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Sunday, July 21, 2013

finished spiral santa ornament and about another new dvd #62 one eye snowman, and spiral santa ornament

ok folks,, there are a total of 9 video clips for the project spiral santa ornament i am loading them today,this project was not painted but finished with my antiquing solution,, jake you should be happy,, LOL , ,, i will also have dvd #62 done soon,, in the works it will be one eye snowman,, and spiral santa ornament,, cost is 10.00 free shipping in usa and canada
if interested,, please send a check to
arleen zomer
226 hill rd,
honey brook pa.19344 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

unpainted, SPIRAL SANTA ORNAMENT video clips coming soon



finished ONE EYE SNOWMAN PROJECT ,,, and a friend :)

hi folks i just finished painting the one eye snowman ,,, and also did another one with a black floppy top hat,, someone ask to see one like it,, so this is what a came up with,,,, the last video for the one eye will be up later tonight,, thanks for stopping by  ,,  enjoy,,, arleen

Friday, July 19, 2013

new dvd 60 and 61

ok folks two dvds are ready

#60 uncle sam is 2 hours and 18 mins long cost 10.00
#60 shorty santa, and super shorty santa bottle stopper is 3 hours and 19 mins long 
cost 10.00 
free shipping in the usa and canada
you can either pay by paypal, to zomerenterprises@yahoo.com
or send a ck to
arleen zomer
226 hill rd
honey brook pa,19344
if any questions please email me at carverswoodshop@yahoo.com
thank you arleen

dvd #60 UNCLE SAM


Saturday, July 13, 2013

ONE EYE SNOWMAN,, just for fun,,

hi everyone,, at times just like to try something a bit different,, this was an older design but updated,, added the gift box, and the extra carving of the trim of the hat and also the scarf,,  which i think it turn out ok,, i was happy with it,, this piece is 7 inches high,  
i will be doing one on youtube but a smaller one,, ok folks thanks for dropping bye ,, arleen 

Monday, July 8, 2013


had to put HONEY BEAR down today, hit by a car

we love cats,... and we have many of them around the farm,, not always by choice but , we love having them around,,, this cat was called honey bear,, one of the sweetest cats you will ever see,, not one mean bone in her body,, and she of course is the one that is hit today ,, my heart sank,,  so affectionate was this cat,, she did have a litter of three kittens ,, around the farm somewhere,, she had just moved them again,,  a good momma,, but we had to say goodby to her today,, she was still affectionate in the vets office before we put her down,, it made it even
more diffficult for me,,,, these times never pass with out some tears being shed,,, she was just a great cat,,,  so different then calvin,, he has an attitude,,, and he does bite once in a while but honey bear never did,,,,  i did locate her kittens today,, will try to feed them and get them on solid food,,,    well not the best day,, but lots of fond memories... such is life on the farm,,,  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

unpainted SHORTY SANTA, ,,,,

ok so far there are four more videos clips coming for this project,, SHORTY SANTA,,, i will have to paint him yet,, and the last video will be made, so far 11 of them are up on youtube,, thanks folks, and enjoy,, arleen

PS some of you express an interest in a dvd if they become available,, they will soon,, please if you like to order one please email me at the carverswoodshop@yahoo.com,,,  i may have more then one santa on a dvd not sure how that will be,, all dvds are 10 dollars each , free shipping in the usa and canada ,, thanks again,, arleen 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

painted WINDY SANTAS ( about youtube videos and dvds ) and facebook posting

hi everyone one,, some of you were asking about videos for the last few santas, shorty santa, super shorty santa ( bottle stopper ) and windy santa,, these are not on youtube or on dvd yet...... i say yet because i do plan to do a few different ones soon,, at this point as i have for the past few month gearing up for christmas and orders i need to fill,, at times i just sit down and start carving not knowing how it will turn out,, i know you hear of this often but it is very true,,,, even when i making my videos i really have no idea how it will play out,, most of the time i am very pleased with the results,, its also i\a time for me to try new techniques that will hopefully improve my carvings, so keep watching sometime soon i will have another project on youtube, had one idea that i still thing will work but not sure how to fit it into a cone shape block,lol that is part of the fun folks is creating,, thanks for all your support,, and your emails,, they been a blessing to me,, take care, and keep carving ,, arleen

  ...... this was reguarding my facebook group page  CARVERSWOODSHOP   ...........just a word, i have a couple of people helping me to screen folks that want to join,, and there are times that we might delete someone that should have stayed,, but i do not want the scams back,, the two that i choose are doing a great job for me,, they are willing to help me out,i can not catch everything that pops up here on this page day and night,,,, so please, if you advertize on this page you will be deleted,, all carvers i have met are decent honest bunch of folks, and i glad to have you part of this page,, thanks for your postings of your carving ,, and comments,, this is also a family friendly page, so anything that a kid cant see will also be delete,, thanks again to all of you ,, have a great day,,, arleen

Monday, July 1, 2013