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Monday, July 9, 2012

mowers and i dont agree ?

hi folks , frustration is a part of life , that most can to without, but every once in a while it will  happen,, well as most know i am not fond of mowing yards,,  with that said i do enjoy having a yard but mowing is somewhat of a time waster for me,,  more yard the more mowing your going to do,,  last week both my folks mower at the farm, and my mower at home didnt work,, now if i could combine them somehow, one motor is fine and the gears on the other is good,, i would have a perfect mower,, but needless to say it isnt going to happen,, so now its like looking for a car,,  i had both mowers for about 12 years,, so not to much repair on them but i was hoping to get a few more years out of it,,   when mine rider  went down,, well i could not get it here to the farm,, its was a mile away,, so off on the big john deer tractor thinking a chain and i will drag that sucker  back here to the farm,,  well as you know when you have something on a chain,, it does not stop when you do it keeps going,,  knowing this fact i decide to put it as close as possible to the back of the big tractor,, and lo and behold 30 mins later i had it home,, not wanting the experience again,, when i got it home lo and behold the gears worked again in the rider ,, i waited a week due to the heat wave, and the one mower was running,,  i drove it back to my home and about half way ,, well it needed  to rest again gears were out again ,, so i may have to go get it again with the big tractor,,  frustrated , knowing i have lots of family coming in about 12 days, wanting things to be cleaned up,, and now its time to price a new rider,,  well,,  i always had frustrations with mowers,,  now i know what i want in one,  just that it will cut  and work when i want it to,,  but i think today is a good day just to put the mowing aside, relax with that block of wood,, and a knife,, then i can handle the frustrations,,   yes its fixable,,  yes there are others things much worse, but i just wanted to get the yards done,, well not today,, there is always tomorrow,, now where is that block of wood i can hack at for a while:)

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