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Saturday, November 10, 2012

wow the house painting is done

hi folks, its been a long two months,, of painting, or shall i say trying to paint,, i only had 3 sides to do on my home, and today i an officially declaring it is finished,, its been a tough task,, my original plan was to just fix the gutters that turned out to be let me paint the house,, it needed the repair, and a coat of paint ( stain )   so thinking it will take only about a month, ended up being two,,  with the wet rainy days, i took no chances,, the paint was expensive but i think in the long run worth it,,  ,, in paint i believe you get what you pay for, ,,,,  i will wake up i am sure stiff and sore tomorrow,, the ladders and scaffold were not the easiest to move around,, but i am happy that its done,, the only problem yet to solve is the woodpecker that has been hitting my home,, the front did not need the paint, and was in perfect condition till that nasty little bird put a hole or two in the cedar siding,, well see what happen, if it continues i will paint it ,, cause i think the smell of it keeps them away,, which i hope he will leave it alone,,     so carving will come back,, youtube, etc,,  so  keep checking in,, and i am sure i have a few things up in a few days,, i just need some rest for sure tomorrow,, that is why i love sundays,,  its a day of rest,, that for the most part i do not work on sundays,,,  we all need a day to chill after a long week,,  and so glad that i never felt the need to work on sundays ,,  expect last week,,  i put in a couple of hours, of something that had to be done,,  , but it was ok,, i do not make a habit of it,,  nor do i ever feel guilty taking a sunday nap,   ,, my farming days, i love my sunday naps,,  it was one day that i could feel free not to do anything,,  i will be sure to make it a relaxing day .....and  monday i have a list of other repairs around the farm is next,, so the list gets smaller but never disappears :)  keep carving folks,

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