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Thursday, December 27, 2012

cell phone money pit lol

hi folks,, if you follow me on facebook you know my cell didnt survive the washing machine today,, sad i just got it about 8 weeks ago,, and learning a new cell smart phone took me a couple of days,,  so i went back to walmart to repurchase the same phone,,  nope not there, so i went 20 miles to another walmart, and yes they had the same one,,   so this only took one evening,,  not days, to figure a new phone out,,    but its up and running,, funny how dependent we become to a cell phone, all the information that it stores, and photos,, sadly i lost everything on the new photo, most of the photos were loaded to the laptop, and i have the other old phone that now works enough that i can put back some of the numbers i need,,,, wow,, i know most of us use cell phones today,, and how much they become a regular part of our daily life,,   and what a lifeline to many,,,  i just wanted to make sure that my folks could reach me if needed,, so all is well again,,  so many things in life that can go wrong,, and when you lose a cell phone,, i have to think this really is not a big deal,, just go get another one,, yes it cost some but really in the scope of things, it more of a pain in the neck. to get it back working the way that you like,, i think i rather be carving LOL ..

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wannabacarver said...

I've heard, but never had the opportunity, that one can bury wet or damp electronic gadgets, such as your cell phone, in rice for a few days to help dry it out. You might also try putting it in a zip-lock bag together with a silica gell packet like the stuff that comes in electronic gadgets. I enjoy watching you carve your pieces.Fine work.