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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

carverswoodshop open for the christmas season, in dec......

  • 930 birdell rd , honey brook pa, 19344 camper studio
the shop will be open for the christmas season starting dec 6th, 9 am to 5 pm. i will convert my shop into a retail shop to display hand carved santas , snowman, penguins , pinecone tree, and ornament,, each is my designed , hand carved and signed, will be available for purchase. i will also be carving in the shop to show folks how these items are carved,, looking forward to this christmas season and seeing many of you , ,, so stop in say hello if your in the area, below is the dec hours ,,

saturdays dec 6th, 13th, 20th 9am to 5 pm
fridays dec 12th and 19th 3pm to 8 pm
monday dec 22th 3pm to 8pm
tue dec 23 3pm to 8pm
wed 24th 1 - 5 pm

also appointment call or email

my pinecone tree ,,

wow its been a month,, sorry folks here whats happening

we are at our last class for our fall session,, it will be a winter session starting jan 17th with the pinecone class again for beginners,,  more information coming up soon,, but some interesting photos of classes new woodcarvings and the truck lift i am finally getting some use repairing the rotting  boards behind the rain gutters, lift came in very handy,, ,, to cold to work now,, but will get more done next week,,,   first photo is the long legger santa class here is the student final piece

this is the coffee santa,, with baggy sock  this is new

pine cone class results, they  look wet still drying from the antiquing solution

this is a sitting  dutch coffee santa

repairing the garage

and some of boards replaced , no way i could do that alone on only a ladder

Sunday, October 19, 2014

update on classes in nov, and added info,,

hi folks ,, the beginners pinecone class is full, nov 8th
still room in the following classes
long legged santa,,  nov 1
holiday honey bear, nov 15
spiral santa head ornament, nov 22,

please email me at , carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
 or call me direct at 484-364-0471 to confirm a spot,, thanks ,

this is my fall woodcarving  session
a winter woodcarving session will start in mid jan 2015,,  
i will have another beginners pinecone class,
other classes that will be available will be determine,, thanks,, arleen

another use for the lift lol ,, i had to laugh but i will put it out when i am open ,, LOL


just testing out a few things ,,

just testing out putting up the tent,, it glows when you put a spotlight pointed to the ceiling,, just seeing if this will draw people in when i open up the four weeks before christmas,,  i added an electric fireplace,, the heater no longer works but the light does, i was going to toss it in the trash but thought it would look great as a display at christmas,,  i will add a few lights etc ,, just wanted to get an idea how it was going to look and work,,,,  more photos later when i set up at christmas time,, just having some fun,,

Monday, October 13, 2014

apple fest ,, was great inspite of the rain and gearing up for the next couple of months

it was a rainy mess sat morning, didn't see a soul till about 1030am and i was there to set up at 6am cause it open at 7am,,  and normally its pack in the morn,, but it was better in the afternoon,,  i was surprised  that i sold as much as i did , considering not many people or vendors out ,, but sunday made up for it,, i did about the same as last year,, and that was good,, so i was not disappointed,,  so just sticking it out sometimes works out for the best,,
in fact i got  5 new students ,, two from this weekend and three in the past couple of weeks,, also will advertise in my local paper,,  i did in the past and got a couple of folks,,  but  its not always cheap to put in an ad in our paper ,, but overall it was a great weekend ,,
so i gearing up for the month of nov,,  four classes that are starting to fill up,,so i see a very busy month ahead, and then i plan to have my shop open saturdays to sell my carvings to the local folks, which has been good the past two years,, so this is the third year i will be open, and plan to also be open for a few nights before christmas,
when september comes each year i feel more and more i am right into the christmas season,, which might sound strange to many, but as a woodcarver i work on my santas in jan to get enough inventory together for the shows and for the season ,,,  so keep carving folks,,  have fun, and most of all enjoy this time of year and what it brings,,
it will be a bitter sweet christmas without my dad,, but without christmas we wouldn't have the hope that we do,, take care,,  arleen

Sunday, October 5, 2014

wood carving class, ( spiral santa head ornament) one day nov 22 2014 830am to 430pm

484-364-0471 sat nov 22 2014 830 tp 430pm
this is a one day class, two cutouts, some carving experience needed, we will carve and paint ( if time allows ) plus a dvd of this project or a dvd of your choice( d65 to choose from ) coffee , donuts , water provided, , limit to 6 people , cost 45.00

wood carving class ( honey holiday bear) nov 15 2014 830am- 430 pm

  • at 8:15am - 4:30pm
  • 930 birdell road , honey brook, ap 19344 camper/studio at the farm
PLEASE IMPORTANT. YOU MUST CONFIRM BY RESERVING A SEAT BY EMAILING ME OR CALLING ME DIRECT 484-364-0471 OR EMAIL carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or facebook messager,, thank you,,, arleen ]

we will be carving the honey holiday bear,,this is for carvers that have some experience with carving, one cutout plus 7 holiday pieces , will be provided, along with a pattern
cost 65..00 , the bear will be three inches high and 1 1/2 inches wide ,, plus a box will also be provided to put your pieces and use as a base we will carve and paint bear bring your lunch and if you do not finish it in class a dvd of this project will also be provide, or a dvd of your choice ( 65 dvd to choose from ), limit to five people, please call 484-364-0471 or email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com to reserve a spot or questions thank you,, arleen

had a great time teaching the pumpkin class and they did a great job

just some photos of the classroom in my camper studio and the results some folks took them home to finish the painting, but they all did a super job ,,

Sunday, September 21, 2014

wood carving class, long legged santa,, one day, nov 1, 2014 830am-430pm

  • at 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Show Map
    930 birdell road , honey brook, pa 19344 at my camper studio
this is a one day class, of the long legged santa , sat nov 1, 2014 ,, 830am to 430 pm,, there will be two cutouts, 5 1/2 tall and 1 1/2 wide ... and paint and brushes provide in the class to finished project.. plus a dvd of your choice ,, cost is 60.00 coffee, and donuts, and water will be provided, bring you lunch,, total 6 people min of 3 , some carving experience needed,, please to confirm a spot you will have to email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com, or 484-364-0471.. it will be held at my camper studio , at the farm ,, 930 birdell road honey brook, pa . 19344..


wood carving class for beginners,, pine cone ornament,, one day nov 8. 2014 830am-430pm.

my pine cone is the third from the left,, they did a great job this was the last class
  • Show Map
    930 birdell rd , honey brook pa , 19344, at my camper studio at he farm
this class is for beginner, but others are also welcome to join,, the beginners should have some experience of handling a knife,, if you tried to carve, its important to know the correct way of holding and using the knife,, if you just started to carve, this is a great project to learn how to do the push and pull method, and learning how to do a stop cut,, cost is 40.00 ,, and i will limit it to only 4 beginner and two experienced carvers ,, so that i can give you the needed attention ,, , you will get two cutouts, and choice of dvd, paints and brushes are provided in the class to paint you finished carving,, also beginners you must have the right carving supplies,, please contact me direct by email carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or call 484-364-0471 to confirm a spot. this is a one day class held at my carving studio , 930 birdell road honey brook pa,,19344 at the farm,,, sat nov 8th 2014 830am 430pm limit is 6 , min is 3 coffee, donuts, and water provided bring your lunch


  • at 8:30am - 4:00pm
  • camper studio, 930 honey brook pa 19344 ( at the farm)
the project is a 3 inches tall by 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches wide, two cutouts will be provided,,paint and brushes will be provided in the class to finish project ,, bring your lunch... coffee donuts , and water will be provided,, limit 6 people cost is 40.00 starts at 830 -4pm sat oct 4th,, please email me or call to reserve a spot,, carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or call 484-364-0471 this project carvers should have some experience of handling a knife,, must have a sharp knife , glove and a thumb guard to take class ,, thanks arleen ,
just a note if more then 6 people sign up i will have another class on this project ,, date to be determine
YOU MUST CALL OR EMAIL TO CONFIRM,, clicking the going button does not confirm a spot,, thanks for your understanding,, arleen

Saturday, September 20, 2014

long legged santa ,, needs some paint but is up on youtube

please go to my youtube channel ,, carverswoodshop  and you will see it posted there, thanks alreen
ps there is also long legged penguins too, will paint them soon,, and put a photo when they are painted,,  :)

hi again from honey brook pa,,

hi folks i just wanted to let you know things are going well, its been an adjustment without out dad here but ,  i been busy here at the farm since his  passing,, things were let go for to long are now being worked on,,,  many projects around the farm and it will take a long time to get caught up,,  just bought some use  equipment to help in finishing some needed painting and other projects around the farm,, so i am looking forward to working on the projects i have listed in my head,,,
carving well that is going well too,, i did one new video since may 11,, called long legged santa,, and now i am doing pumpkin faces i will be sure to post a few photos of them,,  and i am also having a class i post that as well,,  take care and thanks for dropping by,, arleen

Saturday, August 2, 2014

my last photo with my dad ,,,

this was posted on facebook,, a few days  ago,, .........................

today we laid to rest my father,, he was a wonderful dad, and this was my last photo with him three days before his passing ,, for my family in holland and canada ,, we will have a audio cd of the service that we will be sure to send to you, i also want to thank so many that help us during this difficult time and for your prayers. we thank the lord for the life he gave dad here with us, and now the new life he has in christ, he is home with his lord,, he sees what we hope for, , arleen...

Photo: today we laid to rest my father,, he was a wonderful dad, and this was my last photo with him three days before his passing  ,,   for my family in holland and canada ,, we will have a audio cd  of the service that we will be sure to send to you,  i also want to thank so many that help us during this difficult time and for  your prayers.  we thank the lord for the life he  gave dad here with us, and now the new life he has in christ, he is  home with his lord,, he  sees what we hope for,  , arleen...

sorry for the delay on my blog

hi folks i notice that is been since may 11 since i posted anything on my blog,, some of you know why,,, my father was not doing well since christmas.   we took care of him but it got to a point where we no longer could,,  may 4 was the beginning  of a long few months,,,  he was place in a home in may, and my father passed away july 26 2014  he was 87,,

it was a surprised to me thinking he was doing so well at the home,, i thought for sure he was live another year or two because of the good care he was getting,, but i guess the lord knew when to take him home,,,
the first month he was in the home ,, we as family members felt terrible knowing he wanted to come home,,  i have to admit i was in a bit of a depression and didnt know it,, i have little interest woodcarving which i thought would never happen,, i was so consume with my parents needs that everything took a back seat for a while which is should,,, my days were filled with traveling to see dad, cause the home they place him in was 20 miles away,,, knowing all to well that my mom would want to see him everyday,, which she did,,,   thankfully my mothers church help in with some of the transportation for me,,  meaning 1-2 days a week someone was willing to take her up,,  leaving me with some time to get caught up on things that needed to get done on the farm,, and around my home,,  it was a blessing to know folks were so willing to help out,,
losing my dad will leave a large void in my life,, i work with him all my life,,  here on the farm,, i only ever wanted the best for both of my folks,, they are my family,,
one thing i always will admire my father for is the courage he had to leave holland and come to the usa,, and to have his own business,  he taught his kids well,,  to be honest, work hard and to have faith in god,,  and to be independent,, for that i am so grateful,,  now he is gone i know the months ahead will be filled with memories of him,, and as we pass special days,, in the next year it will be bitter sweet,, i was blessed to have a dad all my life, and work with him,, and learn from him,,  he was a wonderful dad that cared for me ,, i never doubted his love for his family,,  or me,,

i started to carve again,, and have over 30 pieces that now have to be painted,,  and thankful i am back into it once again,,  and soon i will have new projects again up on youtube ,,  folks keep carving,,and i will too,, arleen

Sunday, May 11, 2014


hi folks i know its been a while,, happy mothers day,, my mom is taking a nap at the moment and i decide to catch up on some news here,,,  well i started another short series of the uh oh santas,, they are santas that are stuck in the chimney,, just something fun,,  there are many ways of doing this  the sitting uh oh santa is all ready on youtube, and the beginner one that is the uh oh santa ( HAT AND BOOTS )  will be up later,, enjoy,, 

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Photo: Sitting windy Santa video coming soon

from a santa to a gnome to a santa again

this is kinda what i was going for,, lol ,,, i didnt want to throw it out,, so i redid the face and hat,,  back to a santa again,,,  lol
Photo: Okay my first attempt to the Santa to the gnome now to back to the Santa.  This is kinda the idea I was going for to start with lol

Thursday, April 24, 2014

sorry no gnome on youtube

hi folks, this past week i posted a photo of a gnome i had carved,, and below is the reason i removed it from facebook,,   have a great week , arleen

posted on facebook
hi folks,,  as i was attempting to make another sitting project this week of a santa, it ended up missing the tassel,, lol and thought i will make my first gnome,, today i regret it,, i decided to remove the photo ,,,,   why,, well as many of you know i am a person of faith,, as soon as i finished it i didn't feel right about it,, after some prayerful time, and chatting with another christian friend about it,, i came to the conclusion that i cant make a video of it,,  after some study about the history of gnomes, i know now why i and that uneasy feeling about it,,  i realize that many of you have no problem carving and creating these, that is fine ,   my faith is a personal journey not anyone elses, and so are my personal convictions,,

 and i got more likes on this picture of the gnome then of anything i ever carved,,  which baffled me,, thinking this might be a great to carve to sell as well,,  but the uneasy feeling never left me ,,,  but many of you like gnomes,  and i am sure there are other sites that can teach you how to make them,, i am sorry that i will not be able to do it ,i always will follow what feel the lord leads me to do,,  and this is one of those times,,  i know many of you will not understand this, some will ,,  we all come from different backgrounds, faiths, and customs, and i am happy that you choose to be a part of my carving world and thanks for your support ,,,, at the end of the day it really comes down to one thing,, did i live me life to what my faith teaches,,  and did i honor him,,  and tonight as i sign off ,, yes i am honoring the one that saved me ... keep carving ,, arleen

Sunday, April 20, 2014

a total of six of the sitting series

all but the amish is on youtube for you to enjoy,, arleen


you can see the last video at my youtube channel and some photos for you to see ,, it was fun

new project is the sitting happy golfer

hi folks a new sitting project coming,, its carved with two videos up so far on my youtube channel ,, its called sitting happy golfer,, i have yet to paint it,, so i better get busy,, hope to have the rest of it up later tonight, thanks for stopping by,, arleen

farmer crossing the usa for wounded warrior project, he passed the farm today

There's a farmer in Elverson PA. He will be crossing the United States with his tractor and trailer behind him for the Wounded Warrior Project. He passed the farm this afternoon and I caught up with him and took a couple pictures

a little wine :)

hi folks,,  my sister made some homemade wine,, i saved it for a special day,, easter was  the day,, thinking of my family,,  hoping they all had a nice day today,,
Photo: Having a special glass of homemade wine made by  my sister ann..saved it for a special day.  Thinking of my family hope a are having a great day this easter sunday

happy easter

our church was held at the twin valley high school due to the collapse roof,,,  it was full plus a view  from the school bring back memories  i graduated in 1978

  Photo: Full house at twin valley high school for hopewell' s  easter service

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

basswood cutouts, here is the first ( limited)

ok follks so that here is no confusion on the taper cutouts for the sitting series .. these are not rough outs, but cutouts,, ,, here is the taper cutout i was working on,, just like in the videos,,  
and photos of the projects that can be made from these cutouts, all but the amish guy is on youtube . total of six in a small box ,,, cost is 27.00 includes shipping in the usa only,, 

please email me to confirm order,, limited supply , please email me at  carverswoodshop@yahoo.com and i will send you a confirmed email with instructions for payment,, thanks so much ,, keep the chips flying 

, arleen ps hope to get a few more new 
caricatures from this block,, 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

basswood blocks for carverswoodshop projects available

ok folks here we go,, as i was sorting out the basswood i have two boxes to choose from so far
(1) ....small ,,, which is the flat rate box, it has three pieces of basswood ,, 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches long ,, total cost includes shipping only in the usa,, 19.00 ,, for the cone projects, up to 6 projects ,, if your doing bears or the sitting series you will be able to make six of them,, from these blocks
(2)... large,, which is the med flat rate box,,, it has 14 pieces of 1 1/2x 1 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches long .. total cost includes shipping only in the usa ,,, 43.00 you will be able to make 28 to 40 projects depending on which projects you choose
limited amount available.
other s sizes will be available soon,,
1 1/4 x 1 1/4 and 1 x 1 for the spiral santa ornaments project
also will have pre-cut cone basswood blanks for limited projects coming soon,, will have details later,,
i have carved this wood,, and found it to cut with easy and it held detail very well,,
,, make sure your knife is sharp
please be advise ..i tried to pick out the most clear pieces from the wood that i received... there might be some brown streaks, and spots visible.. sometimes with basswood, and i have gotten basswood from all kinds of places, will have this,, the piece will look clear and you might encounter it in the middle,, it still can be carves as normal and painted,, this areas are not soft,, ,,, i will do my best to send as clear pieces as possiblle
please reserve your basswood by emailing me first to see if it is available due to limited amounts,, ... once i confirm your order i will email you details about payment,, either by ck or paypal,
all sales are final,
please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com or here on facebook in the message section,,, thanks,, arleen

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

how to purchase basswood , and by monday i will be ready for orders

each box,, and you can pick the smaller or larger box,,
here is my plan,,

to make available two sizes of boxes,, small and large

small box is 19.00

large box 43.00

includes shipping,

at this time this will only be available in the usa,,

by monday i have more details of how much is in the boxes and how many projects you can make ,, , and a youtube video about purchasing the boxes,,

thanks everyone,,  i will be back soon with all the details

looking ahead

1!many of you want them cut,, and i am looking to do the same,, make a few cutouts for the cone projects for those that do not have a bandsaw,,,, this will be the same idea,, i will make avaiilable a small box for a set price,,  so this will be determine in a couple of weeks,,

also ordered  some 1 x 1  inch blocks today,, will take a month ,,,,,  so that folk that want to do spiral santa head ornaments.  you can either purchase them in small box ,, i can sell the wood in either cutouts or in long blocks and you can cut them,,  i will  give you more details about this later,,

ok folks i have much to do ,,take care and keep carving,, arleen ,

BASSWOOD IS HERE ,,, this is the first shipment from my lumber guy,, great stuff

Saturday, April 5, 2014

update wood is a coming :)

hi folks, i know its been a while,, things around the farm has been busy the past couple of months,, snowfall meant plowing,, lots of  plowing this year,, and the start of clean up of limbs and branches are still on going,, tractor repair ,  house spring cleaning,   tax time, car inspections, carving show, and taking care of my folks needs has demanded more of my time since dec,,   as they say life gets in the way... carving the past two weeks has come to a stand still,,,  i have yet to unpack all from the show which  i normally do the day after the show,,  but had my sister  here, and we started to spring clean our parents home,, so with all that being said,, it didnt leave a lot of time to  carve,,

the basswood that was to be here before the show ,, well that had to wait a bit longer cause it was not dry enough,, and i got a text this week that it will be delivered on tue april 8th,, they i will test it,,,  and if all goes well and i am happy with it ,, i will make it available for folks to purchase,,  the plan is to have two to four box sizes to choose from,, with a set price which will include the shipping ,,,  it will be easy to order,, i will have these package ready to go,, so it will get to you quickly,,,,   but first things first testing it,,,  my hopes are high,,, i will be sure to put together all the information about it on youtube and here as well,,   keep carving folks,,,  better days are ahead,,  arleen

Sunday, March 23, 2014

lancaster show over till next year, it was great

hi folks in all my hurry and crazy couple of weeks i notice i didnt post about the show here, between the face book and youtube,, and tax time it got away from me,,, but anyway, it was a great show, we had a wonderful time and it was great so many of you stop by to say hello,,  i have a total of four video on my youtube channel of the show,, enjoy,, arleen
every year i set up the space at a show differently,, i used a larger tv/ dvd player instead of the smaller dvd players,, and also more lights and a enclosed rotating case which was great to fill with many items in a limited space,,, i learn something new every year,, its never ever the same every year,,, lol