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Sunday, August 28, 2011

irene is over, and not so bad here ,, we were spared

hi again,, i didnt get much carving done,, we were spared , no trees down here either at my home or at the farm,, only a washed out driveway, and well flooding at the bridge ....for rain its a plus to have the farm on a hill ,, when it floods i dont really worry except the barn use to flood till i fix it a few years ago,, by putting up rain gutters etc, i was surprised that so far i had no flooding in the barn but in part of the hay field near the barn it does flood,, the drainage pipe under the road is not working, but i happy that i only have the driveway to repair nothing a load of stone cant fix,, and i have the tractor with a grader that i will be able to fix it,, oh one shutter came off the folks house which i can take care of later, at least no trees to chainsaw , or clean up ,, we got about 7 inches of rain,, even moms plants on the deck were spared,, we have power at the farm but not at my home yet,, its been about 12 hours i have at least somewhere to go , i feel bad for those that have to deal with it without a generator, hopefully they will restore the power for everyone,, but i know it may take a while,, we had one storm about two years ago that i was out for five days,, not fun,, so i been there and done that,, well i put this to a close,,, hope you enjoy your week, and keep carving, arleen

Saturday, August 27, 2011

hurricane irene well a good time to do some carving

hi folks,, if you watch the news the past few days,, you will know about the hurricane that is coming up the coast,, well we are about 60 miles or so west of philly, right now it pouring like crazy, and i sure by morning many of us will be out of power and lots of tree will make it hard to travel,, we are on the outer part of the path but we are going to get 5 inches of rain along with winds up to 50 miles an hour, it should last about 8-10 hours and it should be out of here by afternoon sunday,, but getting rid of the storm is only part of it,, its the flooding and uprooted trees that become the problem for if not just for tomorrow but for a few days,, my cousin from holland just got on a plane last night to return,, if they had plan it for 18 hours later he and his family would be in new york,, for sure a few days,, i think he got back in time,, i have not heard that he is home but i think i would have heard if he was still in new york,, i pray that everyone makes wise decisions during the storm,, its not to prove how brave you are,,,, take shelter,, as much as i would like to go home i decided to stay overnight with my elderly folks,, they feel better that i am here and i feel better too, in case they need some help,, i am here,, and i dont have to worry about traveling here, i only a mile away, but there are many trees along the way, and in the past i could not get here because of the numerous trees that fell,, and something happens to my house well i did the best to secure things outside,, and wait and pray for the best,, well i did get a couple of carving completed today,, so it was not a total waste,, but it best when you can be with your family, ok folks,, if your living in the east ,, do as i do, make sure your knife is sharp and have a few projects to work on,, and it will make the storm pass faster when you only thinking about your carving,, take care and keep carving, arleen

Thursday, August 25, 2011

wow what a time ,,, :)

hi folks, my family from holland are returning back home tomorrow,, just in time before the hurricane, i sure had a nice time with them,, a very nice family we had lots of laughs and enjoyed going out to see lancaster county,,, some of those photos are on my facebook,,, of course i didnt get any carving done during this time which is fine,,, but three of my carving are going to holland, i gave each of the girls a pumpkin which i could tell they really like,,, it was small easy to take along and a few things for my fellow woodcarver my uncle ,, :) in holland . i gave him a dvd and a small pinecone, so i sure he will enjoy doing the projects on the dvd,,,
my dutch was not to bad,, by the time they left this morning , my folks and i were talking mostly dutch to each other lol normally my folks can talk to me in dutch which i understand most of it and i return it in english . it works either way,, sorry its taking me so long to get back on the puter theses days,, well as most of you know the hurricane is coming i dont think we will get the worse of it here in honey brook but will get some wind and alot of rain from what i hear,,, i wish all those along the east coast a safe couple of days as you endure the storm,, take care and make sure you have some wood you can carve while you wait out the storm,, arleen

Friday, August 19, 2011

getting ready for hay creek festival sept 9-11

howdy folks, i know i have not been carving or doing a lot on the net,, with company coming, it forces us to take care of things, but i will be going to hay creek again this year,, all are welcome to come,, i put a link up so that you will be able to get some information on it,,
http://www.haycreek.org/festivals.htm i had a good time last year, and this year will be nice too, i hope the weather will be good,, i have a nice white e z up tent with sides, so if it does rain it should be ok,, so much work goes into doing any shows, or craft shows too,, no one can understand unless you have been there and done that,, lol well folks if you come to see me,, i will be there in the craft market behind all the great food stands,, hope you all enjoy labor day, and keep carving,, i know i have not been carving much these days, but i will soon get back to it,,, i been painting ,, thought i got them all, lol look in another box,, and another santa waiting to be painted, :), take care , arleen

Thursday, August 11, 2011

some changes to carverswoodshop luncheon

hi folks, as some of you already know that sept 12th 2011 will be our last meeting at the home furnishing outlet mall, for the carverswoodshop luncheon,, the reason is that the mall is in the process of being sold , i will continue to have the meetings as soon as i can find a place, not sure where that will be for now, but as time gets closer to oct meeting time, i should have more information, so sept 12th will be the last at the mall, i will plan a few classes yet in sept , i will have a carving class , and one of them will be a two day class of the morning santa, i was going to do this class in oct but will have it in sept,, so i will give you more information as soon as i know of the times,
just a word about the mall,, i had the been a security guard for the mall for weekends the past 21 years,, i enjoyed working there. i along with many that work there today, until our last day, which has yet to be determined, will be out of jobs, many of us hope to be rehired .,, the waiting for some, has been difficult,, as many around the country know what it is like to lose a job,, i trust that somehow things always work out,, i will keep the faith as i go along the next couple of months,
when the farm came to an end, well mostly a slow down,, i had to learn to get use to not having the daily chores, now i enjoy the fact that i dont have them,, i miss the animals, but i dont miss the worry that came along with farming,,
my feelings are mixed with the mall, i will miss the many folks i was able to chat with every weekend, and the many that crossed my path,, i also look forward to new things that might be coming to morgantown,, well like everyone else that is part of the mall, it will be interesting to see what will come to pass,, until then i going to keep carving,, arleen