the car,, but i plan to have a great time all the same and hopefully meet some of you there ,, take care and keep carving

Friday, October 12, 2012

SITLL at it, one more to go

hi folks, i didnt realize how much work i had to do before i got to painting the house, alot of repair and some replacing patches of the cedar siding,, i always love cedar but to maintain it ,,,,, well its work,, the rain we had the past few weeks, has me a little behind where i thought i would be,, but that seems to be most things that we work on , it always takes longer than we think,   but at least i keep moving along,, i was not going to go tomorrow to the apple fest so that i could stay home to continue, but you know what time is to short , not to enjoy some things in  life,,   after this wall is done then one more to go,, another week or two it should be done,, like carving i just keep at it ,,  keep carving folks

apple fest tomorrow, and frankenmuth show in a week, no open house till oct27

hi folks today i sign up to be a vendor at the hay creek apple fest north of morgantown,, its outside and its to be super cold in the morning, i will be there about 530 to set up,, and see how it goes ,, last year it was a nice time,,  so my next open house will be oct 27th 12-5pm   ok folks time to pack the car,, take care and have a nice weekend , then next week oct 20th  i will be at the frankenmuth show in mick , keep carving ,

Monday, October 8, 2012


HI EVERYONE, HERE WE GO, the first and last videos will be on facebook the rest will be on my youtube channel,,  total videos i believe will be 16 video clips , i have the last one to tape after i am done painting it later today,, thanks and enjoy,,  arleen

Sunday, October 7, 2012

new project coming cone mrs claus

ok folks what is coming up is a new project a request to make a mrs claus so i am done with carving it , now to clean it up for a day and paint it,, so i will post the new project called cone mrs claus 14 videos total for this project, coming up hopefully starting tomorrow

woodcarving lessons, private,,

hi folks some of you asked if i do private instruction of woodcarving, yes i do,, i have  email some of you about it but i think it is time to put it out there for those that would like to know the cost, etc so here i go,,
i know many of you are not able to attend a class when its posted ,  due to work and family commitments ,,  which i sure understand,  but also i find some folks prefer , esp beginners to have the one on one instruction  so i will begin to set time aside for this,, i will have normally afternoons and evenings open,, or sat mornings ok,,,,   sorry no sundays,,  i always reserve that day to the lord and my family.
min of 2 hours ,, i find by the time you sit down , and chat a bit, mins can go quickly,,  so the instructions are 2 hours long,, i find most folks that begin, two hours is enough  and  to stop to give them a break,,
cost is 35.00  for two hours,   when someone just needs a few things help with then that is when my open house sat afternoon comes in,,  its a time to catch up on a class your taking and were not  able to finish,, and also sometimes a classroom of 4-6 people some folks are going to be quicker to finish their projects,, also the open house is a chance for you to bring along questions that you may have about wood carving, or sharpening painting etc  .
i only sell some blanks for the cone projects when i have a class, or dvds,  sorry i do not sell any tools , but don does at his shop in lancaster, and he will be happy to help you and his prices are fair,,  so be sure to ck with him if you need wood or tools,, he is part of the lancaster county woodcarving club, here is information if you need to contact him,, he does not have a website but an email and the good old fashion thing called a telephone, to contact him,, lol   and i dont get a kickback from him,, just glad to have folks get the right stuff to carve,, so be sure to call him for any of your carving needs ,, here is my number 484-364-0471 or email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com

hillcrest carving
3540 Marietta Avenue Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 285-7117

thanks , and keep carving,, arleen

JUST HAVING FUN,, :) smaller projects

howdy folks,, i so enjoyed making the cone chef  last week,, i was so happy how he looked at the end, and   every so often,, i take delight in carving something new,,,  and this project was in my head that morning, and by evening i had most of it carved,  those are the projects that bring joy to carving,, its not a long project but a simple one,, not days of how am i going to do this but hours,,  sometimes for me , these out of the blue projects tend to be the most rewarding,..  you can take a simple project and it can bring a new added joy to your carvings,  
many of us plan ahead for project that are big, and very detailed,  i notice that when we had our bring and brag time at our lancaster woodcarving meeting,, my carving were small,, compared to the larger projects that it sat along on the table,,  we have some wonderful talented carvers in our group,,,   but mine were tiny.,   i had to think ,, i use to do bigger projects, but not so much since i video tape many of them for my youtube channel,,  smaller seems to be more to my liking then carving anything that is large,, not saying that i would not like to do a larger piece from time to time,,  i plan to ,, but for now i am happy with the smaller ones,,   for a number of reasons
i dont need any clamps and vises to hold my project,, its a good fit in my hand,,
i can take it anywhere to work on it,
faster to complete a few hours then days,
and easier to paint, ( most of the time)
i would like to do some larger cone projects,, i might just do that for fun,,  but i having fun just doing what i doing,, why change it at this point,, keep carving folks

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CONE CHEF #13 end

ok folks here is the last video of 13 and the rest of them you can find on my youtube channel , thanks and enjoy, arleen

finished cone chef photos

 the 13 videos will be post by later this afternoon,, thanks for stopping by enjoy