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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

stormy weather, ice .... and the power is out,, oh well i guess i do some carving

hi folks, i know a lot of you are caught in this massive storm that came across the usa,, well this morning i got up to no power at my home, and i was at least smart enough to make some coffee the night before and put it in a thermos, so at least i got coffee, now the farm,, that is a mile away from me, well there is a generator there, and i will go there around noon,, i able to use the internet cause of a laptop, and a aircard connection,, so that will give me about 2 hours to ck email and then i can go to the farm to recharge it,, my home is one of the last to be fixed, cause i am in the country,, and the power comes from philly,, folks in the city get back on the grid first,, i have a power mate that works great for lighting, and a propane heater,( that decided it didnt want to start this morning, lol ) so i will go get to old kero heater from the farm later today,, its going to be about 18 tonight,, we are not done with the ice, i hear as i am sitting here some branches falling, very dangerous to be out and about, i will go later, ck on my folks, and stay there where there is more heat and food LOL. of course i have some work in my office i could do today at the farm,, and always bring my carving along,, i might get that project finished that i started on sat, we will see so much to check on and make sure things are ok around the farm and at home during a storm,, hope everyone stays safe and be very careful if you have to venture outside,, ok keep carving, arleen

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