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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A LOT GOING ON.. venture in to new areas,,,might be good for ya?

Hi folks,, i agreed to do a presentation and a local seniors club,, now folks we often talk about doing trying new things when we carve,, and if we dont we dont know for sure if we will like it or not,, i guess the same here,, i did one for a club , but these were folks that knew about carving, or were there because they enjoy it,, this group will be different,, i will explain different types of wood carving and tools,, etc,, but getting in front of about 40 people isnt my thing,, lol i guess it will be that day LOL but , i dont know how they will receive what i say,, so i got plenty of time to get it together,, and i am the kind of person the just wings it for the most part anyway,, i just have a guild line to go by and the rest i sure will take care of itself those you that have done a lot of public speaking may not think anything of it,, now i not staying up nights worrying about it,, its just a new area i have yet to explore, and see if this indeed something i like to do more of,, i just have to remind myself along when i do a video or a class, BASICS just the basics, i dont want to lose anyone cause its over the top,, so i guess venturing into a new areas we are not comfortable might be good for ya,, i know in carving we try new things all the time,, and it is good for ya,, and you never know unless you try it,, keep carving,, arleen

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