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Saturday, December 29, 2012

happy new year 2013 and what is new ??

hi folks i know this is a bit early but in a couple of days we will close 2012,  for some it was a sad year and to others it was a good year.... for me it was a good year,  i got my studio this year,, and things fell into place nicely,,  so i had a very nice 2012,,    as i look back at it,, i can't help but to feel blessed,  very blessed,
so what is in store for 2013  ,, to be honest i do not know,,,  sometimes when you reach a goal,, there is a bit of a let down,,     i just enjoyed reaching my goal, knowing the things fell into place and just resting in the joy of it all,  
do i have plans?  well a few,, to continue having classes here, and just teaching  1-2 times a month,, until summer,  and resume in the fall,
and have my open house sat afternoons, the first sat of each month,
 also to have the studio open for folks that call , this summer if they are coming to the lancaster area.. as far as going to woodcarving shows,  i do not believe i will,,just the lancaster show is the only one i will attend ,,,   its so much work and planning, the first year it was a blast,, but since i have the camper studio i do not feel the need to do many shows.   to tell you the truth,,  i am already looking forward to next sept - dec,
it was a special  s time to have the studio open to the public this past christmas season ,, i had no idea how it would work out, and lo and behold it worked out good,,   many nights i was open no one showed up,,  that is fine,, i was working anyway,, and sats  were the day that they stopped by,,  i did well, and i am hoping as i may do this for a few years  that folks will know that i am there, and that getting the word out that i am open will catch on,,  so we will see,  just like this year i had no idea how things would be,,, and it was great,  i am hoping 2013 will have some great surprises for me as well,  take care and keep carving, and of course i have new youtube projects coming along with dvds to follow,  happy new year to you all,, arleen

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