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Monday, July 2, 2012

what more could i offer?

hi folks,, as i looked around my town,, the mall is still empty,, many small business around closing their doors,, and i wondered what would have help them to keep going,, well customers of course but what could they have done more to keep folks coming to their business,,
i have always enjoyed and found it interesting how businesses start and grow, and become successful..
i guess some of that was the fact that i had a few different businesses, and they all served a purpose at the time,, but i also understand that things change and some businesses are no longer needed, one example  is the video  movie rental stores,, many of us can go and get a movie right from the internet, or red box,  so those old video stores are no longer needed,, now i not taking about the stores that sell videos that you keep like fyi stores,  etc,  but the rental videos are not  needed as before,, there is nothing you can do other then to make your business fit the changing times,,, 
but if you do have a business, and you want to reach folks for free,   well then the youtube , facebook, blogs are a great place to do so,,   i  have youtube. for  my hobby of woodcarving,  but i learn a lot from my youtube channel ,,  so  i decided to put together a couple of videos to show you how to get folks to come to your channel,  and watch your videos,,  and why this one thing can make the difference from your business then another,,  i am not a market person, i am not into advertising, but i am a person that knows what it is like to have your own business, time it takes to build it,, and also i  knew when times have changed in a business ... it was time to do something else?  do you know when to quit or change your business when its time to do so?  well what i will show you in the videos is free information, as all my videos are,  and use them to help your business to let folks know who you are, and how you can help them,,  so the videos are not going to be about carving, but i will start another  carving project soon, take care folks and keep carving, arleen  

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