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Saturday, August 8, 2009

some more info on the hobo santa carving class and about sharpening your knife

just to let folks know i will have knives here that you can purchase and the carvers glove , thumb guard and the strop, so that we are all on the same page, i am not in the business to sell tools but i am buying them and selling them at my cost , i just want you to to have a good knife, and soooo important to start your carving right thought this might be better then everyone starting with a different knives unless your are an not a beginner and you know how to sharpen your knives. this way you will have a good knife that will last you a lifetime with the right care. i might do a couple of classes just how to sharpen knives, and teaching how to keep them sharp,,, is sooo....important folks that you learn how to sharpen your knife. once you learn this , you will enjoy woodcarving even more,,,, nothing is more frustrating than a dull knife...... so learn this early in your woodcarving venture... you will never regret learning to sharpen a knife. and remember alot of carvers have a different way to sharpen, they are all good, just find the one that will work for you ! so try and try again to sharpen your tools, it take time to learn this so dont be discourged if you dont get it right the first time keep trying, i promise if you get this sharpening stuff right you will enjoy woodcarving so much more, nothing better than a great knife and good wood, to carve with,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, sept 14 will be here before we know it, and what a fun time it will be, happy and sharp carving to you all , arleen

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