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Sunday, July 8, 2012

ok i going to try it ? google plus or facebook? just what we all need more time on the puter LOL

hi folks, i just joined the google plus yesterday,, of course i felt i had to look into it otherwise if this does take off i will be left in the dust,, but what is it you ask ??well,  its like facebook but its called google +   plus,,   google is the creator of it , i decided to use it cause most of what i do is on google, this blog is google,  youtube , and my browser is also google chrome ,,  which i enjoy all of it , the blog, youtube , browser etc, so i thought i give this a shot,,
now to answer some of the questions,, no i have not figure out all the stuff they offer on google plus yet,, i have  only been on it for a day or so,, but like all things it takes time,, a lot like carving  lol  not in one day but it will be days before i feel ok with knowing what i am doing,,    i have a feeling that its just going to take folks more time to learn something new again that we all ready have, but at the same time if it becomes big well you dont want to miss out either,,  so here i go,, more time on the puter less time carving , and hopefully if what ever that facebook is lacking and google is providing, i am sure facebook will try to fix it,, otherwise they will be left in the dust,,   so having to major companies is a good thing it forces the other to improve what they have, to get the business , so who knows, just like twitter, i have it but do not use it at all,,  so i will see about google plus at least i have to give it a shot,, and the coming days will let me know if its worth it or not,  i guess i will  just have  post on both, for those that leave facebook  and went to  google plus,,  ,  take care folks and keep carving

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