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Sunday, July 29, 2012

knowing when to quit and try another day?

hi folks , i see myself as able to fix things in a pinch when i have to ,, and sometimes really fixing it for good,, yesterday i walk into the barn, and notice a leak from a tank,, simple enough ...i just had  to plug that hole which i thought was  simple to do ,, i did it before, and thought i would  save ... hiring a plumber,,  lol,, well after two hours later and now its 4am in the morning,   i was frustrated by the fact that it was a simple task that should have worked the first time i attempt to fix it,,  but nope it continued to drip, knowing all to well that the fitting wasnt as tight as it should be, the next morning still thinking this is a still  simple task.....  so...  off to lowes i go,, coming back with a 2 dollar plug ,,  and again nope still leaking ,,  well i tried at least 6 different things to plug it,, short of taking a hammer to the whole thing, i walk away its still leaking,,  i cant figure it out, why this annoyed me so?,,  well i guess it more the fact that i have to pay a plumber to come out to fix it,, and we have a great plumber , i feel his prices are reasonable, but i just trying to save yet another bill,,  and its the fact that i dont know how to fix it  and do i wanted to be able to  ,, its time to call him in the morning which i will do,,,   so why the story ,, well if your carving something that may seem simple but its not working ,, there are times to walk away from it,, and try something different,,   its really ok when things dont work out,,  i gave it my best try today with repairing what i thought was sooo simple,, but maybe at another time i might be able to fix it ,, if i am willing to cut a few pipes and reattach them , but i am not willing to learn what it takes at this time ,, and sometimes with carving your learning level might not be ready for the larger project that might require you do first learn more steps before you attempt your project,,  but i am not saying you should not try,, yes try to carve it but if it becomes frustrating  then its time to step back,, stay with the things that you know and enjoy the level your comfortable with, and then later give it another try,,  keep carving folks, and i leave the plumbing for today for the plumber, maybe next time i will know what to do ,,  or not to do,, take care, arleen

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