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Sunday, November 4, 2012

time , frustration, and overwhelmed? is this you?

hi folks, as the storm passed us and we are back to normal in this part of pa, i have to say last years early winter storm  was  much worse,, i had no trees to clean up other than a small branch here and there, but nothing much at all, which i was very grateful,  now back to my to do list around my home and farm, and things i wanted to finish before it got cold, wellllll its going to have to wait,    as much as dont want to look at a half outside wall painted, and the rest of it begging to get a coat , its going to have to wait till warmer weather,,,   i have to say it left me  frustrated, and overwhelmed,,   a small leak on my trailer that at this point i thought i had chaulk it to death, well no so,,  i knew were in the roof it was coming from,, so i got back on the roof yesterday and rechaulk  it again, and now its a wait to see what happens,,,, along with a some of the double wide doors at the farm needed to be more secure, so off to lowes , and working on them,,   i had to learn what was more important to take care of first, and doors, roofs, and my job well they come before painting ,,,  i was  frustrated , and a bit overwhelmed not being able to finish what i set out to do,,   so the  woodcarving of a reindeer i started three weeks ago is looking at me now and i can hear it say , when are you going to finish me?  answer i dont know,   one thing i am learning, and should always listen to,  is if i feel like working on a project, do it,  and dont wait,,   and just do it,,  i dont normally work on sundays,,  there is a project i just had to finish, i running into a deadline,  and for the first time in a very long time, i got started on this project,    and you know what , i dont feel guilty,, but relieved,  i dont ever think god wanted us to be overwhelmed, so i worked for about 3 hours today, yes after church, and got a good start,, i didnt want to work all afternoon, but now, i do not feel overwhelm but i have the feeling that yes it will get done by the deadline,,  and that will give me a good nights rest for sure,,,  so life gets in the way sometimes , but you know what, it  makes the time i can carve even more special,  cause when i carve, i know that it takes me away from all the crazy stuff life throws at us, even if its just for a short while,  keep carving folks, and i will keep working towards, finishing what i started

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