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Thursday, July 29, 2010

nothing more fun,, then creating something new.. and a lesson of the solar heater

hi folks, if you have followed my blog for a while you will see some things are important to me,,, family and friends, having good health,,, all those things are great and so important,,, sometimes i find myself in a carving slump ,,,, nothing new in mind, nothing that catches my attention ,, that i want to carve,, as i was making the video clips for my new dvd morning santa, i also was carving more of the same in different sizes,,, which can make it an interesting project to make the same pattern but smaller or larger,,, i did a tiny little one, and then a larger one then i have on the video, the concept is the same, it will not matter if you have a 5 inch or 3 inch as long as it is square,, the results should be the same,,,,
but as our visitors from canada were here for a few days,, i took along the carving box and a project to work on when we would sit around and chat,,, people find it amazing what you can do with a piece of wood and a knife, the fun part for me along with the carving was the fun stories being told and shared, about old times and our life living and working with the amish around us,,, as farmers we had some business dealings with the amish. but the most fun i had was just taking another block of wood and carving to my hearts content,,,, nothing better in the world, and seeing a new creation being formed,,

sometimes we need a break from carving, not often but it helps us enjoy it more when new creations and ideas come along,,,, i had in mind to created my solar heater in the back yard, as some of you may have watched watch it on youtube , it was an idea, for a few years before i attempted this big huge 24 x 8 feet high project,,,it didnt work the first time as i had expected and had to redo a few things that prolonged the project ,,, i invested so much time totaling three months and money into it that i wasnt going to give up the idea,,, and lo and behold it worked, it heats my home nicely in the fall before i have to kick on the furance, along in the winter as it help supplement my heat..... and yes it will save me money, now three years later it will be cost effective, it has paid for itself and now all the heat it will dispense will be free, so if you have an idea , carving idea or a project, keep at it ,, the feeling of completing a project is wonderful,,, have a goal,, keep at it ,, and you will see that there is nothing is more fun then creating something new, sometimes i even have to remind myself of that fact,,, that full size eagle is the new big project ahead for me,, someday, it will come to pass ,,,, happy and safe carving to ya, arleen

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MORNING SANTA VIDEO coming along, will be done soon

hi folks its another day here in pa,,, lots going on,,, first some surprise visit from my sister from canada,, for our moms birthday,, she came walking into the house at our parents around 3pm,, so she been here for a few days,,, which is good,,, we seem to be getting a lot of company from canada these days,,, but anyway, its summer and you will have this,, and fall we also have many that come to visit,, and this coming sunday another cousin is coming for dinner from canada,,,, something about the amish country that folks love,,, i know many folks that come 1-2 times a year hear to lancaster county,,, i have to say there is plenty to see and do here, and eating is one of them, lol

well the morning santa video is about done, its about half way,,, i still loading some of the videos clips up to the computer and loading them on youtube in the private mode,, i looking forward to a couple of shows ,, i will be at the one in lima pa,,, near media pa,, coming nov 6 and 7th,, and also looking into going the pickering show in canada, come this oct,,, and also maybe the frankenmuth in mich,,, so i will keep you posted on these shows ,,, as i get closer to the dates,,, for sure is the one in pa,,,, hope all are doing well, keep carving, and enjoy,,, arleen

Sunday, July 25, 2010


just some tips how to deal with green wood vs dried wood, enjoy , arleen



i will be making a dvd video of this santa, some new ways to view this on youtube

hi folks, i will be posting the first and last video on youtube,, i plan to start it today,, and hope to get it done by the end of the week, this video will also have how to carve this morning santa,,, this santa will be in his long sleeve tee, with suspenders, about three inch tall and its made from a block there is no pattern needed for this project , i did a couple of these this past week, that will be up for sale soon,, i have yet to paint the last two,,, lol my favorite job ( not) lol this is different then my other santas,, i tried something new,,, its always fun to do,, your welcome to order your dvd ahead of time i should have everything ready in three weeks, cost will be 20.00 free shipping in the usa and canada only,, international, you can order to see it on youtube i will add you to my private list and you will have access to it for a month, the only thing about youtube only 25 folks can be on the list at a time, i will add it only on the first of the month and remove your name on the last day of the month,, and the next group of folks will be added the following month on the first and so on,,, ,, cost is 10.00 by paypal only enjoy, arleen

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

working , and getting company, trying to find time to carve

hi folks,, as i told you before that i was going to have another video coming up on the santa,, well time is getting away from me,,, as it normally does this time of year,,,, we have alot of family and friends that come and visit us in the summer and fall,, most of the folks are from canada, since we have alot of family there,,,,, this next month will be a busy one,,, so trying to get things in shape around my home and at the farm leaves little time to carve,,, might be a good thing for a while, sometimes when your time to carve is limited , it makes that more special when you can carve,, i was going to go to the roundup,,, but no air in the building, and i just couldnt make myself go,,, its been so hot and sticky lately i cant stand the heat,,, believe me when i have to plow snow you will not hear me complain,,, lol snow is a welcome sight for me,,, i dont like driving it in , but rather have that then this heat anyday,,, sorry to those of you that enjoy hot weather,,, \
well no relief in sight,, i can handle a few days but back to back,, it gets old,,,, well folks take care stay cool, and keep carving ,, arleen

Saturday, July 17, 2010

getting ready for a new video

hi folks,, some of you might be going to the northeast roundup, have a great time, i will be starting a new santa video , i have to decide which one to do,,, i think i will first i will do the one with the black suspenders and the white tee holding a book with the title called LIST i was asked at the lancaster show if i would do this one,,, he wanted to be able to see it,,, so for him i will start that one most likely tonight,,,, take care everyone, and say cool arleen

Thursday, July 15, 2010


new santa photo

hi folks, i just finish this santa, i dont have a teaching video of this style yet,, but will soon, or my other one,, thought i show you what it look like ok, take care bye


hi folks, i will soon do another santa on youtube , i just finished an old carving that i started some time ago, and sat down yesterday to finish it,, it looks a lot different, of of a block,, in fact i did two santas that are different to want i use to carve in the past,,,, i finding it so much fun to create something new, i will post some photos of the finished santa soon , keep carving , arleen

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

eagle flag branch ornament almost done

hi folks, today i am loading up a couple of more videos of the last project, i am still deciding if i am going to the roundup in honesdale, it might still happen,, i have a lot going on this month, stay cool and keep carving, arleen

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i am ending the monthly dvd giveaway, thanks to all that entered

there will be no monthly dvd giveaway , i am ending the monthly giveaway, thanks to all that entered in the past, arleen

Friday, July 9, 2010


sorry this video gets a bit better later, i didnt have all of it in veiw, there are two videos up so far, thanks arleen

Thursday, July 8, 2010

wow the heat in pa lol and the northeast carvers roundup in honesdale pa.

hi folks , its another day to stay in as much as you can cause of the heat today,,, it top to 101 in my area, and i for one dislike summers,, i do not care for the heat,,, fall is my favorite time of the year... i know the northeast carvers roundup is being held in honesdale pa, at cherry ridge campground, july 18-22... i still hoping to go for a couple of days, just as a visitor,,, i am thinking monday and tue, well i will see how things go,,, we have a lot of family and friends that come to see us from canada, i hear that they have a number of classes you can attend, if you are able to go enjoy it, time to get some things done around here, i dont think i will be mowing this week, wow a break lol there is a plus for me when the grass is brown, sorry to the folks that love to mow lawns, i am not one of them but learn that its very necessary for a nice yard, now you would think being a farmer i would love it lol,,,,, i love some of it not all of it,,, take care and stay cool carving, arleen

Sunday, July 4, 2010

SORRY , these will be in the carverswoodshop-creations.blogspot thank you

sorry i will remove them from the arleenscarverswoodshop blog and they belong with my other carvings for sale, thanks you , www.carverswoodshop-creations.blogspot.com

Saturday, July 3, 2010

posting these for sale on my other blog, arleenscarverswoodshop .blogspot.com

more branch santas on my other blog, www.arleenscarverswoodshop.blogspot.com thank you

Friday, July 2, 2010

busy making santa and snowman branch guys,

hi folks , i know some of my videos are slowing down a bit, i need some time to get some things done, i just finished some of my branch guys, ( snowmen and santas) ornaments, i sold one , and the rest will go on my other blog for sale, also i have a new santa that i will be teaching on youtube, it was a request some time ago from a person that came to see me at the lancaster show ,,, from new jersey, so i should be starting that one in the next week or so,,, i have 8 of these branch guys done, finding the wood was a bit of work, i found some, it was so neat cause i take off the first layer of the bark which has a rich brown color to it, and then i carve in the santa face, its been fun to do the wood is really hard, but if i take my time its not to bad, also i am spraying it with the water and alcohol mixture which has help it, i have yet to find popular trees around me lol maybe i am to use this stuff first ,, it holds detail, well the wood i am not sure what it is, its some type of nut tree, cause the wood smells like hickory, but yet different than a hickory tree, happy carving everyone, safe travels, arleen

Thursday, July 1, 2010

requests are always welcome and happy 4th of july!!

hi folks, we are done with the last ornament, and not sure what i will do next, sometimes i get requests to carve something for the youtube channel, and some i have done, or at least look into to it and see if its something i would like to try, some of the requests were done on youtube, the leprechaun, ducks first plunge, and the pig, etc, so if there is something you would like to see carved, i will put it on my to do list, and see if i can maybe make a project out of it, needless to say i cant do everything requested, sometimes like chip carving isn't something that i do, i have done it but there are folks on youtube that teach it, so if you have something in mind, well let me know you can always email it to me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com and i be happy to see what i can do, hope you all have a very safe and happy 4th of july weekend, and dont forget to bring something to carve at that picnic you might be going to...... take care , arleen