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Sunday, October 7, 2012

JUST HAVING FUN,, :) smaller projects

howdy folks,, i so enjoyed making the cone chef  last week,, i was so happy how he looked at the end, and   every so often,, i take delight in carving something new,,,  and this project was in my head that morning, and by evening i had most of it carved,  those are the projects that bring joy to carving,, its not a long project but a simple one,, not days of how am i going to do this but hours,,  sometimes for me , these out of the blue projects tend to be the most rewarding,..  you can take a simple project and it can bring a new added joy to your carvings,  
many of us plan ahead for project that are big, and very detailed,  i notice that when we had our bring and brag time at our lancaster woodcarving meeting,, my carving were small,, compared to the larger projects that it sat along on the table,,  we have some wonderful talented carvers in our group,,,   but mine were tiny.,   i had to think ,, i use to do bigger projects, but not so much since i video tape many of them for my youtube channel,,  smaller seems to be more to my liking then carving anything that is large,, not saying that i would not like to do a larger piece from time to time,,  i plan to ,, but for now i am happy with the smaller ones,,   for a number of reasons
i dont need any clamps and vises to hold my project,, its a good fit in my hand,,
i can take it anywhere to work on it,
faster to complete a few hours then days,
and easier to paint, ( most of the time)
i would like to do some larger cone projects,, i might just do that for fun,,  but i having fun just doing what i doing,, why change it at this point,, keep carving folks

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can you make a video series on how to carve different parts of a face? i don't really understand how to carve eyes mostly. You are really a great carver, and i appreciate all of the help you give to everyone.

Best Wishes