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Saturday, August 1, 2009


well just a few words about bandsaws. i have a delta 12inch with a 6 inch riser, which i had for 25+ years. the best investment i ever made. my bandsaw is very heavy, and its heavy to move. now on the market there are many to choose. i chose this bandsaw because i did my half size eagle and wanted to be able to cut very thick wood, this bandsaw can cut up to 11 inches thick and that is because of the block riser. but a smaller one would have been good too. making this purchase can be expensive, but doesnt have to be, you can get some nice smaller ones at lowes, home depot, and sears has some nice bandsaws, and their prices for the smaller ones run 100-200. the larger one like i have can cost 400-600 depending what you get, if you decide to get a block riser. get a good smaller one if you will not cut anything over 3 3/4 inches deep, most of the projects that i have posted on youtube can be done with smaller bandsaw, and a bandsaw will last a long time. i found it to be one of the most useful tools in my shop along with a good knife. please get one if you can afford to , if your a beginner, it will not be a wasted money, but a good tool to have in the shop, remember to follow safety procedures when using one, i never wear rings or long sleeves or any jewelery when cutting with a bandsaw, also use a dust collector cause the dust can be an issue, if you get one i sure you will enjoy using it and be able to create your on designs, happy and safe carving,

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