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Sunday, November 4, 2012

lesson from the election, what a great country we live in

hi folks, i debated if i wanted to do this but i will,, many will say that there are two thing folks should never talk about if you dont want to discuss or debate,  one is politices and the other is religion,  which i think is very true,,  speaking from a religous view, i think most times its best to be silent then to debate it same hold true for politices , i do share my faith on my videos and what i believe, , i  am not here to offend anyone, i just share what is helpful to me,and if your faith is different then mine thats fine,  some of the nicest folks are folks that do not share the same beliefs as i do, so   i  am not one to debate but i  have in the past, most of the time you will either do one of two things will happen, you will either get into a heated debate or you will come to to an agreement to disagree...
one thing i love about this country, that you can believe what you want, and vote any way you want to ,, and that we can live in harmony with each other,  i saw this one day when i was working at a high end jewelry store as a guard  ,  and as i watch people all day,, i saw all kinds of folks, and i thought then as i do now, what a great country that we can all be different and live in peace,,, just because you believe in something that is totally opposite of me , we work, shop, and live next to one another, in total peace and without fear,  and isnt that what it is all about , the freedom to choose your path in life, and what is important to you that no one can take from you ,  freedom here in the USA  came at a price, of many folks fighting for that right to choose what we believe, and value in life,  so as tue come along i will cast my vote, and if my guy wins or not, i will accept it.  so i hope your able to cast a vote on tue, and remember no matter what  it its a great honor to do so,, happy voting day to all my USA carving buddies!!

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Ryan Loucks said...

I just discovered you today...I carved my first block of wood today. I agree with everything you just said, and I count myself as fortunate to have discovered you and your website. Love your videos. I'm going to watch every one. Thx.